Planning for FIRE (Financial Independence) as a Digital Nomad – Eric Richard

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Travel is often considered a luxury spending when trying to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). However, when combined with slow travel and digital nomad lifestyle, travel could be beneficial towards the financials depending on where and how you travel. 

Eric from Nomad on FIRE shares how his journey to FIRE changed when he moved from a traditional work life to digital nomadism, and back to office life with the pandemic. We talk about things to think about when incorporating long term finance planning into a travel lifestyle, the importance of personal finance, as well as travel hacks to stretch your budget. 

  • 06:27: The concept of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)
  • 10:00: Different types of FIRE
  • 12:55: Can you mix travel with achieving FIRE
  • 20:00: Experimenting with the digital nomad lifestyle
  • 25:24: Going back to regular work life and the differences
  • 29:34: Planning for different future scenarios
  • 34:08: FIRE as a guiding framework
  • 43:50: Tips and challenges from other Nomads on FIRE
  • 49:25: Real estate and growth of nomad hubs
  • 58:22: Traveling to different places for experiences before deciding
  • 1:01:52: Advice for aspiring digital nomads




Book Your Flight

I usually use a combination of 2-3 of the following search engines to find cheap flights: Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights

Find Your Accommodation is my usual platform for finding accommodation options as they have one of the largest selections. Hostelworld is great for booking hostels. For more private or long term accommodation, Airbnb is my go-to platform.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important for to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances. I usually look at a few insurance companies depending on my travel needs.
  • SafetyWings for Travel Health Insurance
  • IMG Global for added Insurance when doing activities outside of usual coverage
Packing for your trip? Check out the packing list for ideas on what to bring

For more travel resources, check out my resources page for best platforms and companies to use when you travel.

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