20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Rajasthan [Explained]

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India is famous for its many historical places, including the forts in the state of Rajasthan. Locals and tour guides will let you in on facts about Rajasthan when you visit different places in the state. 

If you’re keen to learn more, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide to help you understand this Indian state better.

Historical Facts About Rajasthan

The World’s Largest Stone Sundial Is In Rajasthan

Jaipur is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan. One of the interesting facts about Jaipur is that it is home to the Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory built by the Rajput king, Sawai Jai Singh. The observatory is home to a collection of around 20 astronomical instruments.

Jantar Mantar’s main significance is that it contains the largest stone sundial on the planet, which you can see for yourself on a tour of Rajasthan. The monument’s construction was completed in 1734 and is located near the City Palace.

India’s Longest Fortification Is Here

The Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the greatest landmarks in India. It is often compared with the Great Wall of China, and as such, the fort is also called the Great Wall of India. It is located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.

The fort’s construction was ordered by the Mewar ruler Rana Kumbha in the 15th century. It is famous for being the birthplace of a famous Indian warrior, Maharana Pratap Singh.

Rajasthan Is Called “The Land Of The Kings”

Before becoming a part of the British Empire, the state was called “Rajputana” and was ruled by many kings. The present name of Rajasthan also translates to “the land of the kings. These rulers include the famous warrior king Maharana Pratap Singh and Rana Kumbha who is well-known for never losing a battle.  

For centuries, powerful kingdoms like those of the Sisodias, Rathores, Kachwahas and more dominated Rajasthan. These rulers built lavish forts and palaces, such as Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Udaipur City Palace, and Jaisalmer Fort. 

India’s Nuclear Test Was Conducted In Rajasthan

One of the top Rajasthan facts is that a town in this state was used for secret nuclear testing. Pokhran was the site of the first-ever nuclear test conducted by India in 1974. Five more nuclear tests were performed there in 1998.

An Indian movie, titled Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran, was released in 2018 to highlight the operations during the nuclear testing.

Cultural Facts About Rajasthan

Ravana’s First Queen Is Said To Be From Rajasthan

Ravana is the main antagonist of the Hindu epic, Ramayana. His wife, Queen Mandodari, is said to have come from Mandore in Rajasthan. For a time, Mandore was the capital of the Marwar kingdom. 

People in Rajasthan and many other parts of India are strong believers in the tale of Ramayana. This is something to keep in mind so as to avoid disrespecting cultural beliefs about the epic when visiting.

There Is A Spooky Village In This State

One of the top facts of India to help you understand its culture better is this: Many people believe in ghosts and spooky tales. It’s for this reason that Kuldhara in Jaisalmer is a spooky site which many locals avoid. 

People believe that this town was abandoned overnight when a local diwan tried to forcibly marry a native. Legend also has it that the villagers cursed Kuldhara. This further darkened its reputation and no one has settled there since.

Dal Baati Churma Is The Region’s Traditional Dish

You can try many famous things of Rajasthan to immerse yourself in traditional cuisine, such as dal baati churma. The dish is made of lentils, baked wheat balls, and powdered cereal. 

It’s rich in fiber, which is why you can enjoy good gut health when opting for this food. Another great thing about the dish is that its nutrients may help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. 

Other famous foods of Rajasthani cuisine include safed maas and red maas.

There Are Many Other Communities In Rajasthan Apart From Marwari

Many people who want to learn Rajasthan facts have a misconception that this state only has the Marwari people. You may believe this due to Rajasthan’s depiction in various Indian series and movies. However, there are other communities here too, such as the Maheshwari, Pareek, Agrawal, and more.

Marwari mainly comes from the Marwar part of the state. Meanwhile, people from other parts of Rajasthan belong to mixed communities.

Simple Facts About Rajasthan For Kids 

There Is A Rat Temple In Rajasthan

The Karni Mata Mandir is a temple in Deshnok, near Bikaner, which is home to tens of thousands of rats. These creatures roam around the temple freely because locals believe that these rats are the reincarnation of the deity’s sons.

There is also a tradition of Rajasthan that people believe in. If you spot a white rat around the temple, you are considered to be lucky. If you’re interested in checking out this truly unique site, you can easily reach it by taking a bus from Bikaner.

Animal Rides Are Common In This State

Here’s something cool you might not have known about Rajasthan. One of the top Rajasthan facts is that you can enjoy camel rides, elephant rides, and much more in this region. You can even explore various forts by riding one of these animals to check off two fun activities at once. 

