10 Best Venezuelan Snacks And Street Food In Venezuela To Try

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Have you ever wondered what makes Venezuelan snacks and street food such a big part of the food scene in the Latin American county? Let’s delve into the rich tapestry of flavors and explore the culinary influences that have shaped Venezuelan cuisine into the art form that it is today.

What Makes Venezuelan Snacks Special?

Venezuelan snacks are a fusion of diverse cultural influences. From indigenous traditions to Spanish colonization and the contributions of immigrants from Italy, Portugal, and the Middle East, Venezuelan cuisine reflects a melting pot of flavors and traditions.

What sets Venezuelan street food apart is the meticulous attention to detail and the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients. The vibrant spices, fragrant herbs, and delicious sauces elevate the taste experience and showcase the richness of food in Venezuela.

Let’s dive into the heritage, traditions, and mouthwatering delights that make the world of Venezuelan food truly extraordinary, with some of the best snacks and street food in Venezuela.

Meat-Based Venezuelan Snacks And Street Food



Empanadas, a popular Venezuelan street food, reflects the influence of Spanish cuisine in the region. In Venezuela, these savory delights are crafted with corn dough instead of the traditional flour dough used in other countries. 

The versatility of empanadas is on full display through the wide range of fillings available, from cheese to flavorful shredded meat and even fish. These delightful pockets of goodness have become a beloved staple in Venezuelan cuisine, sold by street vendors across the country.

Venezuelan empanadas are not limited to a specific mealtime either: they can be enjoyed at any time of the day! While some may choose to savor them for breakfast, they are commonly consumed during lunch or as a satisfying snack on the go. With their crunchy corn exterior and flavorful fillings, empanadas offer a fulfilling and delicious meal on their own.



Hallaca are highly cherished Venezuelan snacks and are a culinary delight very similar to tamales. This festive dish holds a special place in local culture, particularly during Christmas celebrations, where it is lovingly prepared in large quantities to be shared among family and friends. The essence of hallaca lies in its rich and flavorful ingredients, making it a true holiday treat.

The preparation of hallaca involves a tantalizing combination of beef, chicken, or pork infused with the essence of olives and capers, all contained within a bed of corn dough. 

During Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve nights, hallacas take center stage, accompanied by delicious side dishes. Originating from the colonial era, its popularity spread throughout the Spanish Empire, reaching as far south as Argentina. 

Today, these tantalizing Venezuelan snacks continue to captivate taste buds with their unique blend of history, tradition, and extraordinary flavors.



Pasticho reigns supreme as a beloved snack and Venezuelan street food, adding its unique local flair to the classic Italian favorite, lasagna. This mouthwatering dish has captured the hearts and palates of people, showcasing their culinary creativity.

The traditional recipe features two luscious sauces that elevate the dish to new heights: A velvety bechamel sauce blankets the pasta, intertwining with a meat sauce seasoned with soy and Worcestershire sauce, imparting a distinct Venezuelan touch. 

Ham and cheese, often used in Venezuelan snacks, further enhance the layers, contributing to the delightful medley of textures and tastes.

Derived from the Mediterranean, where a similar dish known as pastitsio – pasticho has embraced Venezuela as its culinary home. This Venezuelan version is still very much the same, incorporating local flavors and preferences, resulting in a decadent and unforgettable culinary experience.

Arepa Frita


One of the most irresistible Venezuelan snacks is the arepa frita. This variation, cherished across the country and particularly in the Zulia region, starts with a traditional grilling before being dipped in batter and immersed in sizzling oil until it obtains a delectable golden-brown hue. 

The resulting arepa frita is often generously filled with cabbage, soft cheese, an array of different meats, and sauces, all coming together to form a harmonious medley of flavors.

While commonly enjoyed as a stuffed treat, the Venezuelan arepas can also stand alone as a quick and satisfying snack. Originating from pre-Columbian times in the regions now known as Panama, Colombia, and of course, Venezuela – the arepa holds a rich cultural significance. 

Archaeological sites have uncovered ancient instruments used to grind the flour for arepas, as well as clay slabs on which they were cooked, further highlighting their historical roots.

Pan De Jamón


Pan de jamón is one of the best examples of Venezuelan snacks and holds a special place on Christmas tables throughout the country. Originating from Caracas and now enjoyed nationwide, this savory-sweet bread is part of a delightful holiday tradition.

The unique combination of raisins, ham, and olives is wrapped in a soft, fluffy dough and baked to perfection, creating a tantalizing combination of flavors. While the traditional recipe features olives and ham, there are many different local variations that you can find across the country.

