25 Best Beaches On Lefkada, Greece To Visit

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Lefkada, popularly known also as Lefkas, is found on the West coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea. The beaches on Lefkada are labeled as the Caribbean equivalent of beaches in Greece, because of their turquoise waters and stunning rocky cliffs.

As a result, Lefkada beaches are the ideal hotspot for short breaks or long vacations, as all are equally beautiful and interesting in their own way. Whether you are interested in the windy beaches of Vasiliki or prefer the convenience of beaches in the capital of Lefkada city, there is a beach for you.

Lefkada City Beaches on Lefkada

Gyra Beach


Gyra Beach is located centrally in Lefkada city, making it the ideal hotspot if you want to be surrounded by culture, activities, and beaches. It is one of the longest beaches on Lefkada, with plenty of space for relaxing and sunbathing as well as swimming in the clear waters.

Gyra Beach is great if you are traveling with your family full of little children, as the waters are calm and there are lots of pebbles and sand for them to play with. Furthermore, if you are interested in Lefkada history, there are monuments and museums nearby in the town, as well as various taverns to eat and drink at.

Agios Ioannis Beach


Agios Ioannis Beach is another prime example of a beach in an idyllic location, as it is in the center and has cafes, bars, and restaurants nearby. It also has sand and pebbles, but unlike many other beaches in Lefkada also offers sunbeds and parasols so that you do not have to carry blankets from your accommodation to the beachfront.

Agios Ioannis is most popularly known for the breath-taking sunsets in the late afternoon, due to the mystical purple and orange colors. Overall, it is perfect for a romantic holiday as a couple or even as a solo trip, because the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere will make you immerse yourself in the enjoyable environment.

Ammoglossa Beach

Ammoglossa Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in Lefkada, which you may want to visit if you prefer a quieter and more serene atmosphere but do not want to compromise on the optimal location. Essentially, Ammoglossa beach is an extension of the much larger Gyra Beach mentioned above, close to the bridge which connects Lefkada to the Akarnanian mainland.

Furthermore, you can clearly see the ancient castle Agia Mavra from the shore which was built in the fourteenth century. The beach itself is comparatively smaller than those nearby, sporting calm waters, sand, and pebbles.

Where To Stay In Lefkada City

The Secret Boutique Hotel is a hotel 50m from the central square, moderately priced and with a private terrace. Alternatively, Aeraki Apartments is closer to the beaches but farther away from the center, if you are selecting your accommodation based on the proximity to the beach. Lastly, if you are traveling with family and searching for larger rooms, the Socrates Family Apartments are the ideal fit.


Agios Nikitas Beaches on Lefkada

Agios Nikitas Beach


You will find Agios Nikitas Beach just over 10km West of Lefkada town. It is one of the most traditional Lefkada beaches. Agios Nikitas Beach is a fishing village, which is great if you are a food connoisseur or simply enjoy eating fresh kinds of seafood.

Here, there are many restaurants around which serve an array of different seafood and main meals, allowing you to expand your taste pallet and try new flavors that aren’t available back home. Agios Nikitas Beach is a small and organized sandy beach that little children can feel safe in. However, it is worth noting that during the summer seasons it may be crowded.

Mylos Beach


Mylos Beach is located between Agios Nikitas and Kalamatsi. Unlike the majority of other beaches on Lefkada, it is secluded and farther away from the center, which has the advantage of being less crowded and more peaceful. Nevertheless, it is a large beach with abundant space.

The view is picturesque as you can see mountains and rocks surrounding the waters as you sunbathe or swim by, adding to the natural quality it possesses. There are not many restaurants nearby as it is sheltered away from the chaos of the town, but there are little shops scattered around for necessities.

Pefkoulia Beach

Sunset at Pefkoulia Beach in Lefkada

Pefkoulia Beach is slightly closer to Lefkada town, and in a more accessible location, earning its reputation of being an admired and enthralling beach. It is large with golden sand and transparent waters, while offering scenic landscapes shaped by rocks.

There are many places to eat nearby such as the Deck restaurant, which has its own swimming pool, ideal if you have children that are scared of swimming in the sea and need refreshing. Nearby is also Milos and Agios Nikitas Beach, if you are staying for a longer period of time and want to explore other beaches on Lefkada.

