20 Famous Historical Sites And Landmarks In Nashville, Tennessee

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Inside the state of Tennessee is an emerging city known as Nashville. Nashville has a deep musical heritage that accompanies many famous places. Referred to as the ‘Music City’, there are many landmarks in Nashville that can be explored. Whether that means visiting one of Nashville’s monuments or historic sites.

The city is quickly becoming a popular area in the United States, as each Nashville, TN landmark is a buzzing tourist attraction. From city-wide music venues to historical parks and museums, here are the many places to explore in Nashville.

Most Famous Landmark In Nashville

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Grand Ole Opry

If you haven’t heard of the Grand Ole Opry, you are missing out. One of the hallmark landmarks in Nashville, this setting is a representation of the vast musical influence.

It boasts the longest-running radio show globally and highlights the best country music via live shows. This is one of the many fun facts about Tennessee.

You will not be let down when it comes to seeing legendary musicians perform and experiencing the lively atmosphere. In addition, if you attend a show, you might even see history in the making with up-and-coming artists.

For a timeless experience, visit their website and see if there are any concerts that are available during your stay.

Historical Sites In Nashville


The Parthenon

Although Nashville isn’t Greece, you can still feel the vibes through the Parthenon, located just inside the city. This historical site in Nashville is home to incredible architecture that replicates the acropolis that currently resides in Greece. In addition, it contains many monuments in Nashville that are sure to leave you awestruck.

For example, it includes a massive sculpture of the greek goddess Athena, which could be a perfect photo for Instagram. Between a museum, art gallery, and outdoor gazing, the Parthenon offers a days-long experience of greek history.

You don’t even have to leave the country for a fascinating destination that will give you an enriched experience.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

A trip to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage can be a great opportunity to learn about American History. A famous historical site in Nashville, it is the former home of the seventh President of the United States. You can tour the grounds to get a better understanding of the life and legacy this former president left on the country.

Whether you decide to peruse the yard, visit exhibits, or observe the architecture there is an experience for everyone. The entire complex contains a main house, grounds, and outbuildings to maneuver through. Tickets are either $26 individually or you can buy the family pass for only $80.

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Belle Meade Plantation

Belle Meades Plantation is a Nashville, TN landmark that embodies southern culture. For young kids and adults alike, this plantation is a major horse breeding farm. In addition, it currently serves as a historical site known for teaching about life on the plantation.

For an alternative glimpse into the life of early settlers in America, this Plantation may be a visit for you. You can traverse the gardens, learn from guides, and take rover tours if you don’t feel like walking. They contain a variety of ticket packages that offer different opportunities to experience southern hospitality.

Famous Landmarks In Nashville – Squares and Avenues


Downtown Nashville

You didn’t visit Nashville if you don’t take a trip downtown. Within the area, you will experience entertainment options like any other. From incredible Tennessee food to a variety of music venues, you could spend endless nights here.

In addition to all the fun, you can enjoy the views of the riverfront or visit different galleries. The point is, downtown is a great place to start out your stay. You are likely to find something engaging to do, and maybe you’ll learn from locals about go-to spots.

Hop on one of the fun Nashville food tours to hunt down some of the best restaurants and highlights in this neighborhood.

Music Row

Within downtown, you will find Music Row. Music Row is considered the must-see landmark in Nashville, because of its name. The neighborhood is home to dozens of music scenes that are visited by many country stars.

When you take a stroll down Music Row you will find record labels, museums, and even recording studios. You can pop in and out of these places as you, please. But, we highly recommend visiting a venue to see a show.

You won’t want to miss a country, blues, jazz, or pop performance by an amazing performer. After all, the vibrant music scene is one of the many things Tennessee is known for.

Famous Buildings In Nashville

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Ryman Auditorium

If you find yourself interested in seeing a live musical performance, then Ryman Auditorium is the place.

This historic concert hall was the original home to the Grand Ole Opry radio show before it moved. In addition, it has played a marquee role in supporting the country music stars on your Spotify playlist.

It really is an iconic venue with a storied history, and an exciting future. For example, it is icon status is backed up by being a host of Dancing with the Stars! For more information about shows offered, hit up their website and view their monthly schedule to purchase tickets.

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Belmont Mansion

Another famous Nashville, TN landmark is the Belmont Mansion. Built in the 1850s, this storied building is one of the city’s only representations of Italian architecture. In addition to its magnificent frescoes, moldings, and flooring, it also has historical significance.

It is old enough to have survived the Civil War. Meaning, it was associated with a myriad of southern belles that supported their families in difficult times. You can either visit the mansion to soak in American history or simply view its extravagant inner workings of architecture.

Belcourt Theatre

If you are looking for something other than musical performances, then the Belcourt Theatre could be a great alternative.

At Belcourt, there are many different theatrical, film, and educational performances to see. It can be a great escape for those looking to experience something other than live music.

The theater has been upgraded to modern standards and is an embodiment of the performing arts. So, if you are interested in changing the scenery during your trip, the theatre could be a great option. Visit their website today and learn more about what shows will be offered during your stay.

Cheekwood Estate

The Cheekwood Estate is a landmark in Nashville known for its incredible garden display. Settled on 50+ acres of open land, the Estate is home to beautiful rolling hills and greenery everywhere. Visitors are invited to visit this country home and admire its vast art collections in addition to its grounds.

