17 Best Beaches In Naxos, Greece To Visit

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Naxos is a Greek Island, and the largest in the Cyclades Island group including islands such as Milos, Sifnos, Sikinos, and Thira (Santorini). Beaches in Naxos are part of the South Aegean Sea and are known for their romantic, beautiful scenery such as mountainous views, waves perfect for beach sports, and proximity to nightlife. Chora, otherwise known as Naxos City, is the capital of Naxos and has many idyllic beaches with soft white sand and clear blue sea.

The Most Popular Naxos Beach

Plaka Beach


Although all of the beaches in Naxos are popular for their own reasons, such as amenities, nearby villages, and cultural landmarks, Plaka Beach undoubtedly has it all. It is found 8km from the capital city of Chora, therefore close by to all of the main restaurants and attractions that Naxos has to offer.

The beach itself is long, white, and sandy, complete with sand dunes and views of the mountains. If you are staying in Naxos for a long holiday, you can also visit nearby beaches such as Agia Anna and Agia Prokopios. It is a nudist beach and is suitable for going alone or with a partner. There are also many taverns close to the beach allowing you to stay all day without worrying about finding food nearby.

Naxos Island Escape Suites is a top-rated accommodation just 100m from Plaka Beach and have many rooms available, including honeymoon suites and rooms with a jacuzzi.

The Best Naxos Beaches In Chora

Agios Georgios Beach

Agios Georgios Beach is one of the largest and most spacious beaches in Naxos with golden sand and shallow waters for little children to swim in. Because of its size, it gets many visitors but rarely looks busy. Therefore you can visit as a family or with a large group of friends without worrying about finding space to sit.

There are sunbeds and parasols available for rent. However, if you prefer bringing your own towel this is also possible and budget-friendly. There are also many things to do, such as watersports at both ends of the beach, and places to eat like Katoi or The Butterfly Bar which are just a short walk away.

Agios Prokopios Beach

Agios Prokopios Beach is less than 6km from the central city and is a long sandy Naxos Beach which everyone will enjoy. It is especially popular amongst teenagers and young adults due to the close proximity to clubs.

Agios Prokopios has one of the clearest waters out of all the beaches in Naxos which makes it great for swimming or diving in, especially as the sea is calm and warm. There is a wide array of bars and restaurants to visit, which is great if you are staying for a few days and want to explore different cuisines and menus. There are also sellers on the actual beach.

Agia Anna Beach


Agia Anna Beach is another large Naxos Beach, which is close to the popular Agia Prokopios Beach and Plaka Beach less than a kilometer away. The beach is lively and is often busy. It is perfect if you are looking for a classic loud atmosphere.

If you are staying for a week or two, consider finding accommodation nearby so that you could visit all of these beaches in Naxos. You can easily get there on foot, but there is also plenty of transportation nearby to Naxos town and other parts of Naxos. There are lots of taverns and friendly service.

Maragas Beach

Maragas Beach is one of the quieter and more peaceful beaches in Naxos. It is within walking distance to Naxos Old Town, yet calm despite its proximity to these louder attractions. This Naxos beach is the perfect sandy beach to lay on all day by yourself or with a partner.

After a day at the beach, you can then visit the close by nightclubs during the evening. It is also family-friendly, but there are nudist spots on the far ends.

Where To Stay In Chora

The Argo Boutique Hotel is located 50m away from Agios Georgios Beach, and 400m from the city center. Rooms are luxurious with a bath, satellite television, and fridge. A cheaper alternative is Soula Naxos, also located next to the beach and center. Also, Majo Suites Hotel is a one-minute walk from the Agio Anna and Agio Prokopios Beaches.


The Best Naxos Beaches In Parthena

Mikri Vigla Beach


Mikri Vigla Beach is a great beach for water sports because it is one of the windiest beaches in Naxos. The waters are deeper and more turbulent, but suitable for paddle boarding, surfing, and paragliding. However, it is probably not the safest option if you are visiting with little children. Furthermore, the waters are clear enough for scuba diving and exploring the small fish around the beach.

Orkos Beach

Orkos Beach is a small beach that is secluded and remote. Therefore, it is less crowded than other popular beaches in Naxos. This beach is ideal if you are visiting in a group because it is easier to find a space. Additionally, you will enjoy it if you like water sports, as like Mikri Vigla Beach it is windy with the best conditions for surfing.

Sahara Beach

Sahara Beach, also known as Limanakia Beach by the locals, is a continuation of Mikri Vigla beach. Therefore, it can be reached on foot from there. It is a seemingly endless beach with golden sand, and lots of sunbeds and parasols for rent. Hence, it is suitable whether you are traveling alone or with a larger group.

Although it is windy and in a good location for water sports, it also has sheltered coves to protect yourself and relax in a calmer environment.

Where To Stay In Parthena

Orkos Beach Hotel is beachfront and located close to Mikri Vigla Beach, with views overlooking the bay and island. There are twin rooms, family rooms, and honeymoon suites if you are visiting as a couple. Ydreos Studios is also beachfront, and all of the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette, especially useful if you have little children that are hungry throughout the day.

The Best Naxos Beaches In Apiranthos

Ai Giannis Beach

Ai Giannis Beach is one of the two main Moutsana Beaches and is more accessible. Following the characteristics of other Naxos Beaches, it is long and sandy with clear blue waters. The beach is also situated in front of traditional taverns.

