10 Best Beaches In Syros, Greece To Visit

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Syros is a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. It is small and quiet, hence why Syros beaches are best known for being peaceful and tranquil. Beaches in Syros are often sandy, clean, and calm, ideal for families with small children or couples on a romantic holiday. Also, Syros beaches near the capital Ermoupoli are close to Maiouli Square, the Town Hall, and other interesting cultural landmarks.

The Most Popular Syros Beach

Megas Gialos Beach


Megas Gialos Beach is the most popular Syros beach because it is adored by everyone no matter the type of holiday you are looking for. With ‘mega’ meaning big, it is a large resort that has two beaches; one is sandy and the other rockier. Both are organized, and there is plenty of space.

The sandy beach is sheltered and has calm waters which are safe for both little children and adults to swim in. On the other hand, the rocky side is great for diving and snorkeling.

Megas Gialos Beach is 12km from the capital Ermoupoli. It is away from the busy side of Syros, but you can rent a car or hire a taxi if you wish to explore.

Peaceful Bay is beachfront and has a kitchenette and balcony. It is next to a bus stop, just over 10km away from Syros port, and near to multiple bars and restaurants.


Best Syros Beaches West Of Ermoupoli

Kini Beach

Kini Beach is found 9km west of Emoupoli. It is one of the most popular beaches in Syros because it is long and sandy. There are plenty of sunbeds and space to lay your towels. Kini Beach is very safe and accessible, it is in a great location surrounded by the City Hall, Panagia Gorgona, and various taverns.

These taverns serve fresh seafood caught from the sea, so it is worthwhile spending the day here and eating at the restaurants, such as Allou Yialou. Additionally, there is a ramp for the disabled, making it accessible to everyone.

Delfini Beach

Delfini Beach is close to Kini Beach, only 1km away and reachable on foot. It is small and quiet, despite its location. Delfini Beach is one of the only nudist beaches in Syros, which is often more crowded on the rockier side of the beach.

The middle part, which is composed of sand and pebbles, is more family-friendly and great for relaxing on the sunbeds available. Also, there is a beach bar where you can have quick and simple meals.

Lotos Beach

Lotos Beach is one of the most understated beaches in Syros. Its serenity and majestic nature are undeniable. The beach is best known for its clear blue waters that are ideal for swimming in.

The area is also sheltered, so the waters and calm and child-friendly. As the beach is less talked about, it is not busy and visibly cleaner than other Syros Beaches.

Lotos Beach is easily reached by car, but you can also walk from Delfini Beach if you prefer a scenic hike. There is also a tavern nearby so you do not have to carry around snacks.

Where To Stay West Of Ermoupoli

Oro Suites are beachfront properties on Kini Beach, and also close to Delfini and Lotos beach. There are King, Queen, and Family suites available, or if you are feeling luxurious a Presidential suite too.

The Blue Harmony Hotel is also on the beachfront of Kini Beach but is a more affordable option if you are traveling in a large group and want proximity to the beach. Lastly, Tramonto Nel Delfini is a self-catering hotel closer to Delfini Beach, if this is the beach you prefer.

Best Syros Beaches South Of Ermoupoli

Vari Beach

Vari Beach is one of the furthest Syros beaches down south. However, the island is relatively small so it is still only 8km from Ermoupoli. It is a sheltered sandy beach that is protected from the wind and ideal for children.

The waters are clear, shallow, and calm; regardless of your swimming ability you can just waddle around or even scuba dive and explore. It is organized and with lots of space for visiting in large groups. There are also multiple taverns nearby. Overall, the peaceful nature of this beach makes it perfect for families.

Galissas Beach

Galissas Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Syros due to its convenience and beauty. It is sandy and organized. You can find plenty of space here whether you are traveling alone or with others.

Kids enjoy this beach immensely as the waters are shallow and there are amenities nearby for changing. It is also disability-friendly, as there are ramps and lifeguards to make the beach safer. For couples, the sunset is incredibly romantic, which you can watch whilst dining at the taverns.

Azolimnos Beach

Other than Asteria Beach which is directly in the center, Azolimnos Beach is one of the closest Syros beaches to Ermoupoli, It is windier than other beaches in Syros and less sheltered, making it great for water sports like surfing.

The waters are also clear here, so if you are adventurous and enjoy scuba diving, this beach is ideal. After a long day of activities, you can sit at the taverns close by and enjoy a hearty meal. Although this beach is not recommended for families with small children as it is smaller and windier, it is ideal for water sports enthusiasts and solo travelers.

Where To Stay South Of Ermoupoli

Hotel Kamelo is found directly on Vari Beach and has double, triple, quadruple, and family rooms with different views. Closer to Galissas Beach is Hotel Benois which is 50m away and offers breakfast and a swimming pool. Villa Dolphin is 20m from Azolimnos Beach, and only 2km from the airport. There are rooms with beautiful sea, garden or mountain views.

Best Syros Beaches In Poseidonia

Agathopes Beach

Agathopes Beach is found in the Poseidonia resort, hence is one of the furthest Syros beaches from Ermoupoli. The Beach is long and sandy, with lots of space for children to play. It is also clean and organized, so you do not have to worry about bringing towels and waking up early to find space.

Aside from the beach bar serving snacks and drinks, there are also taverns serving traditional Mediterranean cuisines. Agathopes Beach is accessible by car as there is parking, and also close to a bus stop.

Komito Beach

Komito Beach is one of the calmest beaches in Syros in Poseidonia. It is small and relatively secluded, so less busy and great for families with kids of all ages. There are facilities for water and beach sports such as surfing and volleyball on the soft golden sand.

Komito Beach is organized and so there are many sunbeds where you can lay and enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding olive trees. It is also an ideal place to soak in the orange sunset. However, note that it can get busy during the summer season because it is smaller in size.

Finikas Beach

Finikas Beach is one of the biggest beaches in Syros. It is ideal for snorkeling in the clear waters. You can see a wide array of marine life, such as sea urchins and shoals of small fish.

This beach is relatively windy, therefore if you like surfing and similar activities, this is the perfect beach for you. There are also fishing boats in the sea, which you can enjoy at the local taverns serving fresh seafood.

Where To Stay In Poseidonia

Calma Boutique Hotel is located on Agathopes Beach and offers rooms with a sun terrace and hot tub. The hotel is less than 7km from the airport, therefore convenient for traveling more easily.

If you are traveling in a larger group, the Akrogiali accommodation offers many apartments with a variety of rooms and garden or sea views. Good Life Eco Villas is a more traditional accommodation, found next to a vineyard and olive trees. There are markets and taverns a short walk away.

Enjoying The Best Beaches On Syros

Syros beaches are definitely some of the best in Greece. With soft golden sand, crystal clear waters, and a range of activities, it is no surprise that the beaches in Syros are popular travel destinations. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or alone, Syros has something to offer.



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