17 Interesting And Fun Facts About Monaco To Know

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Although Monaco is a small country, it has a reputation for being a playground for rich people. However, don’t be fooled by the size because some of the exciting facts about Monaco are the lavish malls, casinos, and bars you can find here.

Because of this, many celebrities and other rich people vacation here. If you want to learn more about this country, you are in the right place. These are some interesting Monaco facts that give you a glimpse of this luxury paradise.

Historical Facts About Monaco

Monaco doesn’t have a very long history and has always had peace. Here are some of the top Monaco history facts that will offer an insight into its past.

In 1863, Casino De Monte-Carlo Opened Here

Casino de Monte-Carlo has been in the country for a long time now, opening more than 150 years ago. That historic reputation and high-end games attract many tourists to visit for entertainment and indulgence. You can also visit this casino while you are there.

In 1910, The Country Built The Oceanographic Museum


The Oceanographic Museum is essentially the country’s marine sciences museum. This educational institution opened in 1910 and is one of the top attractions in Monaco. You will get to explore various fish, sea predators, and much more as you roam around the intriguing museum.

It Never Used To Be A Part Of France

France surrounds all three sides of Monaco, and it is no surprise that many confuse Monaco to be part of France. Even though it was annexed to France in 1793, Monaco gained its independence by 1814. Now, the country doesn’t have a defense force; it relies on France for that purpose.

Cultural Facts About Monaco

Here are some important Monaco facts about its culture.

1/3 People In The Country Are Millionaires


One out of three people in the country is a millionaire because it is a country for the rich. There is luxury all around and many tax incentives that people can enjoy.

You will also be surprised to know that the poverty rate of the country is zero as people who work there don’t live there.

The Country Is Incredibly Safe


Monaco is an incredibly safe place, and there are an estimated 73 policemen for every resident. You don’t need to worry as much about crime when visiting the country. But of course, always practice common sense and general caution.

You Have To Try The Barbagiuan In The Monaco Markets


One of the delicious Monaco food staples to try is the Barbagiuan. This savory specialty has its origins in the country and is now particularly common along the eastern French Riviera region.

It is a fritter that is filled with delicious ingredients like Swiss chard and ricotta amongst others. The crispy treat is considered to be a snack or appetizer, so you will find this in various food markets.

Be sure to try some of the traditional Monaco food when you visit the region!

Simple Facts About Monaco For Kids

Here are some interesting facts about Monaco that you can teach kids.

Most People Living There Are Not Originally From The Country

People who work and live in Monaco are not originally from the country. Even the authorities don’t easily grant citizenship to other people. Because of this, only around 21% of the population is native to the country.

It Has A High Life Expectancy


The highest life expectancy can be found in Monaco, as the average is said to be more than 85 years. Close to 15% of the population is also more than 75 years. Many people believe that this is because of the quality of healthcare, excellent diet, and money that the people have.

The Only Natural Resource In Monaco Is Fish


Being a rather small country, Monaco is not rich in natural resources. In fact, the only natural resource the country has is fish from the Mediterranean. It forms an important part of the local diet, which is one reason why it is said that the people of Monaco are healthy.

Fun Monaco Facts For Travelers

By now you can already guess that Monaco is not the cheapest country to travel to. It is known to be a place for the rich to indulge in a lavish vacation and lifestyle. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the place even if you don’t have a big bank balance.

Here are some fun facts about Monaco for travelers.

Even Central Park Is Bigger Than Monaco

Yes, Monaco is even smaller than Central Park, as the country covers only around 0.8 miles. Despite this, around 40,000 people live here, with most people in Monte Carlo. So, this country is incredibly small.

Short But Beautiful Coastline

Monaco has the shortest coastline in the world, spanning around 3 miles. But it is also one of the most scenic as it is located on the French Riveria. France surrounds the land borders, and the Mediterranean sea is on the fourth side.

Intricate Architecture And Churches


While many activities in the country do cost money, there are some free things to do as well. Exploring the streets, parks, and buildings, for one, is always free. The country has many beautiful churches that you can check out such as the Sainte-Devote Chapel and Saint Nicholas cathedral.

There are also nice green spaces to relax and just enjoy the fresh air. Head to the Princess Grace Rose Garden to see some colorful flora, or Saint-Martin Gardens to immerse in lush greenery.


Common Facts About Monaco

Here is some general information about Monaco to know about.

Three Of James Bond’s Films Have Been Shot In The Monte-Carlo Casino

Casinos are an important part of James Bond’s films, which is why three films have had scenes in the Monte-Carlo Casino. It comes as no surprise that it is because the casino is incredibly lavish and classy.

Locals Are Not Allowed To Gamble

Locals are not allowed to gamble because the monarchy knows how devastating it can be. This is why only tourists can come here to gamble.

It Is A Home To The Grand Prix


Monaco is known for its glamorous Formula One Grand Prix which is held yearly. The race usually happens in May or June, featuring the Circuit de Monaco. Many famous sports personalities come here for this event, and there is an exciting atmosphere around it if you’re in town during the time of the race.

Other Interesting Facts About Monaco

These are some other fun Monaco facts that are interesting to know about.

Workers Come From Italy And France

While the population is close to 40,000, it doubles daily when people arrive from Italy and France daily for work. Then, they go back home after the workday is over. Yes, this means many workers travel across international borders to work in Monaco.

It Only Has Heliports


There are no airports in the country, only heliports. That is because the country is not that big, which is why it doesn’t really need an airport to take up precious land space. When the tourist season comes, the heliport is busy, with landings coming in almost every twenty minutes.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Monaco

Monaco may be small, but it has a lot to offer to its people and tourists. There are still many fun facts about Monaco to learn about when you visit.

Although it is a comparatively expensive travel destination, there is nothing stopping you from visiting for a quick trip and checking out the place. It is easy to hop over from France. Of course, if you have a high budget, there are plenty of luxurious things for you to do here.

And if you are lucky, you might even spot a celebrity or two and go during the peak tourist season.



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