30 Famous New York Landmarks To Visit

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New York Landmarks are iconic pieces of the city. They all converge together to offer visitors the opportunity to immerse in rich history and culture. Whether that is the towering skyscrapers or famous bridges, the Big Apple is an unforgettable experience.

With all the famous places in New York, it is guaranteed that you won’t be bored. In this article, we will take a look at 30 timeless places that you should visit.

Each landmark in New York will give you a glimpse as to where you should allocate time during your stay. So get ready to scroll, because we have fun places to think about prior to your vacation to the city!

Most Famous Landmark In New York

9/11 Memorial

One of the most famous New York landmarks is the 9/11 Memorial. Here, you will have an opportunity to show your respect for a tragic day in American history. This landmark was the former sight of the two World Trade Center towers prior to their collapse.

If you visit, you will be mesmerized by the design of the memorial itself. It contains two large pools with cascading waterfalls. Thus, it creates a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere to reflect on those who lost their lives.

Adding this landmark to your itinerary is a must. You can visit the location at Ground Zero right off Greenwich Street on the south side of Manhattan.

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Historical Sites In New York


Ellis Island

The ultimate historical place in New York is Ellis Island, without a doubt. This site used to serve as a small island to welcome immigrants into the country. Therefore it has a wealth of exhibitions to learn about its historical impact on the United States.

Within the island, you can peruse the museum and learn about millions of diverse immigrants that entered the country. For access, you must enter through Liberty State Park in Jersey City. From there, you can purchase ferry tickets to ride on over.

One of the unmissable highlights of a trip to Ellis Island is, of course, seeing an iconic United States Monument – the Statue of Liberty.

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Famous New York Landmarks – Squares and Avenues


Wall Street

If you happen to be remotely into finance, then Wall Street is an adventure that can’t be missed. As one of the economically important New York City landmarks, it is the ultimate hub for America’s banking, investment, and finance industry.

Here you will also find one of the classic New York monuments and statues – The famous charging bull. Many visitors come to take a photo with it and touch its horns and testicles for wealth and fortune.

The district also includes many cool locations such as the stock exchange, fearless girl sculpture, and more. When you walk up and down Wall Street, you will truly be able to breathe in the air of capitalism. As it seems to glide through the persona of many individuals that work in the area.

For a better understanding of how this street has had a global influence, visit it and just take some time to have a coffee while people-watching.

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Another area to check out during your stay is SoHo. Soho is a New York landmark known for all of the latest artsy and trendy things. The area contains an eclectic mix of boutiques, worthwhile restaurants, and building structures.

So, it’s definitely the epitome of sophistication and style. If this is the environment you are seeking, then take a trek to the neighborhood during your stay. You will find it in Lower Manhattan, next to Little Italy.

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Times Square

A place to remember, Times Square has to be on your list to visit while in the city. This landmark in New York is known all over the world. It serves as a location for the NYE party, with many entertainment options, and tons of people.

Times Square will be an unforgettable experience. With large TV screens, shops, and dining options everywhere it will leave you in awe. So, hop on the subway and enjoy Times Square which is centered in Midtown Manhattan.

This is where you can feel the heartbeat of the city; its never gets quiet and certainly one of the things New York is known for.

Fifth Avenue

For a lifetime shopping experience, then Fifth Avenue is your destination. Spanning almost the entire length of Manhattan, this famous place in New York is a place for luxury. You might even know it as the original home of the ‘Saks Fifth Avenue store.

Whether you window shop or drop a lot of money, Fifth Avenue offers you a chance to do so. Mostly concentrated in Lower Manhattan, the shops are accessible to all. Who knows, if you are a shopping savant, you might be able to make a day out of it!

Little Italy

Similar to Chinatown, the Big Apple also offers an opportunity to experience another culture. With little Italy being one of the standout NYC landmarks, you are guaranteed to submerge in a unique experience. This cultural endeavor will allow you to experience all things Italy, without crossing the sea.

From amazing espressos to fine dining and Italian shops, Little Italy is steep with heritage. You can experience the authentic cobblestone streets as you soak in the vibrant community. The neighborhood is located right next to SoHo, so you can make a day out of both locations!

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Famous Buildings In New York


Empire State Building

Aside from the World Trade Center, one of the more famous buildings in New York is the Empire State building. This building has been around for decades and is a symbol of the city. It contains over 85 floors of commercial office space.

But, it is largely known for the 86th floor. This floor offers tourists an observatory deck to snap cool photos of the city. Needless to say, this landmark in New York is a must-add to your list outside Koreatown.

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Rockefeller Center

In the Diamond District, you will find the Rockefeller Center. A famous place in New York, this building is a popular attraction for tourists. It is home to a number of entertaining attractions to participate in.

For example, you can skate on the ice rink, visit the observation deck, or even people-watch. Regardless of what you choose, you will be able to enjoy the positive vibes of the area. It is one of the best things to do in New York for a magical experience.


