27 Interesting And Fun Facts About Armenia [Explained]

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Whenever Armenia comes up in a conversation, many people immediately think of the Armenia genocide. However, the country has come a long way from its difficult past. There are various interesting facts about Armenia that make this country unique.

From exceptional landscapes, history, culture, cuisine, and much more, it has a lot to offer to its residents and tourists. So, if you want to know more about this beautiful region, you are in the right place. Here are some amazing fun facts about Armenia.

Historical Facts About Armenia

Armenia would be nothing without its history because a lot has gone on in the past of this country. These are some top historical Armenia facts to know.

The History Goes Back To The Beginning Of Civilization

You can trace back the existence of Armenia to a long time ago, even before the Bronze Age. That is because it is an ancient region that has been surviving for thousands of years by now. The country is also mentioned in various places in ancient texts.

It Is Home To The First Church Worldwide

The first church worldwide was the Holy Etchmiadzin; it was built around the fourth century. Now, the church serves as the headquarters for every church that exists within the country. Besides that, many people visit it as a pilgrimage site from all over the world.

The Oldest Winery Is Six Thousand Years Old

When you think about Armenia, wine doesn’t come up; but the oldest winery was discovered here a decade ago. Based on the findings, the winery is estimated to be more than six-thousand years old.

The best part is that, in this modern day, the country still produces wine from grapes, apricots, pomegranates, and more. Be sure to give it a try when you visit.

Cultural Facts About Armenia

The Armenian culture is reflected in the food, schooling, people, and much more. It is unique, and you will not find such a culture anywhere else. The people are known for their intelligence, beauty, hospitality, and many other things.

So, here are some cultural facts about Armenia that are insightful to know.

Chess Is Mandatory In Armenian Schools


Armenia has made it mandatory for children to learn and play chess in schools, as it is part of the curriculum. Because of this, people play chess every day and have produced many chess champions with time.

If you ever want to play a friendly game with the people of Armenia, you will likely be in for a challenge.

Most Of The Armenian People Have Fled The Country

Unfortunately, many citizens have fled the country and lived outside because of the Armenian genocide and many other issues. Close to six million people have left the country. Comparatively, only three million Armenians still live in the region.

You Have To Try Dolma


Dolma is a traditional Armenian food that you need to try while you are in the country. The dish is made of rice and meat, and all of this is stuffed with cabbage or grape leaves. Besides that, there are many spices that go into the making of this dish to ensure it is delicious.

The Locals Love Tourists


The Armenian people love tourists, and they are incredibly friendly toward them. You will find that the locals don’t discriminate the tourists, and you can enjoy your time traveling around the country. Experience Armenian hospitality yourself by planning a trip to this Middle Eastern nation.

Simple Facts About Armenia For Kids

There are many interesting facts about Armenia that you can teach kids in school and at home. This is one of the oldest countries with a rich heritage, culture, and much more. So, here are some fascinating Armenian facts to know about.

The Oldest Inhabited City Is In Armenia


You might have heard of Yerevan because it is the capital of the country; it is also one of the inhabited cities for a long time. King Argishti founded this city back in 782 BC. Yes, we bet you did not know this before, but this city is much older than Rome.

The Country Has Their Own Alphabet

How many countries can say that they have their own alphabet? Well, Armenia can, and their alphabet was created in around 400AD. Mesrop Mashtots was a scholar and monk at the time, and he was the one responsible for creating the Armenian alphabet.

The Apricot Is An Important Symbol


Apricot is important to the country, and you will witness this even in the flag, as the color is orange. The color is intentional, as it is close to the color of the apricot. Everywhere you go in Armenia, you will find endless apricot products that are delicious to try.

Useful Armenia Facts For Travelers

Armenia has a lot to offer to tourists, which is why you will have a lot of fun when you visit the country. There is a lot to do, and you will not get bored. Here are some fun facts about Armenia for anyone that wants to travel there.

Mount Ararat Is A Sacred Place


We all have heard of the tale of Noah’s Ark, and the resting place of this is Mount Ararat. This is why it is known to be a sacred place. However, it is not part of Armenia anymore, as you will find in eastern Turkey.

But, the local Armenians still worship this mountain and believe that the country doesn’t experience strong earthquakes because of its protection.

There Is A Stork Village In The Country

Yes, there is a stork village in the country where you will find endless storks and their nests on top of poles. These storks make their migration towards Africa and then come back to Armenia. This event happens many times throughout the year, so you might want to check them out when visiting the country.

Most Of The Shikagoh State Reserve Is Yet To Be Explored

The Shikagoh State Reserve is a place many tourists visit when they are in the country, but most of the area has not been explored yet. The reserve is home to various animals that, include vipers, bears, leopards, and much more. Besides that, it also has more than a thousand plant species.

Don’t Forget To Sunbathe In Lake Sevan


Lake Sevan is the ideal place for you to sunbathe, as the views are just majestic. As you look around, you will witness beautiful mountains that will refresh your eyes. If nature is your thing, spend some time at Lake Sevan to soak it all in when you are in Armenia.

