20 Best Mykonos Beaches To Visit [Mikonos]

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Mykonos, also known as Mikonos, is one of the most popular Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos beaches are characteristically well-known for their summer parties, luxurious boat trips, and modern beaches. 

Beaches in Mikonos are large, populated, and dynamic on the south coast, where most of the bars and clubs are located. On the other hand, Mikonos beaches on the north coast are windy and have unique natural landscapes, perfect for beach sports and hiking.

Most Popular Mykonos Beach

Platys Gialos Beach

Platys Gialos Beach is one of the closest Mykonos beaches to Chora on the south coast. One of the main reasons it is so popular is because it is easily accessible by foot, car or taxi due to its great location.

Additionally, it is the perfect family-friendly beach due to its shallow waters and sandy surroundings. Unlike other Mykonos beaches that are lively and crowded, Platys Gialos is relaxing and scenic. There are also plenty of restaurants nearby such as Avli Tou Thodori.

The Palladium Hotel is a five-minute walk from Platys Gialos Beach, complete with two swimming pools and a wellness center. A more affordable option is the Argo Hotel, which is just as close and super family-friendly. Both are only 4km from Mykonos Town.


Best Mykonos Beaches On The North Coast

Agios Sostis Beach


Agios Sostis Beach is charming and quiet, more popular with locals than with tourists. If you prefer the more peaceful Mykonos beaches, Agios Sostis is for you.

Because of its calm nature, it is easier to enjoy a relaxing day on the sandy beach. It is long and unorganized, with plenty of space to bring your beach tent or chairs. Additionally, it is nudist-friendly.

Despite its tranquillity, there are places to eat nearby such as Kikis Tavern and the restaurant Kalosta.

Fokos Beach

Fokos Beach remains one of the most unspoiled and naturally scenic beaches in Mykonos. You should visit this beach if you prefer green landscapes and long, sandy beaches with little organization or activities. Bring along your beach mat and just enjoy the coast.

It is windy and the waters are deep, so whilst it may not be ideal for swimming it is perfect for taking a trip for a few hours to enjoy the view. The Fokos Tavern is also worth the visit after a day of sunbathing and relaxing.

Panormos Beach


Panormos Beach is one of the most well-known Mykonos beaches. This is because on one end it is lively and adventurous, whilst on the other secluded and calm. Overall, there is a space for everyone!

The beach itself is sandy and organized with many available sunbeds. The waters are warm which is great for snorkeling, and shallow for children to swim in. A snorkeling kit will come in handy here. The local tavern Geronymos is located on the beach and serves traditional Greek dishes.

Ftelia Beach

Like the majority of Mykonos beaches on the north coast, Ftelia beach is large and windy. If you prefer active holidays taking part in fun activities available, you could try diving, snorkeling or surfing.

Because this beach is relatively quiet, there are not many restaurants or bars directly on the beach, however, there are many places to eat when walking towards the other beaches.

Near to Ftelia beach is Agios Sostis and Panormos Beach.

Mersini Beach

Mersini Beach is found just before Fokos Beach and in contrast, is quiet and pebbly. It is a small family-friendly beach, tucked away from the usual loud atmosphere of Mykonos.

Whether you are traveling solo and looking for a cozy getaway, or want to bring your children to a safe beach, Mersini is idyllic. Additionally, a few kilometers away is a local vineyard and farm, which is worth considering if you are searching for interesting activities to include in your holiday.

Accommodations Near Mykonos Beaches On North Coast

Close to Agios Sostis Beach is Mykonos Lolita, overlooking the bay with beautiful panoramic sea views and a sun terrace.

If you are looking for a larger suite, especially when traveling with family, Miramare Suites close to Fokos Beach offers many villas and houses with a variety of different-sized bedrooms.

On the other hand, located in Panormos Bay is the Albatros Club, which offers typical Greek rooms with a modern, fitted twist. Lastly, 500m from Ftelia Beach is Ftelia View, a self-catering accommodation in an accessible location.

