15 Best Beaches In Thassos, Greece To Visit

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Thassos is a Greek Island that is the furthest up north, boasting natural landscapes such as the Ypsarion Mountain and volcanic soils. Located in the north Aegean Sea, Thassos Beaches are beautiful and unspoiled.

Whilst beaches in Thassos on the north coast are modern and lively, beaches found in the south are packed with sea life and surrounded by vegetation. Additionally, the ferry to Thassos is fast and affordable, making these beaches accessible and popular from all around the island.

Most Popular Beach In Thassos

Paradise Beach


Paradise Beach is considered the most popular of the beaches in Thassos because it is accessible, beautiful, and enjoyable for anyone that visits. The beach is large and covered by golden sand where you can enjoy sunbathing under the warm Thassos sun; it is an organized beach.

Most often, visitors rave about the view, because of the natural landscapes of Ipsarion Mountain. Nevertheless, if you are more interested in an active holiday, you can partake in a variety of watersports as the beach can be quite windy.

The large waves are great for a variety of sports, and a memorable experience for young children if you are near to them. Additionally, Paradise beach is 15km southeast of Thassos Town, close enough to the center to visit.

The Agorastos Hotel is less than 1km from Paradise Beach and is located in the friendly Kinira Village. In addition to its proximity to the beach, there is a supermarket nearby and the Limenas Port is a 20km drive away. Breakfast is served at the restaurant.


Beaches in Thassos On The North Coast

Makryammos Beach 

Makryammos Beach is clean and organized, making it the best Thassos beach for visiting with little children and family. Because it is a private beach, the area is kept spotless.

Therefore, it is ideal if you are looking to avoid the disordered and littered beaches which are spoiled due to mass tourism. The waters are clear and calm, and the views are mountainous and green.

Pachis Beach 

Pachis Beach is one of the most contemporary beaches in Thassos. The beach is organized with luxurious sunbeds and canopies, and a modern beach bar with picture-worthy cocktails.

If you are a young person searching for a fun holiday with friends, Pachis Beach is an option worth considering. Although the beach is popular because of its sociable and deluxe dynamic, it is surprisingly large and there is plenty of parking.

Nisteri Beach

Nisteri Beach is a charming and quiet Thassos beach. Despite its distance to Thassos Town, roughly 2km, it is relatively calm and ideal for a relaxing holiday.

The shallow waters are great for little children to test out their swimming skills, as the beach is protected and therefore there is little wind.

There are also many notable landmarks nearby after a peaceful day at the beach, such as a pottery barn and the Thassos Archaeological Museum.

Papalimani Beach

Papalimani Beach is the closest of the Thassos beaches to Thassos town. Due to this, it is easily accessible by foot; there is parking for cars, and there are buses nearby.

The beach is small and cozy, with a few sunbeds and parasols dotted around the sand. However, it is usually not too busy. Due to its tranquillity, it is idyllic if you are looking for a calm spot to visit with little children amongst nature like trees and mountains.

Glifoneri Beach 

Glifoneri Beach is a small sandy beach with lots of amenities. It is calm and protected by tall trees, so there is plenty of shade for comfortable sunbathing and swimming without strong gusts of winds. Nearby is the Glifoneri tavern which serves homemade traditional meals as well as continental foods, perfect for a delicious meal on the beach. This gives the beach a local feel and is close to Thassos Town so you can submerge yourself in the culture.

Where To Stay Near Thassos Beaches On The East

Close to Makryammos Beach and the Limenas Port is the Akti Hotel. It is a family-run accommodation with single and double rooms, with panoramic sea views from the balcony. The hotel is in Thassos Town, providing great nightlife.

If you are looking for accommodation closer to Nisteri Beach, the Nisteri Villa Hotel is beachfront. It has a contemporary restaurant and mountain, city, or sea views.

Lastly, 20 minutes from Pachis Beach is the Sentