20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Vietnam [Explained]

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Vietnam might not be on everyone’s bucket list at first, but it is one of the top places to discover new cuisine, hidden natural gems, and much more. Of course, you will only learn about these once you understand some facts about Vietnam. If you want to learn more about what Vietnam is famous for, its culture, and its people, you have come to the right place.

Here are all the important and fun Vietnam facts you need to know to understand the country better, and perhaps even plan a trip there!

Vietnam Facts Most People Don’t Know

Vietnam is somewhat of an undiscovered gem as many people don’t think of coming here. There are many interesting facts about Vietnam that are often overlooked.

Over 390 Rivers In Vietnam


The 392 rivers in Vietnam run more than 6,700 km long. Because of this, you will notice an incredible water culture throughout the country. It has been part of the traditional Vietnamese culture and is now an important part of modern life as well.

The Most Popular Sport Is Football


It is no surprise that football is the most popular sport in the world, and it is also highly popular in Vietnam. The locals love this sport, and they watch all the national and international games in restaurants or coffee shops. If there is a match going on while you are there, be sure to join these energetic crowds.

It Is The Second-Largest Exporter Of Coffee


Vietnam accounts for more than 10% of the world’s coffee export. Besides that, coffee from Vietnam is also considered to be one of the best you will find. So, if you are a coffee lover with a taste for dark roast, you will find Vietnam to be heaven for your taste buds.

Fun Facts About Vietnam For Travelers

Here are some of the Vietnam fun facts that will help you plan a memorable trip to the Asian country.

You Will Find The Largest Cave In The World Here


The largest cave in the world is Son Doong, and it was discovered more than a decade ago in Vietnam. The cave is a top tourist attraction that you should not miss while you are in the country. There are many guided tours that take place for the caves, so be sure to book one for yourself.

There Is Incredible Biodiversity All-Around


Nature lovers will love the expansive biodiversity that Vietnam has to offer. Three-quarters of the country is covered with mountains and highlands that provide a breath of fresh air as you enter. Besides that, there are many tropical rainforests, animals, flowers, and plant species that you will find here.

There Are More Than 5,000 Small And Large Islands Here


Island hopping is one of the most interesting things to do in Vietnam and the top fun facts about Vietnam you should know. There are almost six thousand islands throughout the country. Keep in mind that most of these islands are located in Halong Bay and the central Vietnam coast.

You Will Find Motorbikes Everywhere You Go


As you roam through Vietnam, you will notice that motorbikes are everywhere. There are more than forty-five million motorbikes in the country, and this number only keeps on increasing.

This is probably the fastest way to get around, zipping through the traffic. You can order a motorbike ride in Vietnam, similar to getting an Uber. So, if you have never been on a motorbike, you can hop on one to experience Vietnam in a local way.

There Are 8 UNESCO Sites In The Country


There are 8 UNESCO sites in Vietnam, which makes it one of the most popular and interesting facts about Vietnam. These sites include Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Halong Bay, The Ho Dynasty Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town, and many others. They are all famous landmarks in Vietnam, and you can also plan your trip around these key attractions.

Interesting Vietnamese Facts

There are many fascinating Vietnam facts that make the country diverse and unique. Here are some that will help you understand this region even better.

The Most Common Last Name In Vietnam Is Nguyen

The most common last name in Vietnam is Nguyen, and it is also the 4th most popular surname worldwide. More than thirty-six million people in Vietnam share this last name. Because of this, you will notice that people address one another by their first names and not last names.

Vietnam Is The Home Of Water Puppetry

Yes, water puppetry is an actual thing and it exists in Vietnam. It is part of the traditional values and this form of art is passed down from one generation to another. If you visit Vietnam for the first time, be sure to catch a show and explore the history and culture through water puppetry.

The Country is Filled With Tropical Fruits


If there is one thing Vietnam is abundant in, it is the incredible tropical weather and fertile lands. Because of this, you will find an extensive range of tropical fruits throughout the country. Be sure to visit one of the local markets and try out the wide variety of tropical fruits that this country has to offer.

Cultural Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is rich in heritage and culture, as people still have their traditional values and customs that they follow. You will find this throughout the country as you go from one region to another. Here are the facts about Vietnamese culture that will help you understand the people better.

People Associate Light Skin With Beauty

This is something you will find in most of Eastern Asia, which is that people associate a fair complexion with beauty. People consider fair and light-skinned people more beautiful than others, which is not something you will notice in the West. White people in the West consider suntanned skin to be more beautiful.

There Are Rules For Gift Giving

Gift-giving is a serious business in Vietnam with certain rules you must follow. For example, you can’t give glasses or cups to newlyweds in the country, as it is associated with separation. On the other hand, bananas mean failure in Vietnamese so avoid these fruits too as gifts.

People Ask Personal Status And Age When They Meet You For The First Time

Yes, it is common for people in Vietnam to ask others about their personal status and age. This is especially common in the older generation. Many will even start the conversation with these questions; it is their way of getting to know you better. Don’t be too surprised by it, especially when you are meeting older people in Vietnam.

Facts About Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is light, flavorful, and includes many textures. Of course, any trip will be incomplete without experiencing the food. Here are some of the facts about Vietnamese food so you don’t miss out.

The Top Choices For Breakfast Include Banh Bao, Xoi, Banh Mi, And Sunny-Side Up Eggs


One thing you will find in Vietnamese food is that it is fast, cheap, and convenient. That is why some of the most common breakfast items are Banh bao (steamed buns), xoi (sticky rice), banh mi, and eggs for breakfast. So, don’t forget to try out these items for breakfast.

Rice Is The Star At Every Meal


Vietnamese eat rice daily, which is why it is the main dish at every meal. That is because you can create many incredible dishes with this staple. When you visit, make sure that you try out all the various dishes made of rice. This includes rice noodles and delicious wraps made with rice paper.

Some Unusual Foods Include Tiet Canh, Trung Cut Lon, And Hot Vit Long

You can also expect to find unusual foods in the country. These include animal blood (Tiet Canh), fertilized quail embryo (Trung cut lon), and fertilized duck embryo (Hot vit long). Of course, there are many other unusual foods you will find in the country.

Facts About Vietnam For Kids

Here are some interesting facts about Vietnam for kids to get them excited about a country and increase their knowledge.

The Flag Has Symbolic Meaning


The red in the flag represents the blood of the patriots that have sacrificed their lives for the freedom movement. The gold star is inspired by the communist flag. Finally, the yellow represents the skin color of the locals.

The Country Has A Literacy Rate Of 94.5%

The literacy rate in the country is 94.5%. That is because the government has taken many steps to ensure good education throughout the country.

It Is The Leading Exporter Of Black Pepper And Cashews


Finally, Vietnam is one of the leading exporters of cashews and black pepper. The quality is high and these are popular in local and international markets.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Vietnam

These are just some of the interesting Vietnam facts to know. If you want to explore nature, rich culture, incredible food, and much more, then be sure to make your way to the country. It is one of the iconic spots in South East Asia to visit. You will both be surprised and enlightened as you learn and experience some of the incredible facts about Vietnam.



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