10 Best Beaches On Sifnos, Greece To Visit

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Sifnos is a beautiful island in Greece, famous for its historical churches, unique cuisine, and of course, the sandy Sifnos beaches! There are two prominent towns here with Apollonia being the biggest and main town; whilst Artemonas is smaller yet still near some of the best beaches in Sifnos.

Most Popular Beach In Sifnos

Platys Gialos Beach


Platys Gialos Beach is found in South Apollonia. Like many beaches in Sifnos, it is designed for tourists and has every amenity you or your family may need. It is also near a ferry harbor with boats to other regions if you are wanting to explore.

There are plenty of places to eat such as Yalos Seaside Obsession, serving classic Sifnos meals such as Revithada, a warm chickpea soup, and other fresh seafood dishes. The beach itself is long and sandy, usually crowded, and windy enough for watersports. 

Sifnos Beaches Around Apollonia 

Vathi Beach


Vathi Beach is another one of the Sifnos beaches that is sandy and with clear waters. It is on the smaller side, and much more calm than other beaches in Sifnos that are near the center. Vathi Beach is ideal for a relaxing holiday by yourself or with your partner.

The waters are shallow, making the beach a suitable playground for children as well. Furthermore, there are taverns nearby serving fresh seafood so that you do not have to worry about bringing snacks.

Chrissopigi Beach

Chrissopigi Beach is in South Apollonia. It is sandy whilst rocky, perfect for scuba diving or swimming in the shallow, warm waters. Like many other beaches in Sifnos, you can immerse yourself in the Aegean culture, more specifically the historical Chrissopigi Monastery amidst the sea. As it is organized and clean, it is a great spot for visiting as a couple for a romantic vacation.


Faros Beach


Faros Beach is close to Chrissopigi Beach, and also in South Apollonia. An advantage of being one of the smaller Cyclades Islands is that the beaches in Sifnos are close together and can be visited by walking, or via a quick bus ride.

Faros Beach is sandy and sheltered from the wind by trees, perfect for children to swim in the calm waters. It is also more peaceful and has fewer bars, contributing to the serene atmosphere. Nonetheless, there are a few taverns scattered around to have lunch or dinner within walking distance. 

Poulati Beach

Poluati Beach, also known as Dialiskari Beach, is one of the beaches in Sifnos with the most cultural value. Unlike the majority of Sifnos beaches, it is a pebble beach scattered with rocks; therefore may not be the best option if you have small children.

Nevertheless, it has clear blue waters, steep hills, and a beautiful landscape. There is a trail to the Panagi Poulati, a historical white, and blue Greek Church, which you can visit if you are interested in exploring. Sifnos is, after all, also famous for its many religious festivals. 

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Vlicho Beach


Vlicho Beach is an accessible beach on the side surrounded by Tamarisk trees and sand. It is sheltered and one of the emptiest Sifnos beaches. This makes it a great spot for an undisturbed and tranquil vacation.

The waves are calm and the water is clear, so it is suitable for swimming in, and there are no sharp rocks so children can enjoy it too. However, you should bring snacks and refreshments along. There are not many shops nearby due to the remote location.

Apokofto Beach

Apokofto Beach is only 1km away from the center of Apolonia making it one of the closest Sifnos beaches to the main town. Due to this, it is frequently visited and so has many available sunbeds and umbrellas.

The beach has golden yellow sand and clear waters and is suitable for children. There are a few taverns around serving fresh Mediterranean dishes caught by the bay right next to the beach. Furthermore, it is close to Chrissopigi Beach and the Monastery, therefore in an ideal location.

Where To Stay In Apollonia

An affordable play to stay in Apollonia is the Anthousa Hotel located in the middle of the town. It is 10km away from Platys Gialos beach, and the hotel can arrange a car service to drive you there and back.

Another option is Nostos Sifnos Hotel, which is 1km away from Poulati beach. There are studio, double and triple rooms, so there is space no matter who you are traveling with.

For a more luxurious stay, chcek out the Petali Village Hotel which has a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, as well as a swimming pool and bar. Similarly, Gerofinikas Boutique Hotel also offers a deluxe option and is just a quick car ride away from Kamares beach.

Sifnos Beaches Around Artemonas

Kamares Beach


Kamares Beach is one of the Northern beaches in Sifnos. Because of this, the water is colder and more refreshing, and there are more natural picturesque views of the Aegean mountains. There are also sufficient sun loungers and parasols to provide shade against the fiery Greek climate so that you and your family do not have to bring blankets and umbrellas. Although the beach is more remote, there are still restaurants nearby.

Cheronissos Beach


You can find Cheronissos Beach in Northern part of the island and this is one of the quietest beaches in Sifnos. It is small and sheltered, making it perfect for a calm beach day by yourself or with your friends.

Additionally, there are hiking trails surrounding the beach whereby you can get to other beaches and churches. Subsequently, you can enjoy a meal at the nearby taverns, or pick up snacks from the supermarket.

Vroulidia Beach

Vroudlidia is a small Sifnos beach that many also consider to be one of the best beaches in Sifnos. It is a secluded pebble beach in the North of the island, in a remote location that can be accessed most efficiently by car and then walked to on foot. Alternatively, you can hire a boat to get you there.

Although it is incredibly calm and peaceful, there are taverns nearby such as Ta Vroulidia and Katerina Café, ensuring that there are facilities available despite the quiet nature of the beach.

Where To Stay In Artemonas

If you are traveling in a large group such as a family, Maria Studios is 100m from Cheronissos Beach and offers studio apartments and family rooms to fit the crew.

Hotel Artemon is a convenient location in Artemonas. It is not just close to all Arteminas beaches, but also neighboring a bus stop where you can visit Apolonia too.

Lastly, Romanza is found in a Cheronissos cove, directly next to the beach and close to Vroulidia beach.


Exploring The Best Beaches In Sifnos

There are many beaches to explore in Sifnos, each with their own unique character. Whether you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing spot, or a beach with more facilities, there’s a beach that will fit your requirement.

Despite being one of the smaller islands, Sifnos is still a great spot for a nice beach getaway. Get packed with our beach packing list, and be prepared to enjoy some of the best beaches in Sifnos.



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