Kathisma Beach 

Kathisma Beach is one of the most well-known Lefkada beaches. It is slightly farther than 15km from Lefkada center, as close to all of the Agios Nikita’s beaches. The beach is large and organized, suitable for families and large groups, because there are lots of available sunbeds and parasols.

It is frequently crowded, especially during August. Therefore it may be worthwhile to visit earlier in the day to take a sunbed, or later in the afternoon. Furthermore, it is ideal for teenagers or young adults as there is a beach bar nearby with trendy music serving drinks, and there are also plenty of attractions around. 

Beautiful sand and rock formations at Kathisma, Lefkada Beach

Where To Stay In Agios Nikitas, Lefkada

Agios Nikitas Hotel is found only 150 yards from the nearest beach, Agios Nikitas. On the other hand, Maranthes Studios is closer to Kathisma Beach by 450m, complete with a children’s playground and the option to take pets also. If Milos Beach is your top priority, Santa Marina Hotel is only 500 yards away.

Vasiliki Beaches on Lefkada

Vasiliki Beach


The sandy and windy Vasiliki Beach is a draw for beach goers looking to take part in beach sports such as surfing, paragliding, and jetskiing. Vasiliki beaches are the windiest beaches on Lefkada, just right if you are looking for an adventurous holiday filled with moving about and exerting energy, especially if you are a young adult or enjoy keeping fit.

Alternatively, you can also engage in land sports such as beach volleyball. There are plenty of restaurants around for you to check out afterward, such as Batzanakias, which is directly next to the beach.  

Agiofili Beach

Agiofili Beach in Lefkada

Agiofili Beach is an exotic yet charming beach that is popular due to its cozy, small size, and beautiful views. Like other typical Lefkada beaches, there are many cliffs where you can scuba dive or swim near, or contrastingly available sunbeds if you wish to relax instead. Moreover, the waters are surprisingly calm for the region of Vasiliki, so children can play in the shallow waters.

Egremni Beach


Egremni Beach is in the South West of Lefkada, 40km away from Lefkada center, and can be accessed from Vasiliki port by boat. It is large and has both sand and pebbles, in addition to the characteristic turquoise waters of Lefkada beaches. Due to this, it is often busy and can be enjoyed if you are searching for classic touristic beaches.

Egremni Beach is nearby to numerous taverns and other beaches such as Porto Katsiki, ideal if you enjoy exploring but do not want to spend all day traveling.

Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki Beach is one of the more peaceful beaches in Lefkada

Porto Katsiki Beach is small yet wonderful. As soon as you get to the entrance, there is a staircase taking you down to the sand, where you can see tall rocks and a clear blue sea ahead. Porto Katsiki Beach is one of the most talked about Lefkada beaches amongst locals, as its name has a historical meaning.

Old tales state that only goats could access it at first, adding to the magic and exclusivity. It is found in South West Lefkada, 40km away from the center, making it the perfect combination of popular but uncrowded.

Where To Stay In Vasiliki, Lefkada

Ponti Beach Hotel is found 150 yards from Vasiliki Beach and offers rooms with both mountain and sea views. Alternatively, Katerina Lefkada is a family-ran hotel that overlooks Vasiliki Bay, if you prefer supporting local businesses whilst on holiday. Lastly, if you wish to opt for a larger and more luxurious room, Ammos and Thalasa offer modern and spacious accommodations. 

Mikros Gialos Beaches on Lefkada

Poros Beach  

Poros Beach, also known as Mikros Gialos Beach by some, is a beautiful beach for couples in a prime location. As there are large rocks surrounding the waters it is not extremely safe for children or divers, although swimming is harmless due to the calm nature of the waves.

It is one of the most perfect beaches of Lefkada for sunbathing and gazing into the sky as the sun sets because the colors on this side of Lefkada are electric. Furthermore, if you are visiting with your partner there are multiple bars less than half a kilometer away.

If you are seeking an adventure, you could always visit the Lefkas Earth Winery, take a long stroll, or potentially lease a car hire.

Lila Beach

Lila Beach is found half a kilometer away from the center of Mikros Gialos, close to the village yet still retaining its natural beauty. It is also close to other beaches in Lefkada. There is also parking and is it next to the main road, therefore placing it in a great location.

