20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Indonesia [Explained]

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Indonesia is a famous country that many people love to visit during the holidays. It has vast islands, lakes, and volcano sites that makes for an exciting trip. There are many useful facts about Indonesia to help make the best of the vacation.

Here are some cool and interesting Indonesian facts that will satisfy your curiosity about this country.

Historical Facts About Indonesia

Stories of the region date back centuries ago so you can imagine the deep history in the country. Here are some of Indonesia’s history facts to enhance your knowledge.

The Country Has A Lot Of Languages

The number of languages spoken in this country is shocking because of the extensive variety. Bahasa is the official language of this place, but you can expect to encounter more than 700 languages in Indonesia.

People in different provinces speak more than 270 dialects, while the population of individuals from diverse backgrounds is also high in Indonesia.

The First Developing Country To Operate A Domestic Satellite

Indonesia has set many amazing records in the world. The country’s success in operating a domestic satellite is one of the top historical facts about Indonesia. This achievement happened in 1976 with the release of Palapa.

Indonesia Has A History Of Head-Hunting

Head-hunting is a practice that involves cutting off someone’s head and preserving it as a trophy. The tradition has been banned in many countries. However, Indonesians have a long history of head-hunters.

Most Indonesians do not indulge in head-hunting today. However, many households are still preserving the trophies their dead ancestors have passed on.

More Than 500,000 People Died During The Indonesian Killings Of 1965

One of the horrifying Indonesia history facts is that from 1965 to 1966, mass killings were held across the country. The anti-communist led to a failed military coup due to which more than 500,000 people died.

The tragedy is still remembered by many locals in Indonesia and other people. This is why many documentaries have been created to spread information about the mass killings and remember the victims.

Cultural Facts About Indonesia

These are Indonesian culture facts to understand the local beliefs, traditions, and people better.

There Are Six Religions In Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for being a diverse country that is home to people of various backgrounds. Most of the nation’s population is Muslim, so Islam is one of the official religions practiced in the country.

Besides that, Hinduism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Protestantism are followed in the country. The best part is that every religion is equally respected in Indonesia.

The Biggest Buddhist Temple Is Located Here


Another cultural fact about Indonesia is that it has the largest Buddhist temple. The Borobudur Temple has been operating since the 9th century, so it is one of the oldest cultural sites in this nation.

The temple has about 504 Buddha statues for worshipping. Pilgrimage also occurs at the location because of its vast landscape. Many people from various countries visit Indonesia to pray at this temple.

Indonesians Work Collectively

Another unique thing about Indonesia’s culture is that there is high unity among the people. Farmers cultivate together and share supplies for ease of use.

Even in modern offices, you will enjoy an inclusive atmosphere and friendly workers. This is why the country is suitable for traveling and work purposes.

Every Region Has Unique Indonesian Cuisine


One of the top facts about Indonesian food is that every region has its own unique cuisine. For example, Balinese food is the main cuisine in Bali. Remember that different dishes also have multiple versions across the regions.

For instance, Satay in Bali is made from coconut milk and lemongrass. Meanwhile, the same dish from Padang is immersed in a curry-type sauce that is unique to Padang cuisine.

Interesting Facts About Indonesia For Kids

Here are some fun facts about Indonesia for kids to help them learn more about the country.

The World’s Biggest Young Population Is In Indonesia


Indonesia is an excellent place for kids and young adults because most of the population in the country is below 30. It is easier for young travelers to meet people of their own age while traveling around the country.

Socializing opportunities are vast in Indonesia for backpackers and locals alike. Kids can meet each other at parks, restaurants, and much more.

Kartini Day Is One Of The Most-Loved Festivals By Children

Children love festivals, which is why Kartini Day is one of the top events in Indonesia. The festival encourages kids to wear Indonesian cultural costumes. This day also focuses on women’s right to education, so it is highly educational and meaningful too.

The best part about the festival is that kids can also wear costumes to school. Many locals like the inclusive festivals in the country.