Best Mykonos Beaches On The East Coast

Tigani Beach

Like many of the Mykonos beaches on the east coast, Tigani beach is secluded and refreshing. The beach is separated into Pano Tigani and Kato Tigani which both overlook the entrancing island of Tragonisi, and can be visited by boat.

The waters are deep and cold with large waves due to the northern winds, creating the ideal conditions for surfing or parasailing.

On the other hand, the beach is organized and you can also lay on a sunbed all day, enjoying the fresh air and warm sun. After a long day of beach activities, you can unwind at the nearby restaurant.

Tsagari Beach

Tsagari Beach is one of the hidden gems when it comes to Mykonos beaches. Although secluded, it is easy to find by driving past Lia Beach until you discover the long, sandy stretch of Tsagari Beach.

Mykonos beaches are known for their loud beach clubs and packed venues, but if you are searching for a getaway that is easy to reach, this is ideal. It is often empty and solely beloved by locals that run the nearby taverns, serving fresh seafood and traditional Mediterranean meals.

Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis Beach is a family-friendly and fun sandy beach that is great for bringing your young children or teenagers. Bring your sandcastle building kit for some fun. The beach is organized and affordable, housing plenty of sunbeds to rent as well as being near taverns and restaurants.

Often, it is quiet, but during summer seasons it is popular to visit by families, therefore it may be worthwhile visiting in the earlier hours of the day. There are many beach sports available due to the slight but pleasant winds.

Accommodations Near Mykonos Beaches On East Coast

Villa Nautilia is close to both Tigani and Tsagari Beach, offering sea views and furnished rooms with modern fittings. The accommodation is only 10km from Mykonos Town.

Alternatively, if you are considering visiting Kalafatis Beach, the Wild Hotel is built on a hill overlooking the beach. There are a variety of rooms, including a romantic honeymoon or signature suits. There is also a private area for hotel guests on the beach.

Best Mykonos Beaches On The West Coast

Agios Stefanos Beach


Agios Stefanos Beach is known for its long stretch of sand and clear blue waters. It is a great family beach with shallow waters because of the protection from the surrounding trees, ideal for safe swimming or sunbathing peacefully.

There are many taverns as well as a beach bar close by and many other facilities. If you feel like taking a stroll, there is the small Agios Stefanos Church or Ionian Parliament nearby, where you can visit important local landmarks.

Old Port Beach

Old Port Beach is one of the most famous Mykonos beaches, mainly due to its proximity to Mykonos town center. Just like its name suggests, it is close to the old port of Mykonos and so a popular destination, which explains the many taverns nearby.

It can be reached by walking, but there are also boat trips which stop at the beach, as well as free parking. The beach itself is small and cozy but full of life and character.

Megali Ammos Beach

Megali Ammos Beach is a charming, unspoiled beach by the center of Mykonos. It is sandy with a scattering of pebbles and surrounded by rocks that are great for diving from. The waters are clear and cold, perfect for a refreshing swim in between sunbathing in the warm sun.

If you are visiting as a couple there are many romantic activities nearby such as a fine dining restaurant and many small cafes. The Rarity Gallery is another point of interest to consider.

Agios Ioannis Beach


Agios Ioannis Beach is found on the southwest coast, close to other popular Mykonos beaches but much calmer in comparison. It is organized with fine golden sand and calm shallow waters, making it family-friendly.

Additionally, the waters are exceptionally clear and the perfect condition for scuba diving further out on the coast. There are a variety of restaurants nearby, serving anything from traditional dishes to international cuisine.

Ornos Beach


Ornos Beach is a clean organized beach, within walking distance from surrounding Mykonos beaches such as Megali Ammos Beach. The beach is sociable and crowded, with a friendly beach bar and many restaurants.

Although it is small, it is great for visiting with friends and relaxing whilst still benefiting from the amenities nearby. The beach is not as windy as the beaches on the north coast, but there is a pleasant invigorating breeze nevertheless.

Accommodations Near Mykonos Beaches On West Coast

Grace Mykonos located 100m from Agios Stefanos Beach is an easily-accessible hotel close to Mykonos Airport and beachfront to the sea.

However, if Old Port Beach is where your interests lie, Melangel Hotel runs daily activities such as hiking and fishing and is close to the port as well as the airport.

