25 Famous San Francisco Landmarks And Monuments To Visit

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If you are planning a trip to San Francisco soon, prepare to be surprised. There are many famous San Francisco landmarks scattered around the city and it might be difficult to know where to start. You could begin at the Golden Gate bridge, or rather boat on over to Alcatraz Island.

Some of these landmarks in San Francisco are clustered together and good for visiting together. Regardless if you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned veteran, here are 20 of the most iconic SF landmarks to explore.

Most Famous San Francisco Landmark

Golden Gate Bridge


One of the most famous San Francisco landmarks is the Golden Gate Bridge. This boisterously red suspension bridge is over 1.5 miles long and crosses the Golden Gate Strait. It has been a preeminent staple of the city since 1937 and is known as the city’s eloquent symbol.

If you are looking to visit the bridge, you can walk, bike, drive across it, or even take a cruise under it. You can also admire it from a distance at any point in the bay. Each perspective gives you a different view but is no less impressive.

Regardless of how you decide to see it, you will be able to gaze upon an incredible feat of engineering. It is a must-see site and one of the best things to do in San Francisco.

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Historical Sites In San Francisco

Alcatraz Island


Another popular place to visit is Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz is a historical landmark in San Francisco that was infamous for being a federal prison. It housed notorious criminals like Rob Stroud and Al Capone who are known worldwide.

Aside from being a notable prison, Alcatraz is known for being haunted at night. If you are interested in visiting, you have to take a ferry ride over. From there, you will be able to explore the grounds and learn about its storied history.

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Fort Point

A second place that is historic in San Francisco is Fort Point. Fort Point is formerly a military compound located right next to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Ideally, it is a great place for history buffs to learn about an uncommon part of American history in the 1800s.

At the Fort, visitors can learn about how the site was used as a naval defense base. In addition, you can understand its critical role in the Civil War and World War II. While you are there, you might as well visit the Golden Gate Bridge as it’s a few hundred feet away!

Religious Landmarks In San Francisco

Grace Cathedral

One of the few religious San Francisco landmarks is Grace Cathedral. Grace is renowned for being a peaceful, yet beautiful architectural piece of the city. The inside boasts gorgeous pieces of Gothic architecture and storied pieces of stained glass.

Additionally, you can even experience the many cultural events it hosts throughout the year. It is a popular place for locals and tourists alike to attend concerts and art exhibitions. So, add this serene landmark to your itinerary if it’s something that piques your interest!

Famous Landmarks In San Francisco – Squares and Avenues

Fisherman’s Wharf


A bustling San Francisco historic district is Fisherman’s Wharf. This area is home to Pier 39 and is known for its plethora of entertainment experiences. You can explore seafood restaurants, and souvenir shops, and stop and watch street performers.

Not only that but right next to it is Pier 39 where you will find sea lions in their natural habitat. There are so many areas to explore on the waterfront. It is also a great spot to indulge in some popular local dishes like Clam Chowder.

The Fisherman’s Wharf is definitely a must-visit that you need to carve out time for.

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Ghiradelli Square

Ghiradelli Square, yes you read that right. The famous chocolate, Ghiradelli, is another one of San Francisco’s famous landmarks. This square is home to the original chocolate factory where the gourmet favorite has been made for decades.

In addition to the factory, the square has added many different restaurants and cafes to eat at. It provides a unique, whimsical charm that is favored by many. So if you are looking to enjoy ice cream and chocolate for a treat, and who doesn’t, then consider stopping by!

Lombard Street

One of the most notable streets in the city is Lombard Street. You might know it has a windy road that runs down the top of the hill. This SF landmark traverses a neighborhood and is a tight adventure to explore.

If you are interested in visiting, we recommend walking to the destination. Driving this super windy road can be a scary but exhilarating experience if you are up for an adventure. But you certainly don’t want to hold up the traffic; it does take some skills.

As you walk down the brick street, you are sure to be encapsulated by the colorful gardens. Despite it being a rather “quick” site to visit, it draws plenty of crowds who want to witness this “The Crookedest Street in the World” firsthand and of course, get some photos.


This neighborhood offers many different attractions that are popular among travelers. You can explore traditional markets, find dim sum restaurants and attend cultural events like festivals or parades.

No matter where you go in Chinatown, it will be a rather distinctive experience like no other. The district has been a hub of activity for the Chinese-American population in San Francisco since 1848. It has grown and evolved over time, but its culture remains as vibrant as ever.