Al Giannis beach is easy to reach because there are plenty of parking spaces if you are traveling by car; it is near bus stops if you are using public transport, and also has a ramp for wheelchairs. If you are interested in nearby cultural spots, you can also visit the Church of Panagia, a beautiful white and blue structure built in the 19th century.

Tigani Beach

Tigani Beach is the second of the two main Moutsana beaches. It is small and isolated, with soft white sand and clear waters. Additionally, it is windy, due to the strong south winds of Apiranthos.

It is quiet and less crowded, which makes it a great family-friendly beach. This beach in Naxos offers stunning views of the Moutsana Village, the Church, the art gallery, and even Zas Mountain. There are a few taverns nearby offering fresh seafood which has been caught on the local fishermen, giving you a unique cultural experience.

Panormos Beach 


Panormos Beach is located in a small bay in a fishing village. It is one of the less crowded Naxos beaches because it is more popular with locals. This is partly because it is further away from Chora and hence less chaotic than other beaches in Naxos.

Nevertheless, it is a picturesque sandy beach offering privacy yet still in a good location. There are many attractions nearby such as the Klados winery, where you can explore the process of growing and producing local wines. You will also find lots of taverns that are accessible on foot.

Rina Beach 

Rina Beach is reachable by boat from Panormos Beach, and also by private cruises which travel through Naxos. You cannot get there by car.

Nonetheless, if you have the time, you should consider visiting Rina Beach as it is one of the most serene beaches in Naxos. It is located in Rina Bay, a secluded and beautiful cove where there is interesting marine life such as bright corals and small fish.

Where To Stay In Apiranthos

Ostria Inn is found on Tsigani Beach and also close to Ai Giannis Beach. There is a seafront restaurant, rooms with pool or garden views, and also family suites. The Agerino Hotel is also located on the beachfront, and rooms have a private bathroom, kitchen, and balcony.

If you are looking for accommodation closer to Panormos Beach, Stella Beach Hotel is a one-minute walk away and child-friendly.

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The Best Naxos Beaches In Pyrgaki

Alyko Beach

Alyko Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Naxos. It is found in south-west Naxos away from the center, thus it is less noisy and more serene. It is often quite empty because there are not a lot of facilities there.

You should bring beach towels, parasols, or other beach items when visiting. Additionally, you may want to consider bringing snacks and water because the taverns nearby are 10 to 20 minutes away, but still reachable. That said, the lack of crowd means there is lots of space to lay down and relax in peace

One of the most popular attractions near Alyko Beach is the Cedar Forest, a national park covering the peninsula engulfed by exotic trees and unique art pieces.

Pyrgaki Beach

Pyrgaki Beach is a romantic, spacious beach with calm blue waters perfect to swim in for adults o children. It is sandy and scenic with views of the mountains, which you can enjoy all day.

This is one of the quietest Naxos beaches and doesn’t usually have much crowd. It is perfect if you are looking for a quiet beach to enjoy the sunset and eat until your heart is content! There is a tavern nearby, as well as restaurants a little farther away.

Where To Stay In Pyragaki

Finikas Hotel is located equally in the middle of both beaches and is a close drive to the airport and Naxos town which is lively and has clubs if you are visiting with friends. Villa Faros is also a great option as there are a variety of rooms available, from double rooms to king suites.


The Best Naxos Beaches In Kastraki

Kastraki Beach

Kastraki Beach is sandwiched between Mikri Vigla Beach and the beaches of Pyrgaki. It is one of the Southern Naxos beaches where the winds create great conditions for water sports such as windsurfing.

That said, the mix of adventure and peace means there are things to do for everyone. It is a long narrow beach, but without many facilities. Therefore you should bring your beach gear along when visiting. That said, there is plenty of space to set up your own slice of paradise.

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach is a kilometer away from Kastraki Beach. Similar to Kastraki Beach and other nearby beaches in Naxos, it is long and often peaceful. There is always lots of space and usually not crowded.

Unlike Kastraki Beach, there are sunbeds and parasols available for rental. Therefore, this is a better option if you want the extra comfort but do not want to carry lots of items with you.

If you are traveling alone, the Glyfada Naxos Restaurant is a tavern nearby with a great atmosphere. For groups, there is a range of Mediterranean dishes to try as well as vegetarian options.

Where To Stay In Kastraki

Dolphin Kastraki Studios are located 80m from Glyfada Beach, close to a bus stop, and a quick drive away from the airport. There is a range of suites available. Alternatively, The Naxos Summerland Resort is 250m from Kastraki Beach and is popular among couples and families.  

The Best Naxos Beaches In Kanaki

Psili Ammos Beach


Psili Ammos Beach is a relatively secluded beach, and one of the furthest Naxos beaches from the centre. You can reach the beach by car, however, there is no parking so you should park on the road and then take a trail to the beach to explore the greenery.

The beach is family-friendly as it is quiet and calm, with clear shallow waters that is safer for little children to swim in. Another advantage of this beach is that it is surrounded by trees, so there is shade from the sun if you are visiting in the warm summer months.

Theonis Villas is located 30m away from Psili Ammos Beach, and virtually beachfront. There are rooms with both bedrooms and living rooms, as well as a continental breakfast, both of which are great if visiting with family.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Naxos, Greece

Naxos is an island with a range of beautiful beaches to choose from. From secluded, romantic hideaways to family-friendly spots with lots of activities, these are just some of the stunning beaches in Naxos you can visit. There are lots of things to do in Naxos and plenty more beaches waiting for you to discover.




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