23 Fun And Interesting Thailand Facts [Explained]

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There are many reasons to visit Thailand, which include incredible food, stunning beaches, rich culture, and much more. However, you will make the most of your trip when you understand various Thailand facts. These can help guide your trip so you can come back with incredible memories.

If you are thinking of visiting Thailand, here are some fun facts about Thailand that will help you learn more about the place.

Facts About Thailand You Didn’t Know Before

As a popular travel destination, many people know at least a few things about Thailand. However, there are also some facts on Thailand that are not as common knowledge.

The World’s Largest Solid Gold Buddha Is In Thailand

You will find a fifteen feet tall solid gold statue of Phra Phuttha Maha Suwana Patimakon in Thailand. It is one of the most majestic sights and many people have stolen from the temple through the centuries. However, the statue used to be covered in stucco, which is why it was safe.

There Are 76 Letters In The Thai Language

The Thai language is perhaps one of the most interesting languages you will find. There are only 76 letters, which include 32 vowels and 44 consonants. Besides that, the language has five tones, which also means it is a challenging language to learn.

Thailand Used To Be Known As Siam


Yes, many people don’t know these Thailand facts, but it used to be known as Siam. The name was changed in 1939, and Thailand means Land of the Free. Siamese cats also originate from here.

The National Anthem Plays Twice A Day In Public Spaces

Public spaces play the national anthem twice a day at 8 am and then 6 pm. So, if you are in these spaces when the anthem is played, be sure to stay silent and stand up as a sign of respect. These times represent the raising and lowering of the Thai flag.

Fun Thailand Facts For Tourists

Here are some Thailand fun facts that can make your trip even more interesting.

Khao Sok National Park Has One Of The Oldest Tropical Forests Worldwide


Thailand is a very old country, which is why there are ancient forests too. For example, Khao Sok National Park has remnants of a rainforest that goes back more than 160 million years. Because of this, it is one of the oldest evergreen tropical forests you will find worldwide.

There are many natural landmarks in Thailand that are amazing to explore.

You Will Find Spirit Houses All Around Thailand

One of the most interesting facts about Thailand includes the evidence of spirit houses all over the country. These houses are there to keep the spirits happy with offerings. Some of these houses are incredibly intricate and beautiful with big structures.

Songkhla Lake Is The Largest Natural Lake In Thailand


The largest natural lake in Thailand is the Songkhla Lake. It has various wetlands and various areas that you can explore. The best part is the amazing wildlife you will find here as the lake is home to nearly 300 aquatic bird species.

It is one of the places to visit and immerse yourself in the nature that Thailand is so famous for.

Facts About Thailand Culture And Traditions

The culture and traditions of any country represent the people and what they believe in. Thailand cultural facts will give you a glimpse into the people and the land.

Head Is Considered Sacred And Feet Are Considered Less Clean

According to Thai culture, the head is sacred because this is where the spirit resides and the feet are lowly.

Because of this, people always take off their shoes when they visit a temple or place of worship. On the other hand, you should never touch someone’s head, even if it is a child. It is considered rude to do so.

People Celebrate The New Year Three Times


Yes, this is an odd Thailand culture fact for outsiders, but people celebrate the New Year three times. There is the New Year that everyone celebrates throughout the world, then the traditional New Year of Thailand takes place in April, and the Chinese New Year is celebrated in January and February. But hey, who doesn’t love another holiday?

9 Is Associated As Being A Lucky Number


While 3 is considered to be a lucky number, the same is the case with nine because 3 x 3 equals 9. On the other hand, the word for nine in the Thai language is gao. This word sounds similar to some other important words in the language, which is why it is considered lucky.

People Eat Food With Forks And Spoons


Many people think that people use chopsticks in Thailand, but that is not the case. People use forks and spoons to eat the food, just like in many western countries. However, Thais will only use chopsticks when they are consuming Chinese food.

Other Interesting Thailand Facts

Some of these peculiar and interesting facts about Thailand also explain behaviors and culture in the country.