Thousands Of Traditional Indonesian Snacks Are Made In The Country


One of the fun facts about Indonesian food for kids is that there is an extensive variety of snacks. Different cakes and snacks are made in various regions, each with their specialties. The best part is that most of them are homemade with rich sauces and ingredients.

Indonesian snacks are loved by many children because of their exquisite taste. Whether you want pineapple items or coconut snacks, the country never disappoints.

Fun Indonesia Facts For Travelers

Planning a trip to the country? Here are some useful and cool Indonesia facts for travelers.

Indonesia Has Only Two Seasons


The country does not have four seasons like many other nations. Instead, you will only experience wet and dry seasons in Indonesia. They are mainly driven by the monsoon and allow you to enjoy lots of rain.

Due to the tropical climate, both wet and dry seasons involve rain in the country. However, the dry season has comparatively less rain. The wet season spans from October to April, leaving the rest of the months to be dry.

The Country Is Home To The Largest Volcano Lake


One of the geographical facts about Indonesia is that it houses the world’s largest volcano lake. Lake Toba is a famous attraction that many people love to visit in northern Sumatra.

It is the site of a huge volcanic eruption more than 70,000 years ago. The lake is 100 km (about 62.14 mi) long and runs 500 meters (about twice the height of the Empire State Building) deep.

Indonesia Has 17,504 Islands


Indonesia has about 17,504 islands that promise a fun trip for travelers. It has various beaches and forests in different parts of the country, setting the foundation for all sorts of fun activities. This is a particularly exciting fact about Indonesia for nature lovers.

Of course, some people may debate the number of islands. Remember that this number represents the islands that are known to humans. There may be more hidden islands in the country.

It Is The Only Place With Komodo Dragons


If you’re interested in wildlife, Indonesia has something unique to offer. The country is the only place where you can see exquisite Komodo dragons. This species is the largest lizard you will encounter in only five Indonesian islands.

Always exercise caution when trying to see a Komodo dragon because of this animal’s toxic bites. The creature is carnivorous and may be dangerous if in dire need of food.

Common Facts About Indonesia

Here is some general information about this country to ace your Indonesia trivia.

Indonesians Love Spicy Food


It is no secret that Indonesians love their spices. In this country, it will be difficult to find authentic cuisine that is not spicy. So you must have a tolerance for spicy foods when visiting Indonesia.

Of course, you can find non-spicy food in Indonesia by visiting Western food. Sambal is one of the top foods that Indonesians have for its spicy flavor.

It Is The Largest Archipelago


One of the top Indonesia facts is that it is the world’s largest Archipelago. This comes as no surprise, considering the extensive variety of islands in this country. However, it is easy to forget when you are just traveling within one or two islands.

Indonesia And Monaco Have Very Similar Flags


A common Indonesian trivia question is related to the pattern of its flag. This country has the same flag as Monaco. The primary difference between the two flags is that Indonesia has a greater width.

Another country with an identical flag to Indonesia is Poland. The latter country has a white strip on the top and red on the bottom. This is the reverse pattern of Indonesia’s flag.

Other Interesting Facts About Indonesia

The Country Has A Lake That Changes Color


One of the surprising geographical facts about Indonesia is that it has a lake, which changes color. Climbing the Kelimutu volcano will allow you to experience this unique phenomenon. The color change mainly occurs because of the reaction of water with volcanic gases.

Indonesia Houses About 100 Endangered Species


An interesting fact about Indonesia’s biodiversity is that it houses about 100 endangered species. The different islands of this nation are home to various exotic animals, which are reducing in numbers every year. It is essential to spread awareness about endangered species so they can be protected.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Indonesia

These are only some of the interesting facts about Indonesia, and there are much more. To discover more about this country, definitely plan a trip to Indonesia yourself! You can use this information to plan your trip better and include some amazing landmarks in Indonesia in your itinerary.

The more knowledge you have about a place, the richer your experience will be when visiting it. The best part is that you can explore the nation’s various religions, beaches, and islands while learning about its culture and history.



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