20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Syria [Explained]

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Syria is one of those countries suffering from ongoing conflicts for a long time. Because of this, most people don’t even think about learning more about this place. However, the country has been part of the oldest civilizations, and you will be fascinated by some of the interesting facts about Syria.

It will give you a glimpse into the past of the country and its present state. If you want to boost your knowledge of Syria, you have come to the right place. Here are some important information on Syria to know.

Historical Facts About Syria

Despite the war, Syrian history is not purely tragic as many might believe it to be. The country was also part of the ancient old civilizations. There are many treasures that have been discovered by archaeologists and historians with time. Here are some key historical facts about Syria.

Archaeologists Have Uncovered Many Pieces Of History


Archaeologists have been working in Syria for a long time now, and they have discovered Neanderthal bones and skeletons. These fossils date back hundreds of thousands of years ago, uncovering traces of ancient life.

There are also around two thousand tablets of clays that were found, making it an extremely old library.

1946 Is An Important Date For The Country

Every country has important dates, and for Syria, it is 1946. That is when the country gained independence. It was part of the Ottoman Empire for four centuries. After that, the French took over this country until it finally got its independence in 1946.

It Has Been Ruled By Various Empires Throughout History

Syria is an ancient place, which means many empires have ruled over it throughout its history. These include the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and many others. You will still see the influence of these empires in many parts of Syria as you roam the country.

Cultural Facts About Syria

The Syrian culture is something that most people are not familiar with because it is not a popular travel destination. However, it is still good to know the culture of different countries. Here are some facts about Syrian culture that will give you some insight into its people.

The Syrian Shawarma Is A Popular Street Food You Need To Try

If you ever wander the streets of Syria, you have to try Syrian shawarma because it will be a treat to your taste buds. It has lots of vegetables, French fries, a spicy sauce, and much more for you to enjoy.

Due to the popularity of this dish, you are also able to try Syrian cuisine in many parts of the world, particularly in the surrounding regions. Don’t forget to try this famous street food that is an important part of the culture.

People Smoke A Lot Here


The people of Syria smoke a lot, which is why the nation is known for heavy smoking. The average person in Syria smokes close to a whopping 2,300 cigarettes each year. One reason for this can be the constant amount of stress that the country has to go through because of war and conflict.

The People Of Syria Don’t Consume Too Much Alcohol


When it comes to alcohol, the people of Syria are not big fans. That is because they only consume less than 0.5 liters of alcohol each year. Drinking is not a very big thing throughout the country, so you will not find a lot of alcohol as you make your way through Syria.

Interesting Facts About Syria For Kids

The deep history and culture of Syria are worth knowing about. Here are some interesting facts about Syria for kids that will enhance their knowledge about the country.

The Capital Is Really Old


Damascus is the capital of Syria, and it is the oldest place that has been constantly inhabited throughout the world. You might have already heard about Damascus, as you will find that it is mentioned in the book of Genesis.

There Are Various Ethnic Groups In The Country

Syria is known for its cultural diversity; there are all kinds of ethnic groups within the population. These include Armenian, Ismaili, Levantine, Arabs, Kurds, and many others. Beyond that, most people follow the Islamic religion in the country.

The Umayyad Mosque Is Situated Here

There are endless monuments in the country, and one of them everyone should know about is the Umayyad Mosque. It is a stone mosque that has survived for a long time, as it dates back all the way to the 17th century. A lot of people consider it to be one of the holiest places for worship.

Fun Syria Facts For Travelers

If you ever decide to visit Syria, here are some of the facts about Syria you should know.

The Country Is Not A Very Safe Place For Tourists

Syria is not a very safe place at the moment, which is why many people never even think of visiting the country. It is very challenging to get into the country right now. That is because of the military conflicts, terrorist attacks, kidnappings, and air strikes happening in Syria.

If you decide to visit for some reason, make sure that you practice all safety guidelines so that you keep yourself safe.

There Are A Few Sites Approved By UNESCO

UNESCO has approved a few sites in the country that are rich in culture and heritage. These include Palmyra, Damascus, Bosra, Aleppo, and a few ancient villages and castles. You can visit some of these places to learn more about their history and how it influences modern-day traditions.

There Is Something Known As Women’s Land In Syria

Jinwar is a village in Syria, which can be loosely translated to women’s land. The village is small, and only over thirty females and children live here. These women became windows during the Syrian war, which is why they came here to build their own sanctuary.

Common Facts About Syria

Here are some general Syria facts that most of you will be familiar with

The Country Has Been In Turmoil Since A Long Time

For more than a decade, Syria has been part of a conflict that has ruined the country. More than 400,000 residents have lost their lives, and over five million have been displaced. These people have taken refuge in various countries throughout the world.

It Is Part Of The Cradle Of Civilization

Yes, it might not seem like it, but Syria is part of the Cradle of Civilization. This area is also named Fertile Crescent. Other places are also included in it, such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and many others.

The Syrian Sky Has Gotten Darker At Night

Over 80% of the Syrian lights have gone out because the conflict has led to the collapse of the infrastructure. Besides that, many people have also fled the country, as there are no prospects. As a result, images from satellite show the Syrian sky to be completely dark.

The Country Is Not Good For Gender Equality

Gender equality is not something widely upheld in Syria. It is ranked the 4th worst country in this aspect. If you are looking for a progressive country, this is not it.

Other Interesting Facts About Syria

Here are some other interesting facts about Syria to know about.

There Are Many Celebrities With Syrian Roots

Because of the conflict at home, many Syrian families have immigrated to other countries, especially the United States. There are many celebrities who have Syrian roots. These include Paula Abdul, Jerry Seinfeld, Brandon Saad, Steve Jobs, and many other such people.

There Used To Be A Female Ruler In Syria

Between 240 and 274AD, Queen Zenobia, the warrior queen used to rule over the Syrian empire at the time. The queen was fierce yet graceful, and she spoke several languages. Because of this, the kingdom was highly independent and it was considered a threat by the Roman Empire.

The Country Was In A State Of Emergency For Almost Five Decades

Syria was in a state of emergency for almost five decades. Although this was lifted more than a decade ago, the conditions and safety in the country are still not great.

People In Syria Still Speak Aramaic

Aramaic is an ancient language that people in the country still use. You will also find people speaking this language in other countries. These include Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, and many others. This language has been around since the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Syria

While Syria is not the best place to visit because of the safety conditions, we should still know about it. After all, it is an old country and has a long history that is still of importance in the Arab world. There are many interesting facts about Syria worth learning about.

Most journalists risk their lives to make their way to the country. If you want to go to Syria, you will have to go through a lot of safety regulations and much more. This hinders most people from even thinking of visiting this historically rich region.



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