This savory rolled bread has become a symbol of family and festive joy during the December holiday season and, thus, is one of the most cherished traditional Venezuelan snacks you can find.

The Best Vegetarian Venezuelan Snacks And Street Food

Buñuelos De Yuca


Among the treasures of Venezuelan snacks, the renowned buñuelos fritters take on a unique twist because they are prepared with blended or finely grated cassava, sugar, eggs, and other basic items. You can even add cheese or other ingredients to give it a personal touch. 

While the origins of the plain buñuelos trace back to Spain, this cassava variation has become a popular choice of traditional Venezuelan desserts savored across many Latin American countries.

Served as a warm delectable treat, these buñuelos are bathed in a luscious syrup infused with the aromatic spices of cinnamon, cloves, and anise, which give it an irresistible sweetness.



Mandoca, a popular Venezuelan street food and traditional snack, traces its roots back to the vibrant region of Zulia. This mouthwatering delicacy features elongated rings crafted from a delightful blend of cornmeal, ripe plantains, and other basic ingredients. The dough is skillfully prepared and then fried to perfection in bubbling hot oil, resulting in a tantalizing golden-brown color.

Traditionally enjoyed as a hot breakfast option, mandocas are often served with a side of cheese, butter, and a steaming cup of coffee. 

These Venezuelan delights, alongside other iconic street food treasures like arepas and empanadas, showcase the rich tapestry of Venezuelan snacks and street food. With their diverse textures and irresistible fillings, these treats have become a beloved part of Venezuelan culinary culture.



Venezuelan street food is a treasure trove of diverse flavors, and one must-try snack is cachapa. Also known as a pancake or flatbread, depending on the country, cachapa is a corn-based dish that is beyond phenomenal. 

Made from fresh corn kernels and cooked on a budare, a South American flat griddle, cachapa has been enjoyed since pre-Columbian times. These delightful corn pancakes have a rich history, originating in ancient times when indigenous communities would grind corn with stones and cook it over fireplaces. 

The tradition of cachapas has endured over centuries and continues to captivate palates with its irresistible flavors. Exploring the tasty treats that  Venezuela is so famous for would be incomplete without savoring the taste of a freshly made cachapa.


Tequenos, one of the most beloved choices of Venezuelan street food, is a crispy delight that cheese enthusiasts will love. These cheese-filled treats are made by wrapping empanada dough around a stick of cheese, then frying them to golden perfection. 

It is said that tequenos originated in Los Teques, a city in Venezuela’s Miranda state, and have become a popular choice as snacks, side dishes, or breakfast foods in Venezuela.

While tequenos have their roots in Venezuela, their popularity has spread throughout Latin America. In Peru, for example, they are enjoyed as appetizers or afternoon snacks, with some variations incorporating ham, soft cheese, and other wonderful fillings.

The combination of crunchy breading and gooey cheese makes Venezuelan tequenos an irresistible treat. They are often served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as Venezuelan-style guacamole. 

The salty, chewy cheese inside the crispy exterior creates a satisfying contrast of textures and flavors that keeps people coming back for more.



Golfeados are one of the most memorable and delicious choices of Venezuelan street food, and they offer a delightful twist on traditional pastries. 

These delectable treats are crafted using a mouthwatering combination of milk, flour, butter, grated cheese, and other basic ingredients. Infused with the flavors of cinnamon, anise, and vanilla, golfeados are one of the best on-the-go snacks you can find!

During the baking process, these Venezuelan snacks develop a golden crust that encases a soft and cheesy interior. To enhance their sweetness, golfeados are glazed with a simple syrup made from panela, adding a luscious touch to each bite.

Enjoyed alongside a steaming cup of coffee, golfeados make for a delightful breakfast or a satisfying afternoon snack. Their unique combination of flavors and textures creates a phenomenal result that is simply delightful.

The Wonderful Variety of Venezuelan Street Food

Exploring the vibrant world of Venezuelan snacks is a culinary adventure like no other. From the mouthwatering arepas and tequenos to the delectable pan de jamón and golfeados, the rich flavors and diverse ingredients showcase the country’s unique world of food.

And if you have a sweet tooth, there are many desserts in Venezuela that are enjoyed as snacks and can be found just around the corner of the streets. It is one of the most exciting aspects of Venezuela for travelers and foodies!

Once you discover the wonderful variety of Venezuelan street food, your taste buds will be captivated by the irresistible charm of this delicious cuisine.



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