20 Best Beaches Near London To Visit

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London is such a beautiful city, and you can say it has almost everything you could want regarding adventure and fun. The city has famous landmarks, museums, incredible nightlife, and numerous events, just to name a few of the city attractions. The only thing you can say London is lacking is a decent beach. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a sunny day on the beach. There are beautiful beaches near to London that you can reach in an hour or two. 

So, when you are done with the top things to do in London and fancy some time with sands between your toes and the sound of waves crashing around you, there are beaches near London where you can make your dream come true.

London is connected to some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. Get your flip-flop and sunscreen ready because here are some of the nearest beaches from London to visit.

Nearest Beach From London 

Ruislip Lido, West London

Ruislip is the closest beach to London, on the Piccadilly Line in Ruislip, West London. A 700-acre woodland nature reserve home to a gorgeous natural lake with a genuine sandy beach. There is a miniature train and a pirate ship for kids, but swimming is technically prohibited. Also, you can have a picnic on the willow lawn, beachside, and other areas near the Lido, so there are so many other things to enjoy. 

The Red Lion Hotel is just 6.6km from Ruislip Lido and offers many facilities that will make your stay comfortable. If you need accommodation after a sunny day on the beach, this is the place for you. The hotel also has other nearby attractions such as Windsor, Legoland, Wembley, and Thorpe Park, where you can have fun. 

Best Beaches Near To London

Sunny Sands, Kent

As the name suggests, Sunny Sands is the right place for you if you are looking for sandy beaches near London. It is believed to be one of the best beaches in the country for building sandcastles. The area is usually filled up during summer and is approximately one hour from London by train. 

One of the best stays around sunny sands is 10 to 12 Folkstone, which is just a few minutes walk from the beach and offers a beautiful service that will make your stay a great experience. 

Dungeness Beach, Kent


Dungeness is just some minutes away from Camber Sands. This place stands out among the nearest beaches from London for its glaring beauty. The beach isn’t exactly the place for swimming and ice cream. It’s a beach where you can just take a walk and take in the striking beauty of your environment. The vista is littered with dilapidated fisherman’s huts, a nuclear power station, and a set of concrete towers from the 1930s used to listen for incoming aircraft. 

There aren’t many hotels close to the beach, but you can stay in Littlestone Hotelwhich is still close to the beach and offers an excellent service for families with kids. The hotel is near to the golf course; there is much to do while you spend a day in town. 


Isle of Grain Beach, Medway

This beach is considered one of the best beaches near London and is approximately an hour’s drive from the capital cityIt is an excellent choice if you want to escape the crowd. It sits between the Thames and the River Medway. 

The beach is both a sandy and a shingle beach. It is stunning, especially with the leafy woodland and wildflowers behind it. Isle of Grain is also excellent for sunbathing. 

There aren’t many hotels nearby but consider Queen Phillippa if you want to stay over. It is a high-quality bed and breakfast accommodation, that is also close to many attractions where you can have an excellent time. 

Frensham Beach, Surrey

For an inland sandy beach near to London, consider Frensham by the lake. The beach is miles away from the coast and nestled in a faraway surrey. The water quality is rated excellent, and swimming is allowed. There is two swimming areas ideal for kids and adults. 

Around the area, there are restaurants and bars where you can take ice cream, burgers, chips, and chips. You can also go with your picnic fares, but note that barbecues and fires are not allowed. 

Frensham Pond Hotel is just a few minutes drive from the beach if you’re looking for a place close to the hotel. It is a great affordable bed and breakfast and provides a pleasant experience. 

Botany Bay, Kent


Do not confuse this with Botany Bay in Australia. Botany Bay is a Kentish charmer, and it is super gorgeous. The beach is between Margate and Ramsgate, which is believed to be among the best beaches near London. This beach remains one of the most photographed in the UK because of its captivating environment. 

It is approximately two hours from London. It features beautiful white cliffs. You can explore the rock pools for little sea creatures or go fossil hunting to find something impressive. 

You may consider spending a night at the Botany Bay Hotelwhich offers a range of facilities to ensure you have a pleasant and relaxing break by the sea. 

Whitstable Beach, Kent


If you need a day trip away from London, then Whitstable Beach is the actual definition of a day trip out of London. It is one of the most unique and relaxing locations.

You can say it has the total package; there are numerous little bookshops lining the twirling streets, delicious bakeries with the fantastic aroma of homemade bread, and quintessential pubs to relax after a day in the sun. Perfect for de-cluttering from your day-to-day life, this is one of the quietest beaches near London. 

The Marine Hotel is an affordable hotel that offers breakfast close to the beach, so if you’re willing to spend a weekend or a night away from home, this is the perfect place for you. It boasts of a restaurant, a bar, and excellent rooms that will make your stay pleasant.