This is a great San Francisco landmark to not just get a feel of Asian culture, but also a literal taste of it by indulging in some delicious food.

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The Painted Ladies

You might be familiar with the Painted Ladies if you have seen ‘That’s So Raven’ or ‘Full House’. No, it’s not a group of ladies, but rather a line of colorful houses.  This iconic San Francisco landmark provides visitors with a picturesque experience of historical home designs.

Even though it’s a popular attraction on TV it also has a favorable spot in person. As you view the houses, you can also enjoy the park that is right across the street. It’s a perfect experience if you are looking to chill out for a few hours and enjoy the sun.

Famous Buildings In San Francisco

Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is another famous place in San Francisco. It is quite similar to a market that you see in many urban cities. However, it is a waterfront property that offers a tremendous shopping and dining experience.

It is a former transportation hub that has been morphed into a marketplace with many vendors. You can explore artisan cheeses, freshly baked goods, and gourmet chocolates, and enjoy local wines. It is an incredible place to visit if you happen to be traveling as a young adult.

Coit Tower


While Coit Tower is considered a monument to some, it is known as a scouring tower that provides uncanny views. Right on Telegraph Hill, this structure allows visitors to ride up and view the city from the top.

If you are a photographer or need an Instagram photo, then this is definitely the place for a panoramic experience. Furthermore, one of the most interesting facts about San Francisco is that there are numerous hills scattered throughout the city which all feature pretty good views.

Palace Of Fine Arts


A beautiful site to see in San Francisco is the Palace of Fine Arts. The palace was constructed in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition but was canceled after completion. Now, it has become a popular attraction for scenic views.

It contains a beautiful lagoon, elegant columns, and artistic details that are sure to leave you in awe. You can take a walk, visit the interactive museum, or take incredible photos. Regardless, there are many options to choose from while you are there.

Famous Monuments In San Francisco

Yoda Fountain

For the Star Wars gurus, you cannot miss the Yoda Fountain monument in San Francisco. Right at the center of Presidio, you will find this iconic structure of master Yoda. It is definitely a quirky attraction that encapsulates visitors with an intricate sculpture of their favorite Jedi.

You do not want to miss this funky San Francisco monument that you can brag to your Star Wars friends about.

Natural Landmarks In San Francisco

Baker Beach

If you are interested in a beachside experience without having to leave the bay, then Baker Beach is your option. As one of the famous San Francisco landmarks, Baker Beach is at the bottom of rugged cliffs. In addition, it is right down from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Needless to say, this sandy experience offers you surroundings that are bound to take your breath away. You can sunbathe, have a romantic picnic, or hike the many trails it offers. Although, you might want to stay away from the water because it is typically chilly and has strong currents.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks are the two hills at the center of the city. Rising over 900 feet above sea level, this natural landmark is a popular spot. This famous place in San Francisco has scenic trails that lead to the highest limit in the city.

It is a perfect opportunity to step into the outdoors, or get some exercise! So, consider enjoying the hike by accessing the entryway off Twin Peaks Boulevard. If you miss it, don’t worry because there are multiple ways to get in.

Famous Landmarks In San Francisco – Museums And Galleries


Inside the Palace of Fine Arts is the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium is a famous place in San Francisco because it is home to 600 interactive exhibits. Meaning it is a great experience for families traveling with children.

You can visit with your children and learn about all things science through hands-on experiments. If this piques your interest, you can purchase tickets online for $29.95-39.95 per person.

San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (SFMoMA)

A MoMA is a common museum located in many large urban centers. If you are into modern art, then look no further because San Francisco has its own MoMA as well. The museum contains over 33,000 pieces of art from a wide range of artists.

Artworks from Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo are some of the common works you might find. Aside from permanent pieces, the MoMA also has seasonal galleries for an additional authentic experience. Tickets cost anywhere from free to $30 depending on age.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

A third popular museum is the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Known as a historic SF landmark, the Maritime Park is perfect for boat enthusiasts.

As you visit you will have a plethora of learning opportunities. You can learn about the city’s seafaring past, engage in guided tours, and climb aboard different ships. It is located next to Fisherman’s Wharf and offers $15 tickets for admission.

