7 Traditional Venezuelan Breakfast Food In Venezuela To Try

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Venezuelan food has a long and elaborate history, tracing back many hundreds of years. Over the centuries, different cultures have helped shape the foods and dishes that are now an integral part of the traditional cuisine of Venezuela. These include the popular and much-loved Venezuelan breakfast options.

You can find Spanish, African, and Portuguese influence, just to name a few. And when traveling or exploring the country or its cuisine, you will no doubt fall in love with many of the foods and dishes that remain an important part of the traditions in Venezuela.

What Makes Venezuelan Breakfast So Special?

Venezuelan breakfast is a rich tapestry of culture, flavor, and tradition. When traveling across this beautiful country, you will see a wide variety of ingredients, but the most commonly used foods are corn flour, plantains, and rice.

An amazing thing about breakfast in Venezuela is the versatile use of these simple ingredients. Locals thrive on them to make a variety of different foods that will both amaze you and your taste buds.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular traditional Venezuelan breakfast foods you should try!

The Most Popular Venezuelan Breakfasts

Arepa (Traditional Cornbread Pancakes)


Arepa, also known as traditional cornbread, is usually made from either ground corn dough or pre-cooked corn flour. It’s popular in many parts of Latin America and has always been a favorite choice of Venezuelan breakfast. People in Venezuela eat arepa any time of day, all over the country, regardless of their income status.

Arepa is also a perfect way to start your day! They’re usually filled with a bunch of different toppings, from beans and cheese to avocado and beef and onion. 

There is a good reason why it’s one of the things Venezuela is famous for. You can get really creative with it or keep it simple with the stuffing. They are super versatile. 

Arepas are usually served with a nice cup of coffee, and the sweet variations also make for lovely Venezuelan desserts.

Cachapa (Venezuelan Breakfast Wrap)


Cachapas are a type of corn flour dish originating in Venezuela. Similar to arepas, these are commonly sold as a more fast food style Venezuelan breakfast. As such, you can find them on the streets as well.

Cachapas can be made in the form of pancakes made with fresh corn dough. They can even be wrapped in dried corn leaves and cooked as pancakes with a variety of fillings, from cheese to beans to meat.

The most common types of cachapas are made by mixing fresh ground corn with a thick batter. 

Corn was cultivated by the indigenous peoples who lived in the Miranda region of north-central Venezuela and considered it to be of divine origin. Thus, it has remained a key component of breakfast in Venezuela.

Meat-Based Foods For Breakfast In Venezuela

Ropa Vieja (Slow Cooked Meat And Peppers)


While not the most obvious choice of Venezuelan breakfast, Ropa Vieja is popular across the country at any time of the day. Because this dish is usually prepared in large quantities and cooked for the entire day, there are almost always leftovers to be enjoyed with other popular foods in the morning, like arepa and cachapa.

The meat is cooked with tomatoes and peppers on low heat so that it gently simmers for many hours during the day.

Around the 1850s, it’s thought that Ropa Vieja was introduced to Venezuela and other Latin American countries from the cuisine of the Canary Islands. It now remains an integral part of Venezuelan cuisine and a hearty choice of breakfast in Venezuela.

Longaniza (Traditional Venezuelan Sausage)


This is a traditional Venezuelan breakfast sausage that is enjoyed across the country. Many different types of sides are served with Longaniza, like cheese, rice, and beans.

Longanisa is a type of pork sausage that originated in Spain many centuries ago. It is usually cured, smoked, and cooked well because of the pork. 

If you’re a meat lover, this sweet and spicy sausage is both integral to Venezuelan cuisine and wonderfully delicious. They’re also the prized joy of Venezuelan street food!

Vegetarian Breakfast In Venezuela

Perico Venezolano (Venezuelan Scrambled Eggs)


Perico is an egg dish that’s popular in Latin American countries and has been a much-loved breakfast in Venezuela for a long time. It’s made with eggs, butter, tomatoes, onion, and other ingredients. In Venezuela, it’s usually topped with coriander and other spices like annatto and ground peppers.

This dish is derived from the word meaning parrot, because of the various shades of this Venezuelan breakfast.

There are many reasons to love this dish! The ingredients are readily available year-round. It doesn’t take a lot of cooking experience to make this dish. It’s also easy to pair with a variety of dishes, including beans, bacon, and arepas.

Mandoca (Deep-Fried Venezuelan Breakfast Pastry)

Mandoca is one of the oldest and most traditional dishes in Venezuela. It originated in the state of Zulia and continues to be a staple of Venezuelan breakfast and cuisine. This traditional breakfast in Venezuela is best served fresh and still warm with a cup of coffee or tea.

The mandoca is made by rolling the dough in cornmeal, adding plantains and refined sugar, then water, and topping it with white cheese. Then the magic happens when these Venezuelan snacks are deep-fried in oil until perfectly crispy and golden.

Drinks For Breakfast In Venezuela

Horchata (Sweet Rice Milk)


Horchata, Spanish for “sweet rice milk,” is a beverage composed of rice and milk, vanilla, and cinnamon – and is a highly popular choice for breakfast in Venezuela.

Originally from North Africa, Horchata is believed to have been introduced to Europe around the 11th century. It spread to Spain, Portugal, and eventually Venezuela. 

Horchata is often one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in many different countries, including Venezuela. You make it with a variety of grains – rice is the most popular, but you can also use wheat or barley.

The Beautiful Diversity In Venezuelan Breakfast 

When it comes to Venezuela, it’s safe to say that food lies at the heart of tradition in this country. 

From sweet and savory Arepas to the comforting aroma of Ropa Vieja, the diverse and vibrant Venezuelan cuisine reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage and the love and passion its people have for food. 

Family, connection, and community are highly valued by the people, and much of its food is centered around sharing and the gathering of family. That community and family bonding is one of the special facts about Venezuela.

If you’re looking to explore the culinary world of Venezuelan breakfast, you’ve made the right choice!



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