10 Best Beaches On Isle Of Wight To Visit

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The Isle of Wight is one of England’s smallest but most charming gems and somewhere that everyone exploring the UK should visit at one point. The beautiful island is well-known for its abundance of beaches. If sun, sand, and the fresh sea air are things that appeal to you, beaches on Isle of Wight beaches will be a paradise for you.

With many beaches in Isle of Wight boasting high-quality bathing water and welcoming to dogs and families, there is much to discover. If you are lethargic from just relaxing on the beach, there are also plenty of things to do on Isle of Wight to get your blood pumping again.

In fact, you may find that there are so many beaches in Isle of Wight that you don’t know where to start. Here are some of the best Isle of Wight beaches and their unique offerings.

Most Popular Beach On Isle Of Wight

Alum Bay


If you’re wondering what the most popular beaches in Isle of Wight are, look no further. A big draw for those who are looking for sandy beaches, Isle of Wight is home to Alum Bay. The sand is so stunning that they sell it in glass vessels, which would make for a great keepsake.

If you are visiting with kids, bring along a sandcastle building set to take advantage of the fine sand for some creative activities.

It’s also a great destination for people who enjoy taking a dip in the sea. You’ll often see a lot of locals swimming in the crystal-clear waters and you’re more than welcome to join them. If you’re a keen sightseer, you’ll also want to take a short boat ride to The Needles lighthouse.

Tired after a nice day out under the sun? Head over to Weston Manor. This B&B is a short walk from the beach and is very popular because of its great location and colorful décor. It’s also close to lots of other Isle of Wight beaches.


Best Beaches On Isle of Wight For Families 

Ventnor Beach


This beach, found in the town of Ventnor, is a big favorite for those who are looking for family-friendly beaches in Isle of Wight. At a more secluded beach, children may quickly get bored, but there’s no danger of that here. The beach will keep your kids entertained for hours with everything from amusement parks to beach huts available to hire.

The biggest attraction for the young ones is undoubtedly the paddling pool at the bottom of the Cascade. There’s a stunning model of the island in the middle of the pool, so remember to take a picture or two for the photo album. Ventnor Beach is one of the beaches on Isle of Wight that every kid would love to visit.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay near the beach, take a look at Clarence House Apartments. It is full of all the amenities that you’ll need and is just 400 yards from the beachfront. Great of families and groups.

Sandown Beach

At first glance, this is one of the Isle of Wight beaches that will fill you with the feeling of serenity and peacefulness. The water here has won awards for being extremely clear and clean. It’s easy to see why. Your children will love swimming in the sea, and there are more activities on the pier to keep them occupied.

Sandown Pier will have you and your children lost in a world of fun and games for hours on end. You can play adventure golf, ten-pin bowling, and there’s an indoor play area for younger children.

If all the excitement leaves you feeling thirsty, you can have a drink and some food at Scruffy Jacks, a sports bar on the pier. It’s understandably one of the most popular beaches in Isle of Wight for families.

Looking for somewhere to get a good night’s sleep? The Townhouse 101 is beautifully decorated and there’s a full-English breakfast available to fill you up in the morning.

Best Dog Friendly Beaches On Isle of Wight For Pets

Totland Bay

Although it can be difficult to find dog-friendly beaches, Isle of Wight is home to a few. Totland Bay is suitable for your furry friends.

Some beaches only allow dogs in the winter months, and some don’t allow them at all. Totland Bay is one of the many beaches on Isle of Wight that welcome dogs all year long. It’s the perfect place for a run or a stroll, allowing your dog to get the exercise it needs.

Totland Bay is more of a stony beach rather than a sandy one. That means it’s probably not the best place to sunbathe, but who doesn’t love a stone skimming contest? Many people enjoy swimming in the sea here too, and nothing beats a brilliant view and a breath of fresh sea air.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay nearby, we’d recommend the Sentry Mead hotel, a Victorian villa just a few yards away from the beach.

Luccombe Bay

Getting to this beach can be quite difficult as you’ll need to follow an old footpath, Luccombe Chine, and then down a landslip and onto the beach. Consider wearing water shoes or bringing the right shoes for the trail.

If you’re fit and looking for a good workout, this is the place for you. Once you do get there, Luccombe Bay is one of the quietest beaches in Isle of Wight. It’s likely that you’ll have the whole place to yourself.

Given there are no facilities here, you’ll need to bring anything you need with you. Grab a portable beach tent to provide shade for you and your dog.

Its secluded nature is great for nervous dogs and gives them plenty of room to explore, run, and dig in the sand. If you want to relax on the beach, you can also get a dog lease stake to easily keep your furry companion with you.

