15 Things Monaco Is Known and Famous For

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Despite its status as one of the world’s smallest nations, Monaco is known for being the playground of rich and famous people. Located along the French Riviera, the country enjoys a warm climate throughout the year that attracts visitors from all over the world.

What Is Monaco Known For?

 Monaco is known for its elegant malls, grand casinos, and strong financial status. An impressive fact about Monaco is that an estimated one in three residents are actually millionaires. Manco is also famous for having a low crime rate, high GDP, and being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. From the Monaco Grand Prix to Casino de Monte Carlo and super yachts, many things here scream super-rich.

History Culture, And Traditions Monaco Is Known For

The Grimaldi Family

The Grimaldi family is one of the noblest families in Europe dating back to the 12th century. They played an essential role in promoting a fair share of the culture and arts that Monaco is known for today.

The family ruled Monaco for over 700 years. Despite the numerous challenges during their reign, they maintained their leadership and contributed to the development of Monaco. The history of the family is celebrated through various museums and festivals.

Traditional Outfits 

Monaco is known for its rich artistic history, one of which is expressed through the way they dress. Male and female traditional outfits are prominent in the area. Men’s costumes consist of a black woolen jacket, black pants, and a white shirt. The women’s outfit has the same colors, but it includes a black shawl, a white shirt, and a black skirt. 

Although these are very different from the luxury modern wear or the casual coastal town fashion that is common around Monaco today, these costumes are a representation of the Monacians’ cultural identity. They are still very important and are worn during their traditional festivals and events.

Traditional Festivals

That said, while international and modern events like the Grand Prix generate a big hype, Monaco is famous for its traditional events too. These festivals have been celebrated for centuries. 

One such event is the Sainte-Devote Festival which is held on January 26th of every year. The festival is held in honor of the patron saint of Monaco, named Saint Devota.

This festival begins at the Prince’s Palace at the Saint-Devote Church where a mass is held in honor of the Saint Devota. The festival includes traditional dance performances, music, and fireworks.

Monegasque Language

Monaco is famous for the Monegasque language which has a rich history dating back to the early days. This language was spoken even before the in power Grimaldi family in the 13th century. Monegasque is related to the Liguarian language which is spoken in Italy and became the official language of Monaco in 2011.

Monegasque is a distinct language that is influenced by various powers that ruled over Monaco. It has its own grammar and vocabulary, with many words and phrases that are not found in French or Italian. However, this language has been in decline in Monaco for many years.

To preserve this ancient part of the culture, many efforts are being made as the language is taught in schools and various institutes. They offer courses for both children and adults to promote the language through publications and cultural events. After all, the  Monegasque language is an important reflection of Monaco’s unique history and identity. 

Cities And Travel Destinations Monaco Is Famous For

Monte Carlo


When it comes to luxurious districts, there is none as famous in Monaco as Monte Carlo. The area is filled with grand casinos, hotels, and various shopping centers. 

Monte Carlo also has the oldest casino in the world known as Casino de Monte-Carlo, featuring a wide variety of games and entertainment. The architecture is stunningly decorated with artistic styles, so it’s worth visiting even if you have no intention of gambling. One of the interesting facts about Monaco is that the country actually bans citizens from gambling. 

Monte Carlo also features many elegant hotels that offer scenic ocean views. If you ever visit Monaco, don’t forget to check out this part of the city. 



 In a rather contrasting look from Monte Carlo, Monaco is also known for its old town Monaco-Ville. 

This is the oldest district in Monaco. It has narrow streets and colorful buildings which give an exotic experience of ancient times. Situated on a hilltop at the highest point of Monaco, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city from here.

This town was occupied by various parties before the Grimaldi family took over it. The fortress on it was strategically used as a military position. People often gather around 11:55 am to see the ceremony of changing the guards. 

La Condamine

La Condamine is a shopping district situated between the Old Town and Monte-Carlo that Monaco is famous for. In the past, only a feudal lord had access to this area. Today, it has become a commercial area.

This place also features the start and finish lines for the Monaco Grand Prix and other famous historical sites. Grimaldi Street and the Place d’Armes are the district’s most popular shopping attractions. 

To make your time in Monaco more memorable, you can shop for souvenirs here from a variety of local and regional products. The Condamine Market is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and locals to explore the products on offer. 