It is a wholesome beach that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter whether you are with a partner, lots of friends, or even solo. Lila Beach has both sand and pebbles that children can play with and plenty of space if you are in a large group like your family because it is large.

Where To Stay In Mikros Gialos, Lefkada

Apagio is a property only minutes away from the beach, in a great location with lots of space. However, finding accommodation in Mikros Gialos close to the beach can be a struggle. Nevertheless, Ola Kala offers single and double rooms, relatively close to Mikros Gialos, for a cost-efficient price.

Apolloni Beaches on Lefkada

Ammoussa Beach

Ammoussa beach is a medium-sized beach enclosed by green hills, making it one of the most natural beaches on Lefkada. There are amenities like sunbeds, chairs, and parasols available to rent for the day, in addition to many restaurants.

The closest place to eat is Ammoussa Beach Café which is located opposite the beach and serves hearty seafood dishes, as well as cocktails or simply coffee. Therefore, it is the ideal beach for families to bring their children to all day, and enjoy dinner whilst admiring the evergreen views.  

Gialos Beach


Gialos Beach is wide, long, and sandy. It is not to be confused with Mikros Gialos Beach located in the South East of Lefkada! Gialos Beach is located South West, approximately 40km away from Lefkada town. It is relatively large and spacious, and one of the quietest beaches on Lefkada.

This is recommended if you prefer a quieter vacation away from the touristic beaches in Lefkada center, which are most often swarming with people. Nonetheless, there are taverns close to the beachfront as well as Egremni beach a few kilometers away.

Where To Stay In Apolloni, Lefkada

Orfeas Rooms are located just over 2km from Ammoussa Beach, overlooking the blue Ionian Sea as well as the extensive mountains. Is it in a prime location near restaurants and small stores. Similarly, Vassiliki Bay Hotel is a similar distance away, as well as next to some popular beaches on Lefkada like Agiofili and Porto Katsiki.

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Kalamitsi Beaches on Lefkada

Kalamitsi Beach


For a family-friendly beach with many amenities nearby, definitely check out Kalamitsi Beach. There are lifeguards to ensure your children’s safety, and your own, in addition to soft waters that you can swim in without worry. The landscape is rocky, where it is possible to scuba diver and explore the marine life of Lefkada, such as the exotic small fish that are homed in the Ioanian Sea.

Kalamatsi Beach is also near Hellinika Beach if you are staying in town for a few days, and want to keep exploring the beaches of Lefkada. A few taverns are situated close by, such as Ammos Kalamitsi Restaurant which serves fresh food with friendly service.

Megali Petra Beach

Megali Petra Beach is another beautiful sandy beach with large rocks and age-old landscapes. It is often overlooked because of the other big beaches on Lefkada, but not to be underestimated. You may need a couple of days to enjoy the clear waters and green coast, as well as palate every snack at the bar.

Whilst the strong waves may not be appropriate for small children, they are suitable for surfing and paragliding to see the unique picturesque views. It should be noted that as the beach is farther away from the center, it is accessed by an old road, therefore it may be worthwhile taking a sea taxi instead.

Gaidaros Beach

Gaidaros Beach is an extension of Kathisma Beach, another one of the beaches of Lefkada. It is a few kilometers from the Kalamitsi settlement and left from Avali. It is surrounded by the mountains, in a relatively secluded area, with many available sunbeds and umbrellas.

Whilst Gaidaros Beach is a sandy beach, it is scattered with pebbles; be sure to bring sensible shoes if you are planning on walking along the coastline or exploring nature.

Unlike Kathisma Beach, it is not usually crowded with people, therefore is the best solution if you prefer a quieter and more natural beach. Nevertheless, there is a refreshing beach bar to order snacks from if you plan to stay for a while.

Kavalifetka Beach

Kavalifetka Beach is an exotic Lefkada beach near Katamitsi and Megali Petra Beach. Although there is parking available, the road is narrow and difficult to drive on in a foreign country, so it may be advisable to walk or take a sea taxi.

