15 Best Beaches In Kefalonia, Greece To Visit

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Kefalonia is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, west of Greece. It is most popularly known for its natural landscapes and flavourful wines in addition to beaches. Characteristically, beaches of Kefalonia are sandy and have beautiful views of the nearby hills and rocky mountains. As a result, they are frequently visited. When visiting Kefalonia beaches, you should consider their location, size, and amenities. There are plenty of beaches in Kefalonia for selection.

The Most Popular Beach In Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach


Myrtos Beach is undeniably the most popular of all the beaches in Kefalonia. It is located in Pylaros, far away from the capital city Argostoli. Myrtos Beach is sandwiched in between two mountains and so has a natural and seemingly never-ending view of the landscape, as well as a stunning blue sea.

The beach is large and sandy, with enough space for toddlers, adults, and large groups of friends. Furthermore, it is often windy enough to enjoy water sports. Nearby are beach bars, restaurants, and other beaches, as well as the traditional village of Assos.

There are not many hotels near Myrtos Beach, but there are many accommodations with multiple apartments. Examples include Myrtos View Apartments and Myrtos Bay Apartments.


Best Kefalonia Beaches Near Argostoli

Mikros Gialos Beach


Mikros Gialos is located 3km south of Argostoli in a great location near the center, in the village of Lassi. It is another one of the best beaches in Kefalonia and is often crowded creating the perfect atmosphere for a lively and enjoyable trip.

The beach is sandy and large, as well as organized so there are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. Also, the water is clear, ideal for swimming or snorkeling. This beach is family-friendly and great for a day out as there are taverns nearby. If you stay around here, there are plenty of other Kefalonia beaches to visit at a close distance, making it a good base.

Platis Gialos Beach


You can find Platis Gialos Beach just less than a kilometer away from Mikros Gialos Beach. However, it is one of the calmer beaches in Kefalonia despite its proximity to the center. This beach is less frequently visited. If you are traveling as a group and worried about crowds, there is a higher likelihood of finding your desired space. There are also restaurants within walking distance nearby such as the Staircase Bar, or the Tzogias tavern.

Spasmata Beach

Spasmata Beach is a local beach in an affordable area, which is not as well-known but just as beautiful. This is one of the most relaxing beaches in Kefalonia as it is quiet and peaceful; credit to the calm blue sea and lack of crowds.

If you are visiting with a partner, Spasmata Beach is a brilliant choice. The small and rustic taverns are ideal for a late dinner and stroll along the long coast. For more adventurous visitors, there is also plenty of marine life to spot when snorkeling.

Eglina Beach

Eglina Beach is 6km south of Argostoli. Unlike the majority of beaches in Kefalonia, especially those near the capital, it is smaller and cozier. There are sunbeds, a beach café, and opportunities for watersports.

To reach Eglina Beach, it is best to drive or hire a taxi, as it lies at the end of a long and winding road. Most Kefalonia beaches are accessed like this, which makes them appear like treasure at the end of the path. The beach itself is close to interesting activities such as a Bee Farm, and a winery, so there are many things to do nearby.

San Nicolas Resort Hotel is a five-minute walk from Mikros Gialos Beach and ideal if you have children due to the kids swimming pool and private beach area. It is also close to Platis Gialos Beach. Beachfront to Spasmata Beach is Spasmata Apartments if this is the beach you are wishing to be closest to. Lastly, Agnati Suites is close to Eglina beach, the airport, and the center.

Kefalonia Beaches In Fiskardo

Foki Beach


Foki Beach is a 10-minute walk to Fiskardo, a village 2km away. This is one of the most natural and picturesque beaches in Kefalonia as it is surrounded by olive trees, large rocks private caves.

It is a small and calm beach with tranquil waters and few visitors. Instead, there are several fish swimming in the sea. If you are adventurous and an animal lover, snorkeling is a pleasant experience here.

Historically, this beach is named after the Monk Seal which often visited these waters a time ago. This Kefalonia beach is rich in culture and truly relaxing.

Emblisi Beach

Embilisi Beach is also within walking distance to Fiskardo and a little over a kilometer from Foki Beach. Like other Kefalonia beaches, the water is calm and clear so great for snorkeling and finding fish or simply swimming.

The beach is a combination of golden sand and white pebbles, which children would love to play in. For adults, there are hiking trails nearby as well as the harbor. In addition to taverns, there is also a patisserie, great for hungry children or a romantic spot for couples to dine.

