10 Best Beaches In Salcombe To Visit

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Salcombe is a vibrant town in Devon, home to some of the most charming coastlines in the UK. Salcombe beaches boasts quite a range of differing features, from sheltered coves and golden sands to sparkling turquoise water, all waiting to be explored. 

The area is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its clear waters and soft sand. This makes the stunning coastal town a perfect vacation spot in the UK. There are beaches catering to families, water sports enthusiasts, and even dog-friendly options.

Here are some of the best beaches in Salcombe to visit if you are planning to enjoy some time by the coast.

Most Famous Beaches In Salcombe

North Sands Beach

North Sands is a famous sandy beach in Salcombe that’s just a 15-minute walk from the town center. The beach is popular among families because of the soft golden sand and clear blue water. There are picnic tables behind the beach and several cafés and restaurants. 

The bay makes the beach perfect for swimming, and the water is safe for children to swim. The sand is fine and soft for sunbathing and relaxing. You can go to the beach with your furry friend as the beach is known to be one of the most dog-friendly beaches in the area. 

For a luxury stay in the town center near North Sands Beach, consider the Harbour Beach Club & Hotel for a five-star experience in Salcombe. The hotel offers a shuttle service and also has a fitness center, a bar, and an indoor pool to give you the best experience. The hotel also provides an à la carte or Full English/Irish breakfast.

South Sands Beach

The South Sands beach is a famous flat sandy Salcombe beach half a mile south of North Sands beach. A seasonal ferry conveys people to and fro Whitestrand Quay and South sands beach. The beach is famous for its water sports facilities because there is a kayak shop where you can hire equipment for surfing, canoeing, sailing, and diving.

This beach also has a picturesque view you would love and access to a beach café, so there is everything you will need on your day out. It is worth mentioning that dogs are not allowed on the beach between May and September. 

If you want to stay close to South Sands beach, consider the South Sands Hotel. This stunning boutique hotel has a beachside restaurant and offers breakfast in the morning. The hotel is right by the beach and is still near the town center.


Beaches Near Salcombe

East Portlemouth

Located across the harbor from Salcombe, East Portlemouth is more peaceful and quiet than other Salcombe beaches. East Portlemouth beach is a long sandy stretch that becomes a series of smaller coves at higher tides. 

The beach is perfect for families looking to explore rock pools and swim. The water is clean and shallow, making it an excellent spot for children to swim. It is perfect if you are looking for a quiet place to relax. 

There is no accommodation near the beach, but you can stay in hotels like The Globe Innabout a 15-minute drive from East Portlemouth. It is located near the beautiful Devonshire countryside with excellent services. 

Gara Rock Beach

Sometimes called the Seacombe Sands, this sandy cove is one of the secluded beaches in Salcombe. A small headland separates this beach from another smaller beach known as Abraham’s hole or Rickham Sand. 

Gara Rock beach is near enough to reach in about 15 minutes on foot but secluded enough to provide a quiet and relaxing time away from the crowd. 

There are sands and rough rock pools, providing an excellent opportunity for kids to build a sandcastle and explore the rock pools. Dogs are allowed all year round; therefore, you can go with your furry friend. 

There aren’t any hotels in this location, but there are accommodations just a few minutes drive from the beach where you can stay. Similarly, consider staying at South Sands Hotela boutique hotel that offers breakfast in Salcombe and is right by the South Sands beach.

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Sunny Cove

Sunny Cove is across the estuary from Salcombe’s famous North Sands and South Sands beaches. You can access it by the East Portlemouth ferry and then a short walk. This is the ideal spot for you if you want to get away from the busier Salcombe beaches. 

The beach is named Sunny cove because of its sunny aspect, and it is also a little more exposed to the wind and waves than other Salcombe beaches. Dogs are allowed all year. 

Because the beach is in a secluded area, there aren’t any hotels in the area, but you can stay in a nearby town. You can stay in Hope & Anchor Inn if you’re interested in beach hoping because it has about five beaches near it. 