Other Famous San Francisco Landmarks

Oracle Park

For avid sports fans, Oracle Park is another San Francisco landmark that is worth visiting. Ideally, the place is built for baseball fans that are looking to catch a game in the Spring or Summer. Although, if you happen to be traveling in the winter you can take a tour of the stadium instead.

The park is home to the San Francisco Giants and overlooks the water under the Bay Bridge. It offers visitors unique features like a large Coca-Cola bottle and baseball glove to snap a picture of. This is a great spot for sports fans to have some interactive fun.

16 Avenue Tiled Steps

If you are looking to grab a 30-minute exercise, then 16 Avenue Tiled Steps might be for you. Covered in mosaic tiles with stunning visual effects, these steps lead directly to Grandview park. Walking up and down can definitely be a workout.

Although, the views at the top are worth it. So, if you are in need of getting out of bed and generating some euphoria, then head to 16th Avenue! Nothing beats some workout with rewarding scenic vistas at the end.

Powell And Market Cable Cars


Not exactly a ‘stable’ landmark, but you might be familiar with cable cars that you see in the movies. Well, if this interests you, then it’s your lucky day because this is one of San Francisco’s famous landmarks. This moving attraction is featured on many streets in the city.

It can be an exciting opportunity to take scenic routes throughout the Bay while enjoying a popular commodity. Though, going down some of the steep hills in the city might feel like a rollercoaster ride!

It is actually both a local and cultural experience as people use this as an important mode of transport to get around their day-to-day activities as well.

Landmarks Around San Francisco

Yosemite National Park And Giant Sequoias

If you are looking for a getaway out of the city, Yosemite National Park is a great choice. This protected area is home to gorgeous scenery and natural wonders. You can take a day trip or stay in one of the campgrounds within the park.

This is one of the marquee landmarks in California is Yosemite National Park. This national park is known for its famous giant sequoias, vast meadows, and waterfalls. It’s a great place to explore the wilderness and snap some incredible photos of nature’s beauty.

Yosemite also provides beautiful starry night skies to marvel at. There are several campsites here for nature lovers, as well as guided tours. You can also go hiking, rafting, and kayaking in the park to make your experience even more diverse.

There is much history to explore in Yosemite National Park, including a section of the California Trail that travelers used during the 1800s Gold Rush. You can learn about this part of the state’s cultural heritage while enjoying the beautiful nature.

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Napa And Sonoma Wine County

Other great landmarks near San Francisco are Napa and Sonoma Wine County. After all, wine is one of the things California is known for.

This world-renowned region is one of the top destinations for wine lovers to explore, as it offers hundreds of wineries throughout its rolling hills.

Visitors have an opportunity to take tours of different vineyards and sample award-winning wines in beautiful outdoor settings. You can also get a taste of the local cuisine and take part in various activities like hiking, and biking.

Napa has become well-known for its Cabernet Sauvignon wines and the various festivals and events held here. Sonoma Valley is famed for its Chardonnay wines, arts scene, and vineyards.

Exploring Napa and Sonoma Wine Country is an amazing experience. You’ll get to take in the gorgeous landscapes of California while indulging in some of the finest wines in the world.

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Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument is a great outdoor experience. It’s a gorgeous redwood forest located in the bay area and it’s only about 25 minutes away from San Francisco proper. The park is an amazing place to explore nature, hike, and take in some of the oldest trees you will ever find.

The wooden trails are quite peaceful, and it’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Or, if you want to make a day out of it, you can even plan a picnic in the park or attend one of their ranger-led tours.

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Sausalito is a charming town located just across the Golden Gate Bridge. The views of San Francisco from here are amazing, plus it’s a great place to explore on foot and take in some local culture.

The waterfront town is full of small boutiques and restaurants, so it’s perfect for those looking for a nice day trip out of San Francisco. You can also take a ferry ride across the bay and explore Alcatraz Island, or rent a kayak in Sausalito to enjoy some of the local waterways.

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Discovering Famous San Francisco Landmarks

The Golden Gate City is one that has many exciting opportunities for tourists. It is impossible to capture many of the famous places in San Francisco into words, the world is after all meant to be explored.

However, whether you decide to visit San Francisco’s famous landmarks such as Alcatraz or another, you will likely not be disappointed. There is a good reason why this city is one of the main travel destinations in the United States.

A good blend of modern metropolis and cultural highlights, visit the monuments and historic sites in San Francisco to understand the city’s history.



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