There are also some delightful sandstone cliffs to the back of the beach. It’s one of the best Isle of Wight beaches if you want some time alone to admire the scenery and clear your mind.

Considering your dog will be with you on the trip, you’ll probably want to stay at some dog-friendly accommodation nearby. Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel will welcome your pets with open arms.

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Best Beaches on Isle of Wight For Sports

St Helens

If you’re someone who would rather surf than sunbathe, you will love St Helens beach. This is one of the sportiest beaches in Isle of Wight and is a popular choice for those wanting to try or refine a new skill.

Best of all, St Helens isn’t as busy as the other Isle of Wight beaches, so if you do fall flat on your face, at least there won’t be many around to see.

Whether it’s surfing, kayaking, or paddle boarding, there’s plenty of space to do whatever you’d like at St Helens. There’s a company nearby who does lessons in every watersport you can think of, and they include all the equipment in the cost of hire.

If you’re exhausted after all of that exertion, why not treat yourself to an overnight stay? St Helens Coastal Resort offers luxury caravans with hot tubs and all the equipment you’ll need to make yourself comfortable.

Colwell Bay

Are you looking for a hidden gem on the island? Colwell Bay is one of the beaches on Isle of Wight that is hidden away and not well known, but if you love swimming and other watersports, it’s certainly a beach you’ll want to visit.

If you want to try your hand at windsurfing or snorkeling, there’s no better place. Bring your snorkel mask and enjoy the marine life. Colwell Bay is one of the cleanest beaches on Isle of Wight as it’s cleaned daily, so you won’t have to worry about litter spoiling the fun.

It’s also a short walk to The Bay Colwell, so we’d recommend getting your head down here if you’re staying overnight. There’s even an indoor pool available if you don’t fancy taking a dip in the seawater.

Beaches On Isle of Wight For History Lovers

Osborne Beach

Do you want to immerse yourself in the UK’s vast history? Osborne Beach is named after Osborne House, which is where Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their children would come for a getaway.

It’s a beach the Queen found herself on often. She even wrote about how the children loved finding shells. It tops the list of Isle of Wight beaches to visit if you want to follow in some royal footsteps.

It’s clear to see why it was a place so close to the heart of Queen Victoria. It’s simply stunning. There’s plenty of sand to sunbathe or picnic on. Perhaps you’ll even build a sandcastle that is fitting of the monarch herself.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay that’s fit for royalty too, try Albert Cottage Hotel. The scenery is magnificent, and you can choose a room with a terrace to get an even better view.


Sandy Beaches On Isle Of Wight

Appley Beach


When you think of a beach, do you picture warm sand and clear blue waters? That’s what you’ll get here at Appley Beach. It’s one of the most popular sandy beaches Isle of Wight has to offer.

If you visit on a hot day, you’ll get a wonderful tan as you lay on the beautiful golden sand. You might even feel as if you’ve been transported out of the country and to a hot, tropical location on the Mediterranean. Lay down your beach mat and soak in the sun.

When you’re keen to stretch your legs, make sure to explore the beach’s very own magical castle, Appley Tower. This is one of those Isle of Wight beaches that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

Don’t want to walk far when you’re ready for bed? The Boathouse is nearby and hosts everything you’ll need, and then some.

Shanklin Beach

Our last beach on the list is one of those quintessentially British beaches on Isle of Wight that will make for a memorable day out. It’s usually quite busy as it’s a favorite for locals and tourists, but it’s more than worth it.

However you choose to spend the day, you’ll have endless options. You can relax and picnic on the gorgeous sand, or you can compete with your family and friends over a few rounds of crazy golf.

This beach has won several awards over the years, and it’s one of the Isle of Wight beaches you need to visit before you leave.

Because of its popularity, there are lots of places to stay nearby. We’d recommend The Grange B&B because of its short walk from the beach. They have a sauna, gym and more luxuries available too. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

Enjoying The Best Beaches On Isle Of Wight

These are some of the best beaches in Isle of Wight, and we’d really recommend getting around to them all if you have the chance.

In addition to visiting the famous beaches, there are plenty of other things to do on the Isle of Wight. If animals are your thing, there’s an abundance of animal sanctuaries on the Isle of Wight.

On your travels, you’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with some fluffy donkeys. If you’re feeling brave, you may even encounter tigers at Wildheart Animal Sanctuary in Sandown.

But let’s be honest. The main attractions here are those stunning Isle of Wight beaches, and there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something for the kids, a sense of tranquility, or dog-friendly beaches, Isle of Wight truly has you covered.



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