21 Interesting And Fun Facts About Venezuela

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Venezuela is one of the most beautiful nature-blessed countries in the world, situated on the northern coast of South America. You are probably aware of some common facts about Venezuela, such as it being a Spanish-speaking country that was colonized by the Spanish.

Common Facts About Venezuela

Venezuela is affectionately called the”Land of Grace”, and has an approximate population of about 30 million people. It is well known for its catchy climate and natural beauty ranging from the Amazon rainforest to high mountain peaks.

The fascinating country features amazing culture, delectable Venezuelan food, and exceptional beaches. It can certainly make a case as one of the most beautiful destinations that will steal your heart completely. Despite the difficulty in traveling there in recent years, Venezuela is known for many things worth exploring.

There are also numerous interesting and fun Venezuela facts that will offer you an insight on the country.

Historical Facts on Venezuela

A Department Of The Federal Republic Of Gran Colombia

Venezuela was formerly a department of the federal republic of Gran Colombia. It was the first Spanish-American colony to declare independence in 1811.

In 1830 it became a country after gaining full independence. Since then, it had “Venezuela” in its name despite several changes.

The country has been called many names from Estado de Venezuela to Republica de Venezuela; up until it gained its current official name as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Venezuela Is Over 10,000 Years

There has been evidence of human habitation in the area from 15,000 years ago. An interesting fact about Venezuela right?

Historical antiques of leaf-shaped tools with chopping and plano-convex scraping implements from that era have been found in Western Venezuela. They were discovered in the riverine terraces of Rio Pedregal.

Venezuela Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is the first European to ever set foot in the area we all know as Venezuela now. It happened in 1498 on Columbus’ third trip to South America. This was before the Spanish started the colonization of Venezuela in 1521.

One interesting Venezuelan fact is that it took about 289 years before the country fully gain its independence from the Spanish in 1810.

Centro Financiero Confinanzas (Tower Of David)

One interesting fact about Venezuela is that it has a building called the Tower of David. This is still an uncompleted structure despite being the third-highest skyscraper in Venezuela.

The construction started in 1990 but due to the Venezuelan banking crisis in 1994, the construction was stopped. And it has remained like that to date.

However, due to the housing shortage in Caracas (the capital of Venezuela), many are still living in the “Tower of David” in its current condition.

Casa Amarilla De Caracas (Yellow House)

Casa Amarilla De Caracas is a neoclassical building located in Plaza Bolivar, Caracas. It’s a historic structure that first served as the headquarters of the royal jail of Caracas. It was later reformed, then it became the government palace and the residence of the presidents.

Since 1912, it has been serving as the headquarters of the ministry of foreign affairs. In February of 1979, it was designated as a National Historic Monument.

Facts About Venezuela For Tourists

Tallest Waterfall In The World


One of the most attractive facts about Venezuela is that it boasts the tallest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls is 3212ft (979m) tall, and locals call it El Salto Angel.

It was discovered in 1937 by Jimmy angel an American pilot who was searching for gold in the area. An interesting fact about Venezuela’s proud Angel Falls is that it is 10 times taller than the famous Niagara Falls.

Tabletop Mountains Aplenty

One exciting fact about Venezuela for nature lovers is that there are many tabletop mountains. Pico Bolivar is the highest peak in Venezuela. It is about 16332ft above sea level. That is about 4978m high.

It’s a significant landmark in Venezuela as it is named after the Venezuelan independence hero Simon Bolivar. This summit is only accessible via hiking. A cable car could only get you to a close point from where you can conveniently hike to the summit.

Most Lightning Place In The World


An interesting fact about Venezuela is that it is home to a place with the highest concentration of lightning on earth. Maracaibo Lake is dubbed as the lighthouse of Venezuela and indeed the lightning capital of the world. If you are a lightning storm lover then this is the place to be.

Beautiful Venezuelan Beaches


With its exposure to the coast, Venezuela has some great beaches to offer both locals and travelers.

Madrisqui Beach, located in Isla El Gran Roque, is one of the finest beaches in Venezuela. It has soft white sand, you could almost mistake them for sugar. The waters are not too aggressive making them kids friendly, which makes it a perfect spot for a family vacation.

With great views, bars, and eateries around, you can easily spend the whole day there and not feel homesick at all.

Contemporary Art Museum

This is a must-visit museum in Venezuela. It’s a modern art museum located in Caracas. Founded in 1973, the museum has collected over 5,000 pieces and some are highly notable works of artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Claude Monet. It looks destined to be one of the best museums in Latin America.