Camber Sands, East Sussex


Usually called one of the most beautiful beaches in England. Camber Sands is so beautiful with its five-mile stretch of sand, backed by rolling sand dunes. You can go with your bucket and sand shovel to build a sand castle. 

Camber Sands should be top of your list if you’re interested in taking some cute pictures. It is also ideal for you if you’re looking for a peaceful day by the sea. The beach hardly gets overcrowded because it is about five miles long. 

There are many good restaurants in the area if you want to have a bite after a dip in the water. You can also set up a camp and have a picnic with your family as the sun goes down.  

If you want to stay next to Camber sands, look to Camber Sands Holiday Park. This incredible hotel is right by the beach and offers suitable accommodation with basic amenities. 

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Beaches Near London For Sports

Brighton Beach


Located approximately an hour train journey from South of London, Brighton is home to Brighton beach, a shingle beach (pebble beach). It is one of the most popular beaches near London. 

Brighton beach is home to plenty of bars and pubs. There are plenty of opportunities to surf, and a large sports complex was opened recently, so you are assured a fun time if you love sports. 

Brighton is also home to many local attractions, so if you are looking to spend more time in town, there are many hotels to choose from. YHA Brighton is just a few minutes walk from the beach. It is one of the affordable hotels in the area with outstanding service for a pleasant stay. 

Bournemouth Beach, Dorset


You won’t find any beach bigger than this near London. Bournemouth beach is a whopping eleven miles long, so you can easily get lost in the crowd. The beach boasts of sandbanks, shops, gardens, hotels, and restaurants.

Every part of Bournemouth Beach offers a unique experience, from superb water sports to many attractions for the family. That said, Bournemouth Beach is one of the popular beaches near London. In addition, Bournemouth is a great place to visit at any time of the year.  

There are so many great hotels close to the beach; Holiday Inn Bournemouth is reputable, affordable, and just a few minutes walk from the beach. It is a modern hotel located in the town center that will make your stay comfortable.  

Frinton Beach, Essex

This beach is an ideal option for people interested in sports. The beach offers an area of sea explicitly zoned for swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. Frinton beach is over a mile long and is a mixture of sandy and stone. The shore is lined by a promenade of several hundred beach huts. 

You can stay at Regency House, a bread and breakfast hotel with a garden. It is just some minutes drive from Frinton beach. We assure you will have a pleasant stay. 

Beaches Near London For Families

Ramsgate Beach

If you’re looking for a beach where you can have a fun time with your family. Ramsgate is famous mainly because it is one of the closest sandy beaches to London. The beach also boasts picturesque chalk cliffs, a marina, and a harbor, so there are plenty of attractions here. 

You can enjoy the swathes of sand, build a castle, and sunbathe and there are also a few rides for children. Furthermore, there are restaurants and cafés nearby where you can enjoy some nice English fares and other delicious cuisines. 

If you’re looking to explore the city of Canterbury, check out Ramsgate Royal Temple Yacht Club because of its location and superb facilities. It is a few minutes from the beach and the city center with a beautiful sea view. There are many attractions like the Canterbury cathedral and North Foreland Golf Club close to the hotel. 

Minnis Bay, Birchington, Kent

Minnis Bay is a good spot for watersports and one of the sandy beaches near to London. Whether you’re interested in windsurfing, or a more sedate sailing session, Minnis Bay will give you the time of your life.

Aside from being a beach for sport, the beach is a family favorite because it offers a play area for children and a paddling pool perfect for discovering other marine life. There is also a restaurant with a bar and fantastic sea views to keep you relaxed after a fun time on the beach. 

After a fun time, you can spend the night at the Bay Lodgewhich is on the beach. It has all the necessary facilities and offers an incredible experience while away from home.

Three Shells Beach, Essex

This enigmatic beach is located in the small town of Southend-on-Sea. This is another sandy beach near London that is ideal for families with children. The beach boasts many nearby facilities, including the Three Shells Café, whose outdoor seating overlooks the beach. There is Life Aquarium and Adventure land where your family can have a good time. 

There are also lifeguards on the ground, so you have nothing to worry about. However, if you plan to visit, you should be aware that the tide doesn’t come in till around midday, so you should time your trip accordingly. Although, there are many attractions to keep you entertained until the wave comes. 

As this is quite a drive from London, you may want to consider spending at least a night in Southend-on-sea. There are numerous apartments to choose from, but we recommend Seven Hotela luxury hotel for families that offers beachfront accommodation.

There is also an à la carte breakfast to enjoy in the morning. If you plan on spending some days exploring Southend-on-Sea, there are other points of interest like Southend Pier and Kursaai. 


Best Island Beaches Near To London

Osea Island, Essex

Are you in search of a beach where you can be by yourself? Treat yourself to a weekend getaway on Osea Island. The beach is tranquil, and you’ll most likely have the shingles to yourself. 