Cheekwood can be a truly peaceful escape from the city. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the amenities in downtown Nashville, visit here instead. Tickets range from $22-29 for adults and $13-20 for the youth.


Tennessee State Capitol

Each and every state is home to its own Capitol building. Luckily for you, the Tennessee State Capitol is located in Nashville. It might not be a popular Nashville landmark, but it is an excellent place to learn about the state’s government.

Inside the building, you can view legislative chambers, public hearings, and even attend community gatherings. You might encounter a wide variety of events depending on the day. But, at its core, it offers a few opportunities to learn about politics and view incredible architecture.

Natural Landmarks In Nashville

Music City Walk of Fame Park

An outdoor Nashville, TN landmark to consider visiting is the Music City Walk of Fame Park. Regardless of whether you are a music fan, this park is a great way to experience the city’s outdoors. You can see a concert, have a picnic or learn more about music history.

As you walk along the central path, you will encounter the star-studded walk of fame. The walk is a tribute that contains a hotbed of musician names and photos embedded in bronze stars.

Therefore it can definitely be a memorable experience for those that are country music connoisseurs.


Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

For a more widespread understanding of Tennessee’s origins, take a trip to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

This comprehensive park features a number of different attractions to encounter as you walk about. From monuments and memorials to even exhibits, Bicentennial Park is sure to capture your attention.

Free admission for all, the park is a beautiful place to enjoy nature. In addition, it is a great way to enrich your vacation with education about the state’s history and culture. Be sure to add this Nashville landmark to your itinerary for a suburban experience.


Famous Landmarks In Nashville – Museums and Galleries

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Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

With respect to the city’s emphasis on music, you have to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. If there is one music-related activity you indulge in, then this is it.

The Hall of Fame is one of the key landmarks in Tennessee, offering an extensive collection of costumes, instruments, and memorabilia.

It is the perfect way to encompass yourself in tremendous examples of music history. Additionally, it will allow you to soak in the impact that legendary country artists have had on today’s music. The museum is perfect for all ages, with tickets ranging from $23-26 per person.

Tennessee State Museum

If you would like to center your visit around American history, the Tennesse State Museum is a place to visit.

This landmark in Nashville contains a rich collection of historical artifacts from Native Americans, the Civil War, and more. It is an ideal way to immerse yourself in the city’s extensive culture.

A museum is a perfect place for families to spend a few hours and help educate their kids. Additionally, it can be a peaceful escape from the bustle of Music Row. You don’t even have to purchase tickets because it is free for all ages.

Johnny Cash Museum

For our older folks, a great place to stop might be the Johnny Cash Museum. A pioneer in the music industry, you can learn all about Johnny Cash here. You can choose to peruse his old tunes, personal lyrics, or even his costumes.

Almost all of the exhibits are interactive and you can engage in an audio tour along the way. It is open every day of the week and admission is about $24.95 plus tax. Consider visiting this Nashville, TN landmark and learn more about his legacy during your stay.

Frist Art Museum  

For all the art buffs out there, the Frist Art Museum is one of the few Nashville landmarks that offer an immersive experience in art. With sprawling artworks from paintings to sculptures, you will be enamored by the pieces you see.

Each piece might be crafted by someone in the 1900s or might reflect contemporary artists. If interested, opening hours are generally 10:00-5:30 pm with tickets sold at $15 apiece. It is centered in a restored art deco building in the heart of downtown, so it’s an easy commute from your hotel.

Other Famous Landmarks And Monuments In Nashville

Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Apart from all the delicious Nashville food on offer, don’t sleep on the drinks too. In the south, you have to acknowledge the history of American whiskey.

Although it’s not the Bourbon Trail, the Jack Daniel’s Distillery is still a fantastic experience. It is a great way to see how popular whiskey has been made for the last 150 years.

You will learn about the production process which includes sourcing, distilling, and aging. Who knows, you might be lucky and get to sample freshly made whiskey. Ideally, this Nashville landmark and experience is intended for those 21+ and older.

There are also many interesting brewery and distillery tours in Nashville that takes you to the local, smaller distillery as well.

>Check Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour


John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

If you are looking for an outdoor experience aside from a park, visit the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. Its name originates from a former journalist and activist known throughout the city. Since its conception, it welcomes thousands of walkers or commuters on a daily basis.

Offering eye-catching views of the Cumberland River, visitors can also see the downtown horizon. It can be a great place to catch the sunset or conclude your day after a long dinner. If you want to visit, just head east of Music Row and you won’t miss it on the water.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

In the heart of Music Row, you have to hit up Tootsies Orchid Lounge. This lounge is a Nashville, TN landmark that acts as both a bar and music venue. It offers an opportunity to socialize with visitors or locals and listen to live music from top talent.

Tootsie is a busy place. Usually, it fills up on the weekends and has a line out the door. This is because really embodies that spark that Music City is known for.

So, if you are looking to jam to some newfound music, the Orchid lounge provides an unmatched cultural experience.

Discovering Famous Landmarks In Nashville

With plenty of exciting Nashville landmarks to experience, the city offers an uncanny adventure. From iconic monuments in Nashville to the world-renowned Jack Daniel Distillery, the Music City has a plethora and diverse range of attractions.

It is the perfect place for individuals interested in music, history, or a personalized travel experience. Consider planning your next trip to Nashville. And soak in a vibrant city that offers creative memories sure to last a lifetime.



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