20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Palestine [Explained]

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Whenever we think about Palestine, our minds probably go to what we see in the news. Beyond the ongoing conflicts though, the state has a lighter and more positive side as well. There are many interesting facts about Palestine that will provide you with a perspective that is less seen in the media. 

Palestine is an important region with lots of cultural and religious significance, along with beautiful sites, great food, and more. Here are some Palestinian facts you should know.

Historical Facts About Palestine

Generally, Palestinian history is filled with conflict and challenges. However, its history also includes many events and elements of religious and cultural importance.

Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa Was The First Qibla In Islam


Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa is one of the most important religious places in Palestine. According to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad is said to have ascended to the heavens from here and led other prophets in prayer. 

Because of this, the mosque was the first Qibla (direction of prayer) to be established in Islam.

The Constitution Of PalestineHas Existed From 1968

The Palestinian government currently follows the rules of the Constitution that were set in 1968. 

The Land Law is perhaps the most important part of that Constitution. According to this, the citizens can’t sell land to Jewish citizens that come from Israel, or they’ll be charged with the death penalty.

The Oslo Accords Were Signed In 1993

The Oslo Accords were a pair of agreements between the government of Israel and the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). This was a peacemaking effort, although it did not last long. However, for a while, it did manage to have an impact. 

Cultural Facts About Palestine

The culture of Palestine is a reflection of the people, religions, and more. Here is some information about Palestine and its cultural norms.

People Here Celebrate Christmas Three Times A Year


Yes, Christmas comes three times a year in Palestine because there are so many people from different religious backgrounds. For example, the Western people celebrate it on 25th December. 

On the other hand, people from the Greek Orthodox tradition celebrate it on the 6th of January, while people from Armenia celebrate it on the 18th of January.

Olives Are An Integral Part Of The Culture


More than 45% of the land of Palestine has been dedicated to olive trees. Because of this, olives are of incredible importance in the culture and life of Palestine. 

The region is also home to one of the oldest olive trees in the world which dates back over 4000 years.

You Can’t Leave Palestine Without Trying Maqluba


Maqluba is a one-pot stew that comes with many layers of meat, fried vegetables, and rice for an absolutely fulfilling meal. 

You have to turn it upside down from the pot before indulging in it. This is such an iconic part of Palestine food that you can easily find restaurants to try it. T

Simple Facts About Palestine For Kids

It’s always good for kids to learn about different places and cultures to broaden their horizons. Here are some simple Palestine facts for kids that you can teach the little ones!

The Dead Sea Is Located In Palestine


The Dead Sea is known to be the natural lowest point of elevation in the world, and you’ll find it in Palestine. 

It’s a saltwater lake, and the countries that surround this lake include Israel on the west and Jordan on the West and East bank.

The saltwater density is so high in the dead sea that you can float in it.

The Old Name Of Palestine Was Philistia

The origin of the word ‘Palestine’ comes from the word ‘Philistia’, which was a name given to the state in the 12th century BC by Greet writers. 

During that time, this was the only strip of land between Gaza and Tel Aviv. However, the name soon changed to Palestine.

Large Wild Animals Are Also Found In The Region


Because of the different terrains, you’ll find various wild animals throughout the state. These include wolves, leopards, Nubian ibex, mountain gazelles, and many others. If you’re traveling between any of these rough terrains, keep an eye out for the incredible wildlife.

Useful Palestine Facts For Travelers

Are you planning a trip to Palestine sometime soon? If you are, here are some fun facts about Palestine that will be helpful for you!

There Are 3 UNESCO Heritage Sites Here

There are three UNESCO sites in Palestine, and all of them belong to the cultural category. These include the Church of the Nativity, Hebron Old Town, and Battir. The region is not too big and it is possible to visit all of them to understand why they are of such importance..

You Will Find Some Beautiful Species Of Wildflowers Here


The state has various beautiful wildflowers you can admire while traveling throughout the area. These include wild poppies, jonquils, irises, and much more. Most of these flowers start popping up during the Spring season, which is one of the best times to visit.

One Of The World’s Oldest Churches Exists Here

The Church of Nativity is one of the oldest churches in the world because most people think of it as the place where Jesus was born. That said, it’s a religious site of high importance for Muslims and Christians. Make sure that you visit this site during your travels, it’s a rather eye-opening experience.

Common Facts About Palestine

Here are some general yet interesting facts about Palestine to be familiar with.

The Population Is Mostly Young

Palestine has mostly a youthful population because the median age here is just a little over 20 years. Over 30% of the population comes under 24. Because of this, you may notice many young people around..

The Stone Industry Is Integral To Palestine


The largest sector in the economy of Palestine is the stone industry. That’s because there are more than 650 stone production sites throughout the state. Palestine exports most of these stones to North America, Europe, and Jordan.

You Can Use Various Currencies Here


When you visit Palestine, you can use a few currencies for exchange. These include the Egyptian pound, Jordanian dinar, US dollar, and many others. 

Keep in mind that not all of these currencies are accepted everywhere, so make sure you ask which ones people will accept.

Palestinians Enjoy A Pleasant Weather All Year

The weather in Palestine is pleasant all year, but it can get a little hot in the summer. The region also enjoys a rather mild winter, so it can still be a good place to visit then; particularly if you want to escape extreme temperatures in colder parts of the world.    

Other Interesting Facts About Palestine

Here are some other Palestine facts that are good to know.

You Will Find Various Types Of Terrains Here


As you make your way through Palestine, you’ll encounter different types of terrains, including flat plains, coastal plains, rugged mountains, and more. It’s like a road adventure as you hop from one terrain to another.

Many People Are Facing A Housing Crisis

There’s a housing crisis in Palestine with more than 220,000 people at risk of losing their homes. There is a lack of strategic planning in the urban areas, and housing remains inadequate for the population.

Eid Al-Fitr Is One Of The Most Important Celebrations


Palestinians are mostly Muslims, which is why Ramadan is an important holy month; and Eid Al-Fitr is a major festivity after this month. 

During this time, families spend time together, indulge in desserts, and celebrate a feast after a month of fasting.

Tourism Is An Important Part Of The Economy

Contrary to common belief, tourism is also an important part of the economy of Palestine, as they receive over 680,000 visitors every year. 

Despite the conflict, it is not too difficult to access the region. After all, Palestine has some major sites and cities of significance, from Bethlehem to Hebron.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Palestine

These were just some of the interesting facts about Palestine that many might not be aware of. Despite the controversies surrounding the state, it has a lot to offer to anyone looking to just learn and immerse themselves in the history, culture, and nature of the region. 



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