Inspiration For The Lost World


In line with the Venezuela fact of having many mountains, mount Roraima in Venezuela is a unique structure.  It’s a tepui mountain, a flat-topped sandstone mountain. It is suggested that this mountain inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World”.

Cultural Fun Facts On Venezuela

Venezuela Is A Multicultural Country


Venezuela has Spanish as its official language. But there are other recognized languages in Venezuela. Beyond Spanish, English, and Italian Venezuela have other 26 recognized languages.

Another impressive Venezuelan fact is its ethnic inclusion. The ethnic group in Venezuela has over 50% Moreno (mixed indigenous, white, and black).

Venezuelans Love Their Arepas


Arepas are a staple food in Venezuela and often seen as the country’s national dish. These delicious cornmeal cakes are enjoyed throughout the day as a satisfying snack or even a full meal. It is also a popular option if you want a filling breakfast in Venezuela.

Arepas are typically filled with a variety of savory ingredients, such as shredded beef, black beans, and cheese. But if you are making it yourself, you can easily customize it accordingly. Similarly, yhey can be grilled, fried, or baked, depending on preference.

Venezuelans have a deep love for their arepas, which are not only a source of sustenance but also a cultural symbol. Trying an arepa is a must-do experience in Venezuela.

Highly Festive And Musical


One fun fact about Venezuela is that it is highly festive and musical. It has some cultural elements similar to that of Ecuador. Countries in South America are known for their musical culture and flair for dance. 

Ecuador’s festive celebrations are popular for their procession ceremonies and large crowds. The same can be said about Venezuela. There is a festival for every season and there‚Äôs always a reason to celebrate.

Carnival In Venezuela

This beautiful festival comes up in February yearly.  It’s a 2-day celebration that happens exactly 40 days before Easter. It’s a time of water wonder. Youths in rural areas all over the country engage in a water fight, it’s common to see people soaked during this carnival week.

This carnival is no different from others as it is celebrated with family, dance balloons, a parade, costumes, and not forget lots of music.

Ready To Skate


Many counties and cities have different Christmas traditions but it’s unique in Venezuela. One Venezuela interesting fact is that on Christmas, you don’t find cars on the road. Citizens are encouraged to skate to mass. You get to exercise and have fun without the fear of getting hit by a car. Could there be a better way to start your Christmas celebration?

Oil Big Country


It’s not so pronounced due to the poverty rate of the country. But one fact about Venezuela is, it is a country with a massive oil reserve.

It is suggested to house about 15% of all the oil reserves globally, surpassed only by a few countries such as Saudi Arabia. They are also involved in the exportation of agricultural products such as Cocoa. 

Other Interesting Facts About Venezuela

Venezuelan Roads

The country is said to have some of the most dangerous roads in the world. That’s a scary fact about Venezuela for travelers. However, despite its road ranking 7th on the world’s list of dangerous roads and 1st in South America, it still houses some amazing landmarks you can’t turn a blind eye to.

Home Of The Largest Rodent In The World


The world has different species of rodents both big and small. The capybara has been identified as the world’s biggest rodent.

An interesting Venezuela fact is that it is home to these amazing creatures. They have gentle behavior and can even be domesticated, you have nothing to worry about.

Beauty Runs In The Vein


A popular fact about Venezuela is that they have really pretty ladies. You read right, it’s a Venezuelan fact that almost everyone should know. This South American country is known for grooming beauty queens.

Venezuela has won more international beauty pageant titles than any other country. They have produced 7 Miss Universe champions, and 5 Miss World winners, and counting

The Helix (El Helicoide)

This is another incomplete major building in Caracas. With the poor economic and political situation, unfinished buildings are seemingly a fact of Venezuela’s life.

The helix was thought of in 1950. It was projected to be major shopping mall housing a whopping 300 boutique shops. Moving from the original plan, the helix building became a homeless shelter, prison, police headquarters, and later a torture house.

Venezuela a Megadiverse Country


One amazing Venezuela fact you probably didn’t know is that it is a megadiverse country. We have only about 17 megadiverse countries in the world and Venezuela is one of them. Megadiverse countries are places with extremely high biodiversity identified by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Venezuela

Venezuela is still a largely undiscovered tourist destination due to difficulties in traveling there in recent yet. Yet, with its stunning beaches and lush rainforest, there’s no shortage of natural beauty to be found in Venezuela.

Nonetheless, there are many fascinating facts about Venezuela. From its long history and culture to its massive oil reserve, there’s always something new to learn about this beautiful South American country.



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