This private Island is lapped by the Blackwater Estuary and has four and a half miles of secluded coastline. This is one of the closest beaches to London for a weekend getaway. 

There are choices of accommodation to stay in, but you can look at Mayland Motel for its proximity to the Island and affordability. 

Mersea Island, Essex


If you’re looking for a magical retreat, Mersea Island is the perfect place for you. Mersea Island is a must-visit if you are a lover of seafood; the Island is known for its mouth-watering seafood. 

The beautiful Island has some tropical feel, amplified by the pastel-colored beach huts along the coast. Mersea Island place is the ideal place to relax and have a quiet time in the sun. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy seafood and a bar to relax after a dip in the water. 

However, the Island is only accessible for part of the day. Therefore, you need to make it back to the mainland before the tide comes in the sunset. 

If you’re looking for an entirely fabulous experience while visiting Mersea Island, you can stay at Greyfriarsa bed and breakfast right in the center of town. It also features a garden with beautiful historic architecture.

Priory Bay, Isle of Wight

If you’re willing to travel a little bit further, the beach at Priory Pay is an amazing reward for a ferry trip to the Isle of Wight. The beach is incredibly peaceful and has a beautiful feeling of exclusivity to it. It is surrounded by woodland with very clear water. 

This is one of the sandy beaches near London popular for sunbathing and swimming. The beach faces the East, which means it has a beautiful sunrise in the morning. The beach has golden sand with some rocks scattered towards the shore. 

However, make sure you bring along your beach essentials and any refreshment you need as there are no facilities. Check our beach packing checklist to help remember the basics.

Given that this beach is a little further, you may want to spend a night or more in Priory Bay. Since this is a hidden gem, there aren’t any hotels on the beach, but you can stay at The Birdham at Bembridge. This bread and breakfast hotel is just a few minutes from the beach. The hotel also offers many attractions like bike hire and a shared lounge, and the area is also famous for horse riding. You are definitely going to have a comfortable and pleasant experience. 

Other Popular Beaches Near To London

Hastings Beach, West Sussex


If you want something kind of different from the usual, you can head to West Sussex to experience Hastings beach. The beach has beautiful pebble and sand sections, which make it different.

Although Hasting doesn’t have the same beach reputation as Kent, it was revamped recently and is making big waves. It is a nice spot for families with older kids, especially because of the new, ultra-swish underground BMX skate park, one of the world’s largest. You can also have a great time swimming, surfing or just sitting by the sea. 

The beautiful Hastings town is also home to the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in Europe, the remains of the first castle in England, and a preserved Old town you would love to see. You can stay at Town House Rooms, an affordable beachfront hotel in the city center. It features various facilities which will make your stay comfortable. 

Felixstowe Beach, Suffolk

Felixstowe is a family-friendly beach with a lot to do with or without the family. It is a sand and shingle beach famous for shelling, so there will be some gorgeous souvenirs. We are sure you’re definitely leaving with a few stashed in your pocket. 

The beach is lovely and calm with very clear water. So, it is one of the London beaches where you can swim. 

Suffolk is a little further, so you may need to make it a day trip. The Felixstowe beach Holiday Park is almost always fully booked, but you can stay at Best Western Brook Hotel because of its affordability and location. The hotel is located near the town center and the beach.

If you want to explore Suffolk countryside and the neighboring towns of Woodbridge, Dedham, Flatford, and Essex villages, Best western is the ideal place. This hotel offers incredible facilities and services, including a restaurant, a lounge, and a patio area. Some rooms feature a spa bath and a separate walk-in shower. You will have a wonderful time away from home.

Clacton Beach, Clacton-on-Sea

Clacton-on-Sea boasts of one of the best beaches near London. The beach is on the Essex coast and gives classic British holiday vibes. So, if you’re looking to spend a few days away from home on vacation, Clacton-on-Sea is the perfect place. 

You can build sandcastles on the beach because it is a sandy beach. The beach also boasts other attractions; you can stroll along the marine Parade or visit the Clacton Pier for arcade amusements and adventure golf. There are charming huts on the beach. It is a must-visit for any beach lover. 

Given that Clacton-on-Sea has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure makes it a good holiday spot. You can stay at The Chudleighan affordable bread and breakfast guest house near the beach and the town center. The hotel has a unique architecture and offers excellent service. 

Enjoying The Best Beaches Near London

These are some of the nearest beaches from London where you can have a sunny day trip while enjoying the waves. Just Southend-on-Sea has around 8 beaches for you to choose from.

There are a variety of beaches near London. From hidden gems to the more famous beaches close to London, these are some of the favorites among locals and tourists. Whatever you need, whether it is a quiet and relaxing day by the seaside or an activity-filled adventure with plenty of waves to surf, there are certainly options for you.



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