Historical Sites And Landmarks Monaco Is Known For

Prince’s Palace Of Monaco


The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is located on the Monaco Rock near Monaco’s Old Town. It was home to the Grimaldi family for over 700 years and today serves as the residence of the Prince of Monaco. 

However, parts of the palace remain open to the public for visitation. You can check out places like the state apartments, Throne Room, the Gallery of Hercules, and the Chapel of St. Nicholas.

The palace has a long history and has been renovated many times. These transformations made it one of the most luxurious residences in the seventeenth century. The palace also has numerous tapestries and historical items of furniture.

Metropole Shopping Center

Monaco is known for being the home of the rich and famous. There is no surprise that it has an abundance of high-end shopping centers. One of the most famous though is the Metropole Shopping Center which has around 80 designer boutique stores. It is located opposite the Casino Gardens.

If you are looking to shop here, make sure you have plenty of funds as these are some of the most expensive products and brands in Monaco. 

In addition to these designer stores, it also boasts an attractive interior that features marble floors and stylish period Chandeliers. Remember that window shopping and visiting is always free so you don’t have to break the bank to admire the exquisite design.

Lorvotto Beach

Monaco is known for having an exotic beach that provides the amazing experience of being near the sea. If you want to enjoy the sun and water parks, Larvotto Beach is one of the best places. This is the only free beach that is open to the public in Monaco.

It has a long tail of sand that provides a spacious area to enjoy sunbathing. The beach is surrounded by various restaurants and has facilities such as showers, free toilets, and changing rooms. They also set up separation nets in the ocean to protect the people from jellyfish so it’s safe to spend some time in the waters. 

Food Monaco Is Known For



Monaco is known for their national dish Barbagiuan pastry. Barbagiuan means ‘Uncle John’ in the Monegasque language. This is not just a famous food in Monaco but a specialty dish of the country. 

Barbagiuan is a fritter that is made from rice, cheese, and pumpkin or spinach. It is often eaten as an appetizer or snack, mostly during festivals or celebrations and especially on their national holiday, 19 November.



Monaco also has plenty of delicious, snackable foods on offer. One of which is the Socca; it is a chickpea flatbread originating from the South of France. 

Socca is made with simple ingredients such as water, olive oil, and chickpea flour, and baked till golden. It is often served with sprinkles of black pepper and can be found in many local restaurants. 


Luxury Things Monaco Is Famous For 



Monaco is famous for having the most luxurious superyachts in the world. The port Hercules in Monaco can accommodate up to 700 boats which include some of the most expensive and enormous. Every year, Monaco celebrates a yacht show which draws the attention of people from all over the world.

Luxury Cars


On the same wavelength, Monaco is also known for luxurious cars which many often consider a symbol of wealth. From the various prestigious cars on the road to the Formula One Grand Prix, car enthusiasts can find much to love in Monaco. 

You can visit the H.S.H. Prince of Monaco’s Car Collection to see all the fancy vehicles that Prince Rainier III has collected over the years. 

Famous People From Monaco

Princess Grace Kelly

Princess Grace Kelly was an American actress who starred in many Hollywood films before becoming the Princess of Monaco. She was known for her beauty and was often regarded as a style icon. 

Most importantly, the princess contributed greatly through philanthropic work. She was a supporter of the arms and laid the foundation of the Princess Grace Foundation in 1964 where scholarships were provided to the people that emerged in the fields of theater, film, and dance.

She also played an important role in establishing the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and Monte Carlo Ballet.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the famous people from Monaco. He was a fashion designer who spent most of his life in the country. He designed the costumes for the Monte Carlo Ballet and was known for his ability to mix traditional and modern elements in his designs. 

In addition, he was also an artist, writer, and photographer. His work is placed in various galleries and museums around the world. Lagerfeld was also a close friend of Princess Caroline who is known for her contributions to arts in Monaco.

Discovering More Things Monaco Is Known For

Monaco being one of the world’s smallest countries does not stop it from being a great place to visit. With its rich history, historical sites, and luxurious and exotic locations, Monaco still makes for an interesting travel destination.

These are just some of the things that Monaco is famous for. There are a lot of other things and exotic locations in Monaco that are a treat for the eye. While it is not the cheapest destination to visit, definitely stop by when you are around the area.



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