One World Trade Center

Right next to the 9/11 Memorial is the One World Trade Center. This building was reconstructed in honor of the twin towers that fell on a tragic day. Despite this, the new and improved building is in immaculate condition.

It boasts a shiny 1,776 feet from top to bottom. Like many tall buildings in New York, you can take an elevator to the observation deck for breathtaking views. The experience is great for people of all ages and also a really meaningful visit alongside the Memorial.

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Flatiron Building

One of the most visually distinctive New York landmarks right off Fifth Avenue is the Flatiron Building. This triangular masterpiece has been standing for nearly 100 years. It will definitely be one of the more unique buildings you see in the city.

Oftentimes, the building reminds visitors of a cast-iron clothes iron based on its shape. So, it can be a great place for your next photo if you need something to commemorate your trip. You will find many postcards featuring this iconic landmark as well.

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Chrysler Building

Formerly the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Chrysler building is another famous building in New York. It is known as an art deco structure because of its quaint spires at the top. If you decide to visit this antiquated place, you will be able to appreciate the stunning design.

You will find the Chrysler Building on the East side of Midtown Manhattan. It is right down from a Grand Central Terminal drop-off. So, it is easily accessible via the subway.

Radio City Music Hall

Some might know Radio City Music Hall for hosting famous football events like the NFL Draft or The Heisman. What is also fascinating about this New York landmark is that it is a premier entertainment center. Aside from sports events, it hosts many concerts that range from pop and jazz to rock and opera.

The music hall is also an amazing opportunity for you and some friends to have a classic night out. You can even follow up on an event here by visiting the Rockefeller Center, right down the road. So hop on their website, search for an event, and buy tickets for a great evening.

The Oculus

A vastly different subway station than Grand Central, The Oculus is one of contemporary design. This unique hub is filled with travel opportunities to and from the city. Aside from that, it is a breathtaking experience of what modern art entails.

The picture-perfect white steel curves and broad interior give it futuristic vibes. If you don’t end up at The Oculus via the subway, then you need to manage a trip down there. It is simply just worth checking out. There are plenty of vantage points to become inspired by this minimalistic design.


New York Stock Exchange

A key part to America and NYC is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NYSE is a famous landmark in New York City that is home to the financial markets. You will be able to find it right in the center of the Financial District, also known as ‘FiDi’.

Home to over $30 trillion worth of capital, the NYSE has been a must-see since 1792. Inside you can see many different eclectic components. For example, visitors can oversee the busy trading floor, marble entrance, and bronze statues that traverse the grounds.

It is definitely a marquee attraction for anyone interested in finance and economics alike. So, consider adding it to your list of things to do! 

Famous New York Landmarks – Museums and Galleries


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For an indoor experience, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a popular option amongst tourists. This Museum is home to thousands of pieces of art from all over the world. You might recognize names like Claud Monet, Van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

It contains mostly classic artwork, so just keep that in mind as you peruse through the gallery. Regardless, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an awesome opportunity for art aficionados and families.

The tickets start at $30 for adults, $22 for seniors, and $17 for students if you are interested in visiting.

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American Museum of Natural History

Perhaps you might be seeking a historical adventure, if so, check out the American Museum of Natural History. This is one of our favorite museums in the world.

Here you can maneuver through exhibits related to planetariums, ancient dinosaurs, and more. This New York landmark definitely has a vast collection of space, science, and nature experiences for all. 

For those thinking about attending, you must book your tickets online in advance. You can visit their website and are looking to pay between $16-28 per person, depending on age. If you choose to visit, you will be indulging yourself in one of the finer museums in the United States.

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The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a globally renowned experience. Like the Metropolitan Museum, it pays tribute to a special category of art, specifically modern. Throughout, you will be exposed to many contemporary, minimalistic, and modern artworks that will leave you speechless.

At MoMA, don’t be surprised if you see collections from popular artists such as Henri Rousseau and Joan Miro. If you decide to visit, tickets can be reserved online for $25 per adult. Once you have your tickets, then head on over to MoMA which is on 53rd Street, between 5th and 6th.

Religious New York Landmarks


St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A religious experience in New York definitely has to include St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 

Another famous place in New York, this institution has both architectural and historical significance. It simultaneously serves as a glorious embodiment of ancient construction and a host for current and past Popes

From an architectural perspective, it contains many notable features. These include stained-glass windows, towering spires, stone carvings, and more. Needless to say, it is a worthwhile visit if you are looking for beauty and grandeur.

Consider taking a trip to 5th Avenue and visiting the Cathedral while you stay in the city.

Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Like St. Patrick’s, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine is another display of beautiful architecture.

At this location, you can develop a better understanding of the Catholic influence on the city. In addition, you will also be able to view archaic displays of art.

The New York landmark is accessible by the public and is located right next to Columbia University. It is nothing more than a subway ride away from your hotel. So, give this location a visit while you enjoy the sights and attractions of the Big Apple.

