10 Famous Monuments And Landmarks In St Louis, Missouri

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If you are looking to embark on a cross-country road trip, then you cannot miss the state of Missouri. There are so many marquee landmarks in St. Louis that are worth your attention. Definitely consider stopping by for at least a day or two.

St. Louis landmarks are widely known for including good local St Louis food, cool and insightful museums, as well as energetic nightlife. But, monuments and famous buildings are where the attention lies. So, buckle in and get ready for a ride through some of the famous places in St. Louis!

Most Famous Landmark In St. Louis

The Gateway Arch

The preeminent landmark of Missouri is without a doubt the Gateway Arch. One of the only monuments in St. Louis, the Arch is widely known for its towering height. As it is rated the highest man-made arch in the entire world!

This is a must-visit destination because you can ride up an elevator and see panoramic views from the top. In addition, you can marvel at the work of engineering that has led to the Arch becoming an American symbol.

However, if you are visiting be careful of claustrophobia because the elevator is a tight ride! But there is none as iconic

Religious Landmarks In St. Louis


Cathedral Basilica Of Saint Louis

With the city possessing a rich catholic heritage, you have to add the Cathedral Basilica to your list. As you might know, cathedrals are known for having incredible displays of stained glass. What makes this St. Louis landmark unique is it has the largest mosaic collection in the world.

With 41 million individual pieces of mosaic, the basilica surely has enthralling art displays inside. Crafted with intricacy and care, the grandeur of the cathedral itself will leave you speechless. Regardless of whether you are religious or not, visiting this cathedral is a must as it is a city treasure!

Historical Sites In St. Louis

Ulysses S. Grant National Historical Site

One key historic site in St. Louis to see is the Ulysses S. Grant National Historical Site. For history buffs and patriots alike, this destination offers insight into the 18th President of the United States. You will have opportunities to learn about his time in the Civil War and how he crafted his legacy!

From interactive exhibits to guided tours, you will feel like you are transported back in time. Consider visiting this historic St Louis landmark to learn more about the popular American leader.

Famous Buildings In St. Louis

The Wainwright Building

For our architectural enthusiasts out there, the Wainwright Building is one of the most interesting places in St. Louis to visit.

Built by Louis Sullivan in 1890, this building was arguably the first skyscraper in the world! It features unique blends of 19th-century architecture such as Gothic and Romanesque styles.

Visiting the Wainwright Building is a great opportunity to learn about how and where skyscrapers throughout the globe drew their inspiration. So, think about adding this incredible place to your itinerary during your stay.


Frank Lloyd Wright House

If you are a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, then you are in luck. One of his many houses is a popular St. Louis landmark visited by thousands of people every year. Located in Ebsworth park, you can find this distinctive house on the outskirts of the city.

Here you will have the opportunity to see crazy, mindblowing features. You will learn about overlapping parallelograms and cantilevered balconies that Wright was so famous for. If this sounds like your thing, then Uber on over and snap some photos of this iconic home!

Natural Landmarks In St. Louis


Forest Park

Sprawling a massive 1,300 acres, Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Located directly west of the Mississippi River, Forest Park is easily accessible off the highway.

The park is chock-full of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. You can stroll through the many botanical gardens, visit the St. Louis Zoo, or enjoy a picnic outside. In addition, you can check the Missouri History Museum and St. Louis Art Museum, where you can appreciate a bunch of historic and cultural facts about Missouri.

Needless to say, there is plenty of activities for different interests at Forest Park. So think about breaking up your stay with a visit to this green paradise St Louis is known for.

Famous Landmarks In St. Louis – Museums and Galleries


Missouri Botanical Garden

For those that decide to visit Forest Park, you will find the Missouri Botanical Garden inside. This oasis of a St. Louis landmark offers a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy.

Within the garden, there are tons of rare plants and flowers to observe inside a geodesic dome. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Japanese garden and a rose garden accompanied by educational opportunities.

If you are thinking about visiting, general admission to the garden costs $14 per person.


City Museum

A rather one-of-a-kind attraction in St. Louis, Missouri is the City Museum. An atypical place, the City Museum contains dozens of fun activities to enjoy as a family.

There are slides, treehouses, caves, and even circuses to enjoy throughout your visit. In addition, there is a skateless skate park, sculptures, and the world’s largest pencil! It’s safe to say that this museum is a weird and wild place if you are looking for something unorthodox.

Single-day tickets cost $20 per person plus tax.

Other Famous Landmarks In St. Louis

Busch Stadium

Avid sports fans will love Busch Stadium. Home to the St. Louis Cardinals, this iconic ballpark is integral to citywide sports culture.

If you happen to be traveling during the spring or summer, you have to catch a game here. From the moment you step inside, there is a tremendous amount of energy that won’t be experienced anywhere else. While there, you can also explore its famed history where historic baseball players have graced the field.

So grab a hot dog and a coke and enjoy a game at Busch Stadium. A must-visit destination for any sports enthusiast.

Grant’s Farm

Quite like the small town farms full of family activities, you can entertain the same vibe at Grant’s Farm. One of the most family-friendly places in St. Louis, you will have an amazing time here.

It is a great spot for animal lovers to attend the petting zoo and see Clydesdales. Though it’s more than just an animal farm, you can also experience history by learning from Ulysses S. Grant’s original cabin. Not only that, but you can indulge in some great Missouri food in addition to pumpkin or apple picking!

Your visit to Grant’s farm will be free if you decide to go. But, there are always opportunities to pay for additional VIP experiences if you wish.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In St. Louis

From the Gateway Arch monument of St. Louis to the Botanical Garden, you can’t really go wrong with any of the popular St. Louis landmarks. The city is full of hidden treasures that often go unnoticed in Mid-America.

So if you want a quick vacation during your cross-country trip, St. Louis is a good and often overlooked option! This is, after all, one of the cities and things Missouri is known for.



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