10 Traditional Swiss Breakfast In Switzerland To Try

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Switzerland is regarded as a classic tourist destination and is well-known for its Swiss chocolate, amazing natural landmarks, and cultural variety. For centuries, travelers have been drawn to the mountains, Swiss food, famed lakes, and alpine meadows. And the ability to communicate with its residents in four languages effectively eliminates the language barrier.

What’s Special About Swiss Breakfast

Swiss breakfast cuisine contains elements of German, French, and Northern Italian food. Many recipes have crossed national lines and become solid favorites throughout Switzerland.

Breakfast in Switzerland often consists of Swiss bread, fresh pastries, and other savory delights. But if you have a sweet tooth, there are still options, like French toast bites or traditional sweet bread!

These are some of the most popular and delicious Swiss Breakfast choices you can try!

Most Popular Swiss Breakfast Food

Swiss Rösti (Grated And Pan-Fried Potatoes Pancakes)


Rösti, also known as Röschti, is a Swiss dish of finely shredded potatoes cooked in a skillet. It is also considered the national dish in Switzerland by some. There are regional versions that may include other ingredients, like cheese and onion, but this traditional Swiss breakfast simply requires potato.

Röstis is said to have originated in 16th-century Bern as a customary Swiss breakfast food for farm laborers. They are popular as a side dish to spinach and eggs, sausages, and meatloaf throughout Germanic Europe.

Typical Swiss Breakfast Options

Pull-Apart Weggli (Classic Swiss Milk Buns)

There’s nothing quite like a Swiss Weggli! These Swiss pastries are one of the best Swiss breakfast choices! They are also synonymous with Swiss childhood. But these little, fluffy, sweet white bread buns are popular with both adults and children.

Simple and wonderfully tasty, the ingredients you’ll need are often already in your cupboard, like white flour, salt, milk, yeast, and butter – making this a highly popular breakfast in Switzerland.

Weggli and Schoggistängeli (Weggli and chocolate stick) are the most common ways to enjoy a Weggli during breakfast in Switzerland. 

The Weggli is so embedded in Swiss society that it has a special proverb. For example, ‘to have both the coin used to purchase the bread roll and the bread roll itself’. Which means ‘to have it all’ – this phrase is used when someone is extraordinarily fortunate or when someone wants everything but it is not feasible.

Herzhafte Frühstückstorte Mit Schinken (Ham And Swiss Breakfast Pie)


They aren’t your normal pie, and they don’t have a crust. Not every pie is intended for dessert, and this traditional Swiss breakfast is a perfect example. It’s a forkful of Heaven in every bite, with a savory gammon/ham, onion, and Swiss cheese filling.

The main stars in this pie are diced gammon and Swiss cheese, with a heavy dose of onion, that sweetens as it cooks and adds structure and a little bite to the whole dish.

And you’ll often find this savory and delectable Swiss breakfast pie on the table of many Swiss homes during Christmas and festive times.

Kleine Schweizer Quiches (Mini Swiss Quiches)


One of the most popular Swiss pastries and breakfasts in Switzerland are mini quiches. The crust of these adorable small quiche tarts is filled with delicious custard and bits of cheese, green onions, eggs, meat, or veggies. Quiche Lorraine is a popular variation that adds bacon.

These bite-sized tarts are ideal for brunch and breakfast and may be served hot, warm, or cold. The flaky, buttery crust and the savory egg custard packed with Swiss cheese that bakes into a beautiful golden brown hue are the greatest parts of these quiches. Switzerland’s breakfast choices are anything but bland!

Although quiche is widely recognized as a traditional French dish, historical records show that it originated in Germany during the Middle Ages in the medieval realm of Lothringen, which the French eventually captured and called Lorraine.

Sweet Swiss Breakfast Foods

Swiss Eibrot (French Toast Bites)

Eibrot is a Swiss variation of French toast that translates as “egg bread.” The easiest way to characterize this Swiss breakfast innovation is as French toast bits.

The bread is sliced into cubes and baked until golden and crusty, then tossed in a sweet butter and sugar mixture until it caramelizes and forms a sweet and somewhat crispy coating. Other than breakfast, this is a much-loved choice of Swiss desserts!

There’s no need for added syrup since each golden bite has a delicious coating that many Swiss will say needs nothing else to be a wonderful morning meal. 