Natural Landmarks In New York


Central Park

If you happen to be looking for an outdoor experience, then Central Park will be your thing. This iconic park contains so many fun opportunities. It is definitely perfect for individuals, families, and even friends.

There are plenty of recreational sports, walking paths, animals, and statues to engage with. All of these activities are able to happen thanks to the park’s 840+ acres of land. Therefore, if you need some space and greenery during your visit, then Central Park is the place to be.

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Bryant Park

A second park option for your adventurous needs is Bryant Park. A small green space in Midtown Manhattan, this New York landmark blends the urban scenery with nature’s creation. Through the park, you will be able to escape the busy tourism while soaking in the surrounding skyscrapers in peace.

In addition, there are tons of activities here. The park has chess players, community yoga, bumper cars, and so much more. So whether you need some fresh air or a much-needed walk, Bryant park is an experience for you.

The High Line

The High Line is one of the historic and famous New York landmarks that traverses an old rail line 30 feet in the air. This elevated park gives you the opportunity to become one with the buildings around you. Additionally, it provides visitors with tons of greenery to spice up its look.

If you are needing a new photo for your social media, then the High Line is it. Between the sights, sounds, and outdoor exposure, the path will not let you down. Head on over to the East side of Manhattan and see what this lucky place has to offer!


Washington Square Park

One of the last park recommendations is Washington Square Park. Centered right outside NYU, this landmark in New York is known for its towering arch and fountain. Additionally, it is a popular hang-out spot for young adults looking to socialize.

The park could be a great place to have a picnic or catch up with a friend. It is definitely a hub of energy and excitement to immerse yourself in during your stay. 

Other Famous Landmarks In New York

Summit One Vanderbilt

A one of kind observation experience in New York is the Summit One Vanderbilt. This location is a sprawling skyscraper that blends a breathtaking experience with a thrilling one. A unique part of this landmark is that it offers elevators made of only glass!

It is perfect for thrill seekers and those looking for an obscure observation adventure. Needless to say, riding a glass-floor elevator up dozens of floors can be a scary one. So, maybe stay away from this attraction if you are scared of heights.

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Brooklyn Bridge

One key structure that you might not have to go out of your way to visit is the Brooklyn Bridge. This New York City landmark has been around since the early 19th century. And, it has been responsible for transporting millions of people to and from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Many tourists end up on the Brooklyn Bridge while in a taxi, Uber, or their, own car. Although be careful because this bridge gets busy with traffic. Perhaps if you are waiting, it could be a great moment to capture panoramic views of the cityscape.

Grand Central Terminal

Built in 1913, Grand Central Terminal is the preeminent transportation hub in NYC. An everyday, famous New York landmark used by millions, this hub is the place to get tickets for the subway.

Aside from being a transportation station, it’s also known for its grand beauty. Throughout the station, you will notice that it derives inspiration from Beaux-Arts. Which is supported by the murals on the ceiling, arched windows, and more.

Depending on where you stay, this terminal is a must-visit. So consider purchasing tickets and enjoying this authentic experience of New York as you travel about the island.

Chelsea Market

Right off 9th Street, north of Greenwich Village, is the Chelsea Maret. This market is a massive food fall with thousands of people buying deli sandwiches, clothes, and more. It is a location to experience artisanal foods, boutique items, and the buzziness of the Big Apple.

The Chelsea Market could be a great place for you to stop for breakfast or lunch. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, fresh pastry, or seafood. This is one of the very local New York landmarks that gives you a perspective of daily life.

So, maybe you might make this destination your resting place when you have a break in the day.

New York Public Library

For a quieter experience, the New York Public Library is a cool place to see. The library offers many floors filled with books, knowledge, and opportunities for learning. Additionally, it has a rich history that was built with architectural beauty in mind.

It consists of grand archways and antiquated concrete walls that make it a nostalgic experience. This famous place in New York is even located right inside Bryant Park. So, you could even check out a book and sit on the lawn as you enjoy it.


Belvedere Castle

Although the city isn’t a replication of Germany, you could still experience a medieval landmark in New York. Perched at the height of Central Park, you can walk up to Belvedere Castle and oversee everything. You will be able to take photos of the skyline, park, and everything else.

The Castle really is as close as you can get to the European, fantasy-inspired castles in the United States. So, for a movie experience be sure to add it to your itinerary and enjoy the marvelous rock structure.

Discovering Famous New York Landmarks

Given that there are many exciting landmarks in New York, it is safe to say the city is a treasure. With its many historical landmarks and iconic buildings, there is nothing short of boredom in the Big Apple.

Regardless of the New York City landmarks you choose to visit, there are interesting facts and stories to uncover. There are opportunities to experience art, authentic culture, and architecture alike.

From Summit One Vanderbilt to the Musem of Modern Art, the experiences are endless. So, make sure you add a few of these famous places in NYC to your itinerary. It’s the city that never sleeps and guarantees that you will form unforgettable memories during your stay.



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