Each Day Of The Week Is Associated With A Color

People in Thailand associate each day of the week with a specific color. For example, Monday is associated with yellow, Tuesday with pink, Wednesday with green, and so on. Depending on what day of the week they are born, people also associate that with their lucky color.

Thai People Love Their Royal Family

If there is one thing that Thai people love the most, it is their royal family. You can see this in the fact that Father’s Day is held on the King’s Birthday while Mother’s Day is on the Queen’s Birthday. The people celebrate these days throughout the country with incredible celebrations.

95% Of The People In Thailand Are Buddhist


Keep in mind that there is no official religion in Thailand, but 95% of the population is Buddhist. On the other hand, the King of Thailand must also be Buddhist as the King is the guardian of the faith. Bangkok is famous for having some of the most beautiful temples, but you will also find them in different parts of the country.

These religious sites will allow you to learn interesting Thailand facts related to Buddhism and its history.

Thailand Food Facts

Some facts about Thai food will help you understand what people love to eat and the food that makes up the culture.

Rice Is Available at Every Meal


People love their rice, which is why you will find it at every meal. Even at breakfast, you can have rice because it is a staple for every meal.

In Asia, meals tend to have a good amount of carbohydrates due to the laborious work many people engage in. If you love rice and starchy food, you will love eating in Thailand. It is even a common ingredient in some Thai desserts.

One Of The Most Popular Snacks Is Deep-Fried Cockroaches

Of course, this may not sound appetizing to everyone, but deep-fried cockroaches are a popular snack in Thailand. You can try them out on Khao San Road, and then decide what you think about them. However, this is not something everyone should try as the flavors are intense.

Thai People Love Eating Insects


That said, insects are considered a delicacy amongst Thai street food. They can be found at many street stalls and markets throughout the country. Different types of insects are eaten, such as crickets, bamboo worms, and grasshoppers. It is said that these dishes can provide essential vitamins and minerals to your diet.

The National Dish Is Pad Thai


Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand, but you will find many people consuming pad kra prao even more. Some locals consider the latter as the unofficial national dish of the country. You can try both and see what you like more.

Thailand Is Known For Its Flavorful And Intensely Spicy Dishes


Many traditional Thai foods feature a variety of spices, such as garlic, turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom, and chili peppers. The spiciness of the food can vary greatly depending on the region and individual preferences. There are some dishes that are relatively mild, while others are known to be very spicy.

A Blend Of Fresh And Processed


Thai cuisine is also known for its use of fresh ingredients and a variety of condiments. Fish sauce, tamarind juice, and palm sugar are some of the most common condiments used in Thai cooking. These ingredients combine to create unique flavors that make Thai food so popular around the world.

There are also a wide selection of fresh fruits that are good for anytime in Thailand and features regularly in Thai breakfasts as well.

Thailand Facts For Kids

Here are some interesting facts about Thailand for kids to help them learn more about the country, culture, and everything it has to offer.

Thailand’s Flag Colors Are Blue, White, And Red


The colors are blue, white, and red because each color symbolizes something unique. For example, blue represents the monarchy, white represents religion, and red represents the people of Thailand. All of these components are an important part of the country, which is why they are represented in the flag colors.

The National Animal Is The Thai Elephant


The Thai Elephant, also known as Chang Thai is the national animal of Thailand. That is because the elephant is an important part of the history of the country. The country even has a National Thai Elephant Day that is celebrated on the 13th of March each year.

Muay Thai Is The National Sport


Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is the national sport of the country. That is because it is an important part of Thailand’s identity and history. March 17th is National Muay Thai Day when people honor this sport with the highest respect.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Thailand

These were some of the interesting Thailand facts to know before visiting the country. Make your way to Thailand to enjoy the beautiful beaches, islands, food, people, and much more. After all, it is one of the most beautiful countries to visit.

Take a deep dive into the local cultures and traditions, you will have the trip of a lifetime with incredible memories. More importantly, you are bound to uncover more fascinating facts about Thailand that will change your perspectives.



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