15 Best Beaches On Sithonia, Greece To Visit

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Sithonia, also known as Longos, is a peninsula of Halkidiki in the North of Greece. The beaches of Sithonia are characterized by their exotic natural landscapes and peaceful nature. Sithonia beaches are popular for various reasons, ranging from the excursions they offer to the activities on the beach. There are over 70 of them, and here is a list of the best beaches on Sithonia, to help you find the ultimate option for your trip.

The Most Popular Beaches on Sithonia

Karidi Beach

Whilst all of the beaches on Sithonia are unique in their own way, Karidi beach in Vourvourou is raved about the most. The clear water is ideal for renting a boat and exploring the area, as well as swimming and snorkeling in.

It is also close enough to the Blue Lagoon to take a cruise trip, between the islands Diaporos and Agios Isidoros. There is also a beach bar and restaurant, allowing you to you stay the entire day. 

Alexandros Hotel is a great accommodation only 300m from the beach, offering a range of different sized apartments.

Beaches on Sithonia in Nikiti

Kalogria Beach


Kalogri Beach is a long, sandy beach located in Nikiti. It is one of the best beaches in Sithonia for watersports and beach activities because it is very spacious, and also narrow enough to swim. There are trees to provide shadow if you are worried about the heat, and the water is shallow enough for children to swim in.

Overall, this beach is ideal for a relaxing beach day with the family, tanning on the rented sunbeds, and dining at nearby restaurants such as Limoni.

Elia Beach

Beautiful beaches on Sithonia with amenities

Elia Beach is a few kilometers south of Kalogria Beach. It is not to be overlooked, and although it is not as well-known as the other beaches of Sithonia, it is just as beautiful. The beach is a combination of sand and pebble, with sunbeds scattered around to rent for the day.

There are olive and palm trees to provide shade, as well as shallow waters to swim in. One main advantage of Elia beach is that it is less crowded and quieter if you are searching for a tranquil beach to visit.

Where To Stay In Nikiti

Akti Kalogria Hotel is located directly across from Kalogria Beach, in an optimal location ensuring you do not have to travel far. Similarly, Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel is on the seafront of Elia Beach if this is where you prefer to visit.

Beaches on Sithonia in Kalamitsi

Kalamitsi Beach


Kalamitsi Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Sithonia. It is a relatively small beach in the village of Kalamitsi, South East of Sithonia. The water is clear and shallow, and there are sunbeds available to rent.

If you are a food fanatic, Kalamitsi beach is the one to visit. There are multiple taverns nearby such as Zorbas and Giorgakis which serve delectable fresh seafood meals, in addition to a beach bar. Furthermore, Kalamitsi Beach is close to great clubs, if you are traveling with friends or even alone. There is also a Nudist Bay.

Mamba Beach

Mamba Beach, which is locally known as Ampelos Beach, is one of the most natural beaches in Sithonia. It is the furthest beach down south in Sithonia, surrounded by a picturesque view of rocky mountains and greenery.

You may need to bring appropriate shoes, as it is a pebble beach, however, this is beneficial if you are looking for a change to sandy beaches. Snorkeling is a popular activity, as there are many small exotic fish around swimming in the turquoise waters.


Where To Stay In Kalamitsi

Hotel Palladium is 200m from Kalamitsi Beach and has a garden and bar, in an idyllic location. On the other hand, Kalamitsi Studios is a beachfront accommodation offering larger rooms, suitable for two to four adults if you are traveling with family.

Beaches on Sithonia in Vourvourou

Bahia Beach

Bahia Beach is a spacious and sociable beach in the north of Sithonia in Vourvourou. The atmosphere is uplifting due to the many surrounding restaurants. In addition, the beach bar is open all day and serves refreshing drinks and well as snacks.

As the water is deeper than other beaches on Sithonia it is not best suited for children, however, the loud music and clubs nearby are great for young adults or couples.

Fava Beach

Crystal clear waters with beautiful landscapes on Sithonia beaches

Fava Beach is a small green beach surrounded by interesting rock formations and clear waters. It is one of the beaches of Sithonia that is adored by adventurous travelers and nature lovers.

You can also join a private cruise to explore the Blue Lagoon and other beaches such as the infamous Karidi Beach around a kilometer away. If you are craving food, there are multiple restaurants within a walking distance, some Mediterranean, and some Italian.

Livari Beach

Livari Beach is found north of Fava and Bahia Beach. It is perfect for families as it has some of the shallowest water in comparison to the other beaches on Sithonia, ensuring that your children are safe to swim in the sea. There is also plenty of natural shade, and sunbeds because it is not usually crowded.