Some locals also offer horse rides to help you rest while exploring the different attractions. The best thing is that animal rides here are cheap. So, it’s a nice, leisurely thing you can do that won’t break the bank.

A Highly Saline River Passes The State

Although there are several saline rivers in the country, Luni River is the only river in India that is outright called the Salt River. Despite its excessive salinity, however, the river is mainly used for irrigation. 

Luni River originates in the Pushkar Valley and travels a distance of about 495 kilometers. It passes the Thar Desert to reach Kutch.

Only The Northwestern Part Of Rajasthan Is Sandy

One of the fun facts about Rajasthan is that it is not entirely desert. While the northwestern part of the state has sand, the rest of the region has greenery everywhere.

For example, you can visit Udaipur to enjoy the lush, green surroundings. The region also has many scenic lakes. To see even more verdant landscapes, visit the hill stations in Rajasthan that defy the desert stereotype.

Useful Rajasthan Facts For Travelers

You Can Enjoy A Luxury Train Experience

The Palace of Wheels is a luxury tourist train that was launched in 1982 to promote tourism. It has 23 coaches, which can hold more than 80 people.

You can enjoy a royal experience and feel as if you’re royalty yourself when you try out the delicious Rajasthani cuisine and visit exciting new locations. In 2009, the train was renovated to offer new décor and additional cuisine to tourists.

It Only Has One Hill Station

Among the many interesting facts about Rajasthan, knowing that it has only one hill station might help you understand the state’s landscape better. A hill station is a small community located at a higher elevation where people escape to in the summer. Rajasthan’s  solitary hill station is Mount Abu. 

It is also the best place to visit if you want to take a break from exploring forts and palaces. Waterfalls, lakes, and scenic greenery make up the surroundings of this hill station. After flying to Udaipur, you can reach Mount Abu by train, bus, or cab.

The Pushkar Fair Is A Sensational Festival In Rajasthan

The Pushkar Fair is one of the largest festivals in the area that involves the trading of livestock. Camels, cattle, and horses are distributed throughout the venue.

During the fair season, a pilgrimage – a journey to a sacred place – to Ajmer also takes place. You can enjoy livestock shows, rural sports and competitions, Ferris wheels, and other neat activities during the festival.

Common Facts About Rajasthan

The Aravalli Range Is The Oldest Range Of Fold Mountains

The Aravalli Range starts near Delhi and ends in Gujarat. It is an isolated rocky range that forms a scenic backdrop in Rajasthan. The range’s highest point is on Mount Abu.

Its history dates back to pre-Indian subcontinental collision. There’s also a lot of varied wildlife here. Over 20 species of animals populate this area.

There Are Various UNESCO Heritage Sites In Rajasthan

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are common here because of the rich historical forts and palaces. Hill forts in Rajasthan are famous for their scenery. Kumbhalgarh Fort and Chittorgarh Fort are especially recommended for a rich cultural experience.

The Bhangarh Fort Is The Top Haunted Place Here

Want some spooky interesting facts about Rajasthan? It has multiple haunted places. One such place is the Bhangarh Fort, located in the Alwar district.

The Alwar district is said to be cursed by a sadhu known as Guru Balu Nath. The residents feared the curse and so the fort was abandoned overnight. Before that, more than 10,000 people lived there.

Other Interesting Facts About Rajasthan

It Is India’s Largest State

One of the fun geographical Rajasthan facts is that it is the largest Indian state by area. The state covers 342,239 square kilometers (132,139 square miles). This comes out to about 10% of India’s geographical area.

Meanwhile, the state is the seventh-largest by population. The current population is estimated to be 83 million.

Marwari Is The Most Spoken Rajasthani Language

Hindi, which is an Indo-Aryan language, may be the official language in Rajasthan, but many locals speak Rajasthani languages. There are different languages that fall under this category, but the most significant is Marwari.

More than five million people in Rajasthan speak Marwari. Aside from Marwari, the Rajasthani languages include Mewari, Dhundari, Shekhawati, Bagri, and Malvi, among many others.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Rajasthan

We’ve dug up some information about Rajasthan to make your trip easier, but there’s always more to learn. There’s lots of historical sites you can visit to discover fun Rajasthan facts while taking beautiful pictures of the region.



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