In Switzerland, stale bread is turned into magical little bites of buttery-sweet syrupy-infused delights served as a wonderful breakfast of Swiss pastries, and you won’t be sorry you tried it!

Zwieback (Crispy Sweet Bread)


Zwieback is extremely popular in Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey and has become a beloved Swiss breakfast meal that is surprisingly delightful considering how simple it is.

It’s similar to sweetened bread and made with eggs, flour, yeast, sugar, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, and milk that’s cooked twice. It was invented in East Prussia but has since taken on a unique twist to become a traditional Swiss breakfast.

It’s said that if you have an unsettled stomach or a teething kid, zwieback is undoubtedly your hero. Therefore it can be found in the cupboard of many homes in Switzerland. 

In German, “zwie” means twice, and “back” means bake — a pretty accurate description of this dry toast, as it’s always double baked which crisps up the bread slices. The crunchy taste of this sweetened bread is a true treat and a perfect example of a wonderful breakfast in Switzerland.

Swiss Birchermüesli Parfait (Rolled Oats/Bircher Muesli, Yogurt, And Fruit)


When it comes to traditional Swiss breakfast choices, this nutritious recipe combines apple juiciness, oat wholesomeness, and overall deliciousness. A special flavor can be added with coconut flakes, vanilla essence, and a little maple syrup.

Swiss muesli is an excellent example of how to consume oats to lose weight. It will keep you full for several hours and save you time in the morning.

Bircher Muesli was created in 1900 for his patients by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Brenner and is now a popular breakfast in Switzerland and Germany.

The Best Savory Swiss Breakfast

Zopf (Braided White Bread)


Zopf is a type of traditional Swiss breakfast bread made with wheat, butter, yeast, milk, and eggs. Similar to the Jewish bread Challah, it is distinguished by its fluffy texture and braided patterns. 

In the initial days, this delightful bread is often enjoyed as a Sunday breakfast meal in Switzerland, eaten with a variety of spreads.

Zopf is thought to have originated in the mid-fifteenth century and has long been a favorite breakfast in Switzerland. Widows used to cut their braided locks and bury them alongside their late husbands. Later, they buried loaves of bread and the word zopf means “braid,” referring to the shape of the bread.

Buttergipfel (Swiss Butter Croissant)


This breakfast in Switzerland is a much-loved and popular choice. The Swiss Butter Croissant is known as a “Buttergipfel” or simply “Gipfel” in Switzerland. 

The name “Buttergipfel” refers to “butter croissant” in English, emphasizing the pastry’s use of butter. The name “Gipfel” refers to a broader category of croissants that includes those baked with butter.

The buttery Gipfels are a wonderful delicacy on their own, but they also provide a wonderful addition to a variety of snacks and dishes for breakfast in Switzerland. 

You can spread fresh butter or rich fruit preserves on one of these for a morning delight, or stuff one with lettuce, gammon, and cheese for a robust snack – these Swiss pastries are something you’ll look forward to every day.

Gipfel croissants have a crisper crust and less butter than French-style croissants and make for fantastic Swiss breakfast food.

Swiss Yogurt


Swiss yogurt, often known as “stirred yogurt” by many, is soft, sweet, and ready to consume on its own or blended with fruit. It is a go-to breakfast in Switzerland, as it’s simple, healthy, but also delicious!

Greek yogurt is made by removing some of the water from milk or by straining the whey from plain yogurt. Swiss yogurt is lighter and more creamy that Greek yogurt because the process is slightly different during the curing process. It is created with cultured milk that has been incubated, chilled in a huge vat, and then swirled to level the texture. 

If you’re wondering what traditional Swiss breakfast is popular and tasty, Swiss yogurt is considered a real treat!

Enjoying Breakfast In Switzerland 

Swiss breakfast is important and considered essential to start the day properly. Having something substantial and healthy to give you the energy to tackle any challenges lies at the heart of traditional Swiss breakfast.

Because Switzerland is known for its efficiency and logic, it’s no wonder they place such a high value on breakfast and starting the day! 

When asking yourself, “What is Switzerland known for?” It’s easy to point out the stunning landmarks in Switzerland and the beautiful mountainous range, but their food is also one of the world-famous features that draw in many travelers across the world!



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