When you arrive, there is a beach bar for hydration and meals, and sunbeds that can be rented for the entire day. There are also other cafes further along if you are hungry for a large dinner. The waters around Kavalifetka Beach also has many small fishes which makes it a good opportunity to scuba dive or snorkel.

Where To Stay In Kalamitsi, Lefkada

Nontas in Kalamitsi offers double rooms, family rooms, and whole apartments depending on your needs, 2km away from Megali Petra Beach. Alternatively, Nerina Studios are farther away, found only 2km from Kalamitsi, surrounded by nature, and also beachfront to Milos Beach. It should be noted that there are limited spaces in Kalamitsi due to the scarcity of hotels, so booking in advance is needed.


Nikiana Beaches on Lefkada

Nikiana Beach

About 10km away from the Lefkada center, you will find Nikiana Beach, one of the smallest Lefkada beaches. It is located in a fishing village, so there are lots of interesting fish swimming around which can be seen by scuba diving, and also traditional Mediterranean seafood dishes caught daily from the harbor. The beach has both pebbles and sand and is family-friendly. It is close to Nidri Beach, which is louder and more dynamic.

Nidri Beach


Nidri Beach is a clean, adequately-sized beach that has many sporting facilities, sunbeds, and landscapes to explore. Like other Lefkada beaches in Nikiana, the transparent waters are ideal for snorkeling and diving and are turbulent enough for rowing.

On the beachfront are numerous hotels to choose from that are a walking distance away from the sea, and also restaurants and bars with evening entertainment.

Desimi Beach

Desimi Beach is located on the peninsula 5km away from Nidri. It is surrounded by tall green trees giving you lots of shade, and golden sand at the foot of the clear, warm waters. Desimi is one of the popular beaches in Lefkada for children because there are various taverns nearby for when they inevitably become hungry or thirsty. It is also suitable for teenagers interested in water sports. The Desimi Caves are a beautiful attraction next to the beach, where you can discover the fascinating natural architecture of the beach.

Where To Stay In Nikiana, Lefkada

Porto Galini Seaside Resort in Nikiana is an idyllic place to stay, close to all three beaches. There is a sauna, spa, and fitness center too if you are searching for luxury accommodation. 500 yards from Nidri Beach is Azul, whereby you can book a one-bedroom room or studio apartment also close to Pasas Beach with sea, mountain, or pool views.

Tsoukalades Beaches on Lefkada

Tsoukalades Beach

You find a good blend of lush greenery with crystal clear waters on Lefkada Beaches

Although small, Tsoukalades Beach is a must-see Lefkada beach because of the serenity and secluded nature of the location. It is only 10km from Lefkada town and accessible by car but still private, usually quiet unless you visit during the peak summer months.

Even though Tsoukalades Beach is not as lively as the other Lefkada beaches where you can spend days on, it is still an invaluable experience to spend a day here. Especially if you are traveling alone and prefer tranquillity.

Skala Gialou Beach

Skala Gilou Beach is one of the closest beaches on Lefkada to the center. It is a beach ideal for adults because of the deep waters and unique scenery, which is perfect for exploring and appreciating exotic landscapes. Because it is rocky, it is not suitable for children, but would be appropriate for playing beach sports or hiking to from the nearby resorts.

Kaminia Beach

Kamina Beach is one of the most private beaches on Lefkada, despite its proximity to the center. Here you can appreciate the beauty of old pine trees and large rocks whilst sitting across from the turquoise Ionian waters. Behind the beach is a small cave that is ideal for taking photos. This beach is especially enjoyable if you are searching for a quiet getaway that is still close to the much livelier city center.

Where To Stay In Tsoukalades, Lefkada

Villa Melisti is a few minutes’ walk from Tsoukalades center, and 1,500 years away from Kaminia Beach. Rooms are cozy, furnished, and air-conditioned, perfect if you are traveling as a couple looking for a twin room. To Agridi is also in a great location between beaches, although is a studio apartment and must be reserved in advance.

Enjoying The Best Beaches On Lefkada

Lefkada beaches are definitely some of the best beaches in Greece, and arguably some of the best beaches in Europe. With so many beaches to pick from, you will be spoilt for choice on which one to spend your day at. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly beach close to nature or a more private beach with serene surroundings, Lefkada beaches have it all.



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