Armenian Facts About The People You Did Not Know Before

Armenians are some of the most humble and beautiful people you will find in the world. This is why it is important to learn some facts about Armenians. Here are some you should know to understand the people and culture.

The Standard Greeting Is Holding Hands And A Kiss On The Cheek

The greeting tradition is something you must know whenever you are visiting a new country.

People in Armenia kiss each other on the cheek while meeting. Besides that, women also hold hands when they meet, but this doesn’t mean that they are intimate.

Instead, this is how the people show they care for one another. So, you will notice this throughout the country.

No One Is Allowed To Meet Newborns For Forty Days

This might sound bizarre to you, but this is a custom that still exists because newborns are sensitive. Except for the close family, no one else is allowed to meet newborns for the first forty days of their lives.

Doing this ensures that there are no contagious bacteria that harm the newborn and cause medical problems. This belief is actually not unique to just Armenian culture.

The People Are Open, Which Means You Can Ask Personal Questions

Locals are incredibly communicative and don’t shy away from sharing their lives. Even when they are talking, they will make a lot of eye contact, physical contact, and more while talking. This is why Armenians are also more open to personal questions, as they don’t think this to be rude, and will answer your questions.

You Can Say Merci To Express Your Thanks

You might be wondering why a French word is acceptable for saying thanks. Well, the Armenian word for thank you is very long. Because of this, they prefer to use merci as it is easy to use, and everyone understands that it means thank you.

The Family System Is Highly Valued


An important part of the Armenian culture is the family system, which is why you will notice that even adults live with their parents. This is completely normal, and parents even pay for important life events of the child. This includes marriage, education, vacations, and much more.

Common Facts About Armenia

There are some interesting Armenian facts that most people are already familiar with. Such facts are common and an important part of the country. Here are some that will refresh your memory of Armenia.

Many Celebrities Have Come Out Of Armenia

There are a few celebrities that have roots in Armenia. These include Kim Kardashian, Cher, Andre Agassi, and much more. On the other hand, if you have ever heard of the music band, System of a Down, they also have Armenian roots.

The Bird Population Is Huge


One of the things many people don’t pay attention to while traveling is the birds. However, make sure that you take note of the various birds that exist in Armenia, as there is incredible diversity here. Armenia has a significant population of birds with more than 500 species.

You will find falcons, swans, eagles, and many other birds that are common in the country. The people are also fond of the birds and care for them dearly.

There Is A Bread By Armenians That Is Part Of The UNESCO Heritage List


Bread is a common food, but every country has its own variation, and so does Armenia. The bread is known as Lavash, and it has made it to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The locals cook this bread underground, and you can store it for a year without it going bad.

The Night Is For Silence

Armenia has a really exciting nightlife but that is the only place where music can be played at night. In Armenia, the nighttime between 10 pm and 6 am is meant for silence and rest. It is frowned upon to break this silence in public places.

For example, it is forbidden to sing loud, play musical instruments, and much more. If you don’t follow this rule, you may receive a penalty for your actions. The police can actually arrest you if they catch you playing loud music at night.

Other Interesting Facts About Armenia

By now, you are familiar with the most important facts about Armenia. However, here is some other interesting information that you will love to know about this beautiful country. 

Armenian Cognac Is Highly Popular


Armenian cognac is highly popular, and even Winston Churchill loved this drink by the Armenians. Many close people suggested that Churchill used to drink this cognac all the time.

There are also rumors that he drank so much of it by his 70s that you could easily fill three carriages of the railway with the amount he consumed.

It Is The Home Of The Oldest Shoes

In 2008, it was found that Armenia had the world’s oldest shoes. The discovery was made when people found goat horns and ancient shoes inside a wall. These items were covered with excretions, which is why the shoes were protected.

After doing some tests, it was found that these shoes are incredibly old. We have yet to find evidence of older shoes.

You Will Find The Grocery Stores To Be A Little Small


As a tourist, you will find this to be unique, but the grocery stores in Armenia are mostly small. However, don’t be fooled by the size because they still have a lot of international items that you will not find in small grocery stores elsewhere.

Many people can also be surprised by the selection, as it does not go with the typical Armenian culture. So, make sure that you step inside a grocery store and check its assortment. You may be surprised by what you find.

Most Armenians Speak Russian Daily

Armenia used to have great ties with Russia, which is why you will notice that locals also speak this language daily. It is a language that most of them prefer because Armenian can be a difficult language to speak sometimes.

So, don’t be surprised if you see people speaking Russian. If you know how to speak Russian, then you can also converse with the locals in this language to connect with them.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Armenia

These are some of the interesting facts about Armenia fun facts. Make sure that you are familiar with the culture and tradition so that you can make the most out of your trip. It will enable you to connect with the locals.

Armenia has plenty to offer from beautiful landscapes to rich heritage and culture and much more. The incredible biodiversity in its bird population, ancient artifacts, sweet Armenian desserts, and signature cognac are just some of the surprises in this fascinating destination.

With such unique features, there’s no doubt you’ll be discovering new things and facts about Armenia on your trip to this beautiful country.



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