Where To Stay In Vourvourou

Hotel Vourvourou is a beachfront accommodation with both sea and mountain views and double or family rooms, ideal whether you are traveling alone or in a large group.

A more luxurious option is Hotel Rema which is slightly further away; however, rooms are more stylish and pets are also allowed!

Beaches on Sithonia in Toroni

Toroni Beach

Stunning beaches in Toroni, Sithonia

Toroni Beach is found in the village of Toroni in south Sithonia. It is a long sandy beach with warm and shallow waters, making it ideal for children. Since it is relatively large compared to other beaches of Sithonia, there is plenty of space for you to visit in large groups such as family. There are multiple taverns and bars nearby to eat and drink at, such as the Taverna Leon diner which offers fresh seafood and a cultural experience.

Destenika Beach

Destenika Beach is close to Toroni Beach, yet it is much more peaceful and preferable if you would usually favor tranquillity over a lively atmosphere. There is the opportunity for sunbathing on the sandy shore, swimming or snorkeling in the calm waters. You can head to the beach bar at the end for snacks throughout the day. It is easily accessible by car and there are many parking spaces or can be reached on foot.

Where To Stay In Toroni

Akti Toroni Boutique Hotel is 10 minutes away from Toroni Beach. The rooms come with a kitchenette, balcony, and private bathroom and there are many suites to choose from. A more affordable option is the Fay Boutique Hotel which is beachfront, offering quality suites for a cheaper price.

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Beaches on Sithonia in Sarti

Kavourotrypes Beach

Kavourotrypes Beach, colloquially known as Orange Beach, is situated in the north of Sarti. It is one of the most popular beaches on Sithonia due to the scenic view of Athos Mountain, in combination with the emerald waters and golden sand.

It is a relatively crowded beach which you will appreciate if you enjoy the classic and dynamic atmosphere of vacations abroad, socializing and meeting new people. Additionally, there is a beach bar serving European food, and multiple taverns serving traditional Mediterranean food.

Platanitsi Beach

Platanitsi Beach is a long sandy beach that is recommended if you enjoy lively beach trips. It is one of the top beaches on Sithonia to snorkel in because there are shoals of fish and other marine life present in the waters.

Other unique activities include mule riding associated with historical Greek traditions. There is a barbeque area and camping area if you want to sit and eat, and also a few bars with fresh food and energizing drinks.

Armenistis Beach

Interesting rock formations around some beaches of Sithonia

Armenisitis Beach is situated between Sarti and Vourvourou. Due to the white sand and tall trees enclosing it, it is easily one of the most beautiful of the Sithonia beaches. There is a playground if you are visiting with young children, and also clean and organized with available sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. Furthermore, there is a beach bar, taverns, and a supermarket. It is in a great location close to essential amenities.

Where To Stay In Sarti

Hotel Olga is a mere 2km away from Platanitsi beach and is also close to other Sarti beaches. There are mountain views from the balcony, a particular favorite of guests. 

Hotel Viky is closer to Kavourotrypes Beach, 7km away, and is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and bars. 

Beaches on Sithonia in Ormos Panagia

Trani Ammouda Beach

Trani Ammouda Beach is a large, sandy beach in Ormos Panagia, home to one of the largest ports in Sithonia. It stands out from other beaches in Sithonia for this reason. It is easily accessed, and you can travel to other destinations and beaches too if you are exploring Sithonia with time on your hands.

Trani Ammouda Beach is at the top of the peninsula, contributing to the windiness of the beach, and allowing you to surf and engage in other beach sports.

Laganisi Beach

Laganisi Beach is an impressive family beach with shade, shallow waters, and many surrounding bars. It is sandwiched between two other beaches in Sithonia, ideal if you want to visit many beaches at once, and has a lively atmosphere with great service. A nice place to eat nearby is Aristos, a traditional restaurant serving fresh meals less than a kilometer away.

Where To Stay In Ormos Panagia

Avra Hotel is a seafront hotel directly in the center of Ormos Panagia so is therefore in an ideal location near both beaches and amenities.

Likewise, Meltemi Hotel is only a minute walk away from Trani Ammouda Beach and has captivating views of the Aegean Sea.


Enjoying The Best Beaches On Sithonia, Greece

These are only some of the beaches on Sithonia, each offering their own unique atmosphere and experiences. Whether you are looking for a lively beach trip with friends or a more relaxed vacation with your family, Sithonia probably has something for you. Experience the culture, food, and natural beauty that Sithonia has to offer by visiting one of these beautiful beaches during your stay.



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