20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Laos [Explained]

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Laos may not be the first country that people think of when they are looking at travel destinations. Most people rush to Vietnam and Cambodia but forget about Laos. This is why we are here to remind you about this hidden gem with some incredible facts about Laos.

The country offers caves, lakes, waterfalls, lush greenery, and more for anyone looking to enjoy some outdoor activities. 

Here are some Laos facts that will shed some light on the deep history, immense beauty, and humble culture of this underrated country.!

Historical Facts About Laos

The history of Laos can be traced back to a long time ago and there is interesting information about Laos that will provide you with a glimpse of the past.

Laos Went Through A Lot Of Turmoil During The Vietnam War


Unfortunately, Laos was the country that experienced the most bombings during the Vietnam War. Around 2 billion tons of bombings took place across the region, which destroyed the country. The impact was severe, and it took a long time for Laos to recover from this setback.

Experts Suggest That Humans Have Inhabited This Region For Over 45,000 Years 

One of the oldest human fossils found in Las suggests that the area has been inhabited for more than 45,000 years now. This means that humans have settled here since ancient times.

The Stone Jars May Date Back To The Iron Age


When you visit the Xiang Khuang Province in the country, you’ll notice some massive stone dugouts scattered throughout. These stretch for a few hundred kilometers. According to experts, these have been there since between 500 BC and 200 AD.

Cultural Facts About Laos

While Lao people are hardworking, they also appreciate and enjoy the simplicity of life. This includes nurturing relationships, immersing in nature, and enjoying good food. Here are some interesting facts about Laos culture to know about.

Larb Is An Important Part Of Laos Food


Larb is one of the iconic dishes in traditional Lao food that you should definitely try when given the opportunity. 

It is a meat-based salad that includes fish sauce, juice, chili, mint leaves, and more. You can enjoy it with various types of meat, such as minced beef, chicken, pork, fish, or even duck.

The Pi Mai Celebrations Are A Treat To Witness

The Boun Pi Mai is one of the most important festivities of the year. People take part in crazy water fights during this celebration with their close friends, family, children, and even neighbors. It takes place between the 14th and 16th of April, making it an ideal time to visit if you want to participate in some crazy fun.

Conversely, if you rather stay dry, you might want to be careful while hanging out on the streets then as all that festive water fun sometimes knows no boundaries. 

Women Wear Long And Traditional Skirts Daily

As you go through Laos, you’ll find that most women wear these beautiful long skirts that are part of the tradition. These come to their ankles and are made from silk. Most of them also have intricate patterns, and you can purchase one to take back with you as a souvenir.

Simple Facts About Laos For Kids

There’s a lot to know about Laos that makes this place a wonderful country. Here are some simple facts about Laos for kids to spark their interest.

There Are Jungles Home To The Most Amazing Wildlife


You can visit the jungles to witness some of the wildest animals in Laos. These include gibbons, deer, tigers, black bears, leopards, wild dogs, and more. 

A night safari is one of the popular adventures to explore these parks and observe animals in their natural habitat.

Coffee Is The Biggest Export Of Laos


The coffee in Laos is incredible because of the high-quality beans that are produced here. Because of this, coffee is also one of the biggest exports of the country. 

For those who love their cup of joe sweet and milky, the coffee here is served with condensed milk to give that iconic rich sweetness locals enjoy.

67% Of The Population Practice Buddhism 


The biggest religion in the country is Buddhism, with more than 67% of the population practicing it. Around 30% of the people in Laos also practice animism. Some people even practice both of them.

Useful Laos Facts For Travelers

Here are some of the fun facts about Laos to consider when planning your itinerary.

Khone Papheng In The Largest Waterfall In Southeast Asia


The Khone Papheng is the largest waterfall in all of Southeast Asia, so you can imagine how majestic it is. It’s an absolute beauty and the perfect backdrop to take some beautiful photos. Plan some time to check out this impressive natural landmark in Laos. 

You Can Visit A Stunning Khmer Site Here


Many people associate Khmer sites with Cambodia, but you can also visit one here. The site goes back to the 11th and 13th centuries. 

You’ll also find a carved stone here in the shape of a crocodile, which many people suspect was a place where humans were sacrificed.

The Nam Kan National Park Has Some Of The Tallest Treehouses

Visit the Nam Kan National Park, and book your stay in one of the tallest treehouses in the world. These treehouses are located between 30 and 40 meters above the jungle and park. 

If you are lucky, you might even be able to spot some incredible wildlife passing by below.

Common Facts About Laos

These are some general facts about Laos to know.

A Beerlao Will Cost You $1

Apart from coffee, another big export in the country is Beerlao. It is very cheap, with one can costing about $1. So you can indulge in this delicious beer with your meals when you visit Laos.

Most Meals Include Sticky Rice


Sticky rice is an important part of meals, as it will be served with almost every meal you get. The average person here eats more than 150 kilos of sticky rice each year. Make sure to try this while you are exploring the tasty Lao cuisine.

There Is A Midnight Curfew Throughout The Nation

Yes, there’s a nationwide midnight curfew that people have to adhere to. Keep in mind that it’s not enforced very strictly on the locals. However, the places you stay may ask you to return before this curfew.

It Is Home To The Tranquil 4,000 Islands


Si Phan Don, or the 4,000 islands region, is the place where the Mekong goes into Cambodia. Here, you can enjoy waterfalls, lakes, and other water bodies that will take your breath away. You can even book a stay here and spend some days in tranquility.

Other Interesting Facts About Laos

Here are some other fascinating facts about Laos that are good to know.

The Kong Lor Caves Are A Sight To See

The Kong Lor Caves is a cave system that conceals a river below. If you’re on the Thakhek Loop, make sure you visit these caves to check out how impressive they are.. You can, of course, also visit this spot specifically.

Laos Silk Is 100% Hand-Woven

One of the things you’ll notice about arts and crafts in Laos is that the silk is amazingly soft. The reason behind this is that they are 100% hand-woven. Besides that, the process of weaving also differs between families that make this silk.

The Irrawaddy Dolphin Is A Sight To Witness

These dolphins are incredibly adorable, as they have upturned mouths and round noses. It’s said that only 60 of them remain in the Mekong. Many people have started taking conservation initiatives to preserve this species of dolphin.

The Mountains Are Rich In Many Minerals


There are many mountains in Laos, and most of them are filled with incredible minerals. These include granite, marble, sapphire, gold, amethyst, rock salt, slate, and more.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Laos

These are just some of the interesting facts about Laos that provide a glimpse into this humble country. It has a lot to offer visitors both culturally and with its immense natural beauty. There are many things to do in Laos, so make sure you check out some of the best gems of this South East Asian nation.



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