Mill Bay 

A short walk from East Portlemouth, this privately owned beach offers golden sand, clean water, and rock pools. It is a safe spot to go swimming, sunbathing, and windsurfing. It is a famous beach among families because of its turquoise waters and coral-white sands. 

The beach is easily accessed by ferry, which is the best way to get there from Salcombe. However, there are car parks too, so you have nothing to worry about. 

There aren’t many options for accommodation, but you can stay at The Cottage Hotel, some minutes away from Salcombe. The hotel is in an excellent location if you want to explore more Salcombe beaches.  

Small’s Cove

This beach is across the Salcombe Harbor waters, just a few minutes from East Portlemouth. Small’s Cove is a series of enchanting coves and golden stretches. It is a quiet sandy inlet snuggled below the wooded hillside.

This fantastic spot is the perfect place to enjoy the summer sunshine. The soft sands are ideal for beach games and sandcastle building. The water is clean and gentle, making it suitable for swimming. Small Cove is a favorite for people looking to escape the bustle of other Salcombe beaches. It is a lovely spot to while away in the afternoon. 

Ready to explore Salcombe for more than a day? South Sands Hotel is a beautiful hotel in the town center and also close to almost five Salcombe beaches. You’re assured of a lovely stay in this hotel. 

Other Beaches Close To Salcombe 

Moor Sands

Also known as Vanerick’s Cove, Moor Sands, or Moors and is a hidden gem that’s not that popular. It is in a remote location and requires a bit of effort to access. As a result, it remains one of teh rare Salcombe’s beaches that’s unspoiled and never crowded. 

Moor Sands is popular for swimming and snorkeling as many rocks and crannies offshore serve as a haven for sea life. It’s a nudist/naturist beach, and dogs are welcome here all year. 

There are no hotels or accommodation near this area. However, you can stay in well-rated hotels in Salcombe like the Harbour Beach Club & Hotel or the Royal Castle Hotel.

Ditchend Cove 

Ditchend cove lies at the mouth of South Pool Creek with breathtaking views facing Snapes Point and Batson Creek. This secret Salcombe beach is perfect for a picnic, and the rest of East Portlemouth’s nearby beaches are only a sandy stroll away. 

The beach is a getaway spot for people who want a quiet and relaxing time by the beach. You can swim and sail. You can also explore the coast path as it weaves its way around The Hipples rocks and the impressive views of Portlemouth down.  

There are no hotels or accommodation near this area. However, you can stay in popular hotels in the center of Salcombe like the Salcombe Harbour Hotel

Soar Mill Cove

This small, remote beach is a true rural paradise and one of the prettiest Salcombe beaches. It is surrounded by dramatic rocks and cliffs and the craggy heath of Bolt Head. When the tide is low, a small section of pristine sand is exposed, suitable for sunbathing and building sand castles. 

The beach is also a good rock pooling spot where you might hunt for crabs and anemones. 

Canoes and ferries sailing from Salcombe often stop off in the cove.

There are no facilities here and no road access directly to the beach. You can either reach the beach by taking the South West Coast Path from Salcombe or the steep path from the Soar Mill Cove Hotel. The beach is a sandy and rocky one, and it is dog friendly. 

You can stay at The Soar Mill Cove Hotel; it’s an excellent hotel surrounded by breathtaking views. It’s a very comfortable and relaxed accommodation. 


Enjoying The Beaches In Salcombe

If you love the beach, you will definitely enjoy Salcombe. This is the ideal place to explore sparkling seas and stretches of sand, making it one of the popular places to visit in Devon.

With the beautiful coastline, you can see why Salcombe is filled with tourists during summertime. The area offers many options, from a calm and quiet getaway to an action-packed one with many waves to surf. Make sure to plan and make bookings in advance if you are traveling during peak season.



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