Fiscardo Bay Hotel is a great option for accommodation. It is a short walking distance to both beaches and has rooms with a sea view or ground floor option for disabilities. The Emelisse Nature Resort is a closer hotel, 2 minutes away from the beach, and has a variety of rooms with different views and sizes.

Best Kefalonia Beaches In Lixouri

Lepeda Beach

Lepeda Beach in Lixouri is large and sandy. It is one of the most family-friendly beaches in Kefalonia. There is plenty of space for children to run around as well as available sunbeds to rent for adults to lounge around.

The waters are warm, shallow, and calm; therefore, swimming is safe and recommended. Also, the beach bar offers snacks and drinks all day, so that you do not have to worry about bringing food or water with you.

Megas Lakos Beach

Megas Lakos Beach is exotic and one of the most unique Kefalonia beaches. It is well-known due to the distinct red sand it possesses, which makes for a memorable experience. There is also clay, a variety of trees such as pine, and mountain views.

Due to its natural landscape, this beach in Kefalonia possesses stunning views and remains unspoiled to this day. There are several restaurants nearby, and the waters are shallow. Therefore it is safer for children to waddle in.

Petani Beach


Petani Beach in Lixouri is another one of the beaches in Kefalonia with remarkable views. The cliffs here are made of limestone, and the sea is vibrant shades of emerald, creating a charming and relaxing atmosphere.

Like other Kefalonia beaches the road to the beach is long, so hiring a taxi is advised. Once you reach the beach, there is golden sand and a scattering of pebbles, as well as large rocks which you can dive from.

Xi Beach

Xi beach, like Megas Lakos Beach, has red sand and other natural properties. Even though it is one of the most popular beaches in Kefalonia, it is large and spacious.

This means that some parts of the beach are immensely crowded with a lively atmosphere, whilst others and calm and uncrowded. As a result, this beach is perfect no matter your preferences.

There is a beach bar called Baywatch serving American cuisine but also traditional taverns and Mediterranean foods.

Diwani Luxury Villas are close to Lepeda Beach and a modern and luxe type of accommodation. If you are searching for something more affordable, the Petani Resort is a romantic hotel with sea views perfect for couples. Near Xi Beach is Tramonto Suites, offering many rooms suitable for several visitors.

Kefalonia Beaches In Lourdas

Trapezaki Beach

Trapezaki Beach is the best beach for you if you prefer the calmer and less crowded Kefalonia beaches. It is small and quaint, great if you are visiting with a partner for a peaceful holiday. There are available sunbeds and umbrellas, so you do not have to carry towels.

Although it is a quiet beach, there is a beach bar playing music to keep the atmosphere lively, as well as taverns. Trapezaki Beach is relatively quiet and lazy, but if you prefer adventure there are plenty of fish to be seen whilst snorkeling.

Lourdas Beach

Lourdas Beach is sandy and clean, as well as a relatively good size for finding a spot to lay without being too crowded. The waters are warm and clear and therefore good for swimming, but make sure to stay close to the shore. When winds hit the waters can become rough and unsuitable for children, but great for kitesurfing and paragliding. 

Kefalonia beaches are usually on the calmer side, but Lourdas beach is better for water sports. The Seven Café Bar is beachfront and easily accessible, so snacks can be retrieved during the day.

Katelios Beach

Katelios Beach is a cozy and family-friendly beach between Lourdas and Skala. You can find free sunbeds as well. The coast is long so there are almost sunbeds available even during busy seasons. The waters are usually calmer and shallower here, therefore, children can enjoy the sea and swim safely. Alternatively, you can also lounge on the sand all day or dine at the multiple taverns nearby.

Kaminia Beach

Kaminia Beach is a long and sandy beach close to Lourdas and Katelios Beach. This is one of the most well-known Kefalonia beaches because it’s a favorite for turtles as well.

it is the optimal site for turtles nearby to lay their eggs and nest, which although roped off is a unique experience within itself. There is plenty of nature such as birds and fish here too. The beach itself is large and organized, with many amenities such as a beach bar and taverns.

F-Zeen is located 100m from Lourdas Beach and offers adults-only retreats for a relaxing and romantic holiday. Less than a kilometer from Kaminia Beach is the Mounda Beach Hotel, offering rooms with garden and sea views in an accessible location near restaurants and cafes. Alternatively, The Magnolia Resort next to Katelios Beach is large and modern, including a spa resort, swimming pool, and bar.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Kefalonia

Kefalonia beaches are definitely some of the best in Greece. With a diverse range to choose from, each beach has its own unique atmosphere. From crowded and lively to quiet and serene, there is a range of beaches available on this stunning island.



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