An affordable choice near Ornos Beach is the Mykonos Essence Hotel, famed for its delicious buffet-style breakfast and traditional restaurant.

Lastly, Due Mari Mykonos situated on Agios Ioannis Beach offers suites and apartments suitable if you are a solo traveler as well as if in a large group.

Best Mykonos Beaches On The South Coast

Paradise Beach

Mykonos beaches on the south coast are famous for their lively nature, and Paradise Beach is no exception. This beach is targeted toward younger adults and is especially fun if you are traveling with a large group of friends.

On the other hand, the local beach bars are a great place to meet new people if you are traveling solo. Paradise Beach is known to throw the best summer parties with tailor-picked entertainers, and offer different amusing activities each night.

The beach itself is large and sandy and well-known for its beautiful sunsets. It is also accessible and easy to find by bus, car, or even on foot from Agia Anna.

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach is less than a kilometer away from Paradise Beach. It has a beach club and bar restaurant, and surprisingly has a different atmosphere. Often, there are local musicians on the beach, and the restaurants serve food for a finer taster.

Super Paradise is more luxe and expensive, suited for families that enjoy a lively vacation. Alternatively, Paradise Beach is larger and more affordable, which is coveted by groups of young adults and teenagers.

Lia Beach

Lia Beach is a calm organized beach in contrast to the other Mykonos beaches on the east coast. If you are visiting on a long holiday, it is worth considering the trip to Lia Beach towards the end of your stay. This is great for relaxing before returning home! The beach is small yet spacious with plenty of sunbeds available, probably due to crowds flocking to the larger beaches nearby. 

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach is characteristic of the east coast Mykonos beaches. It is directly next to the most popular clubs close by, Scorpio’s, where groups of friends gather to enjoy drinking and partying.

There are also taverns on the beach serving affordable and hearty meals, ideal if you are searching for a fun holiday on a budget.

The beach is large and spacious, made up of two sandy organized beaches. The waters are calm and shallow making them easy to swim in; overall, the beach is enjoyed by everyone.

Agia Anna Beach (Paraga)


There are two Agia Anna beaches in Mykonos. The first of the two is located in Paraga, close to Platys Gialos beach. It is a long stretch of calm, quiet beach where you can relax and stroll on the golden sand.

A benefit of its location is the proximity to other beaches, great if you can find accommodation nearby and visit multiple Mykonos beaches in one holiday.

Agia Anna Beach (Kalafatis)

The Agia Anna Beach in Kalafatis has the more energetic atmosphere of the two beaches. It is an organized beach surrounded by taverns and shops, where you can enjoy a tasty meal or trendy cocktail with a beautiful view.

There is music playing from the bar and gentle sounds coming from the waves of the sea, creating an easy-going setting where you can sit back and relax. It is worth noting that this beach is more expensive but worth visiting!

Accommodations Near Mykonos Beaches On South Coast

The Paradise View Hotel 300m from Paradise Beach is a traditional accommodation with a contemporary touch, offering double, triple, and quadruple sized rooms. Also close by is Lyo Boutique Hotel, nearer to Super Paradise Beach. 

Mykonos Supreme Suites, close to both Lia and Agia Anna Beach, have one-bedroom houses available with a swimming pool especially great for families.

Alternatively, Agia Anna on The Beach is a versatile accommodation close to Paraga Beach and Agia Anna. There are economy rooms as well as luxurious suites.

Visiting The Best Beaches On Mykonos

Regardless of what your ideal beach getaway looks like, Mykonos has a perfect beach for you. With its stunningly clear waters, white sand beaches, and lively atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this Greek island is a favorite vacation spot.

Soak up the sun and enjoy the amazing views while enjoying some of the best nightlife in the world. Each beach has something unique to offer, so it is important to visit a few of the top Mykonos beaches while on the island. No matter where you go, make sure to enjoy the stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea!

There are many ways to get around and explore Mykonos. You can rent an ATV or a car from the airport upon arrival, or book a hotel close by to multiple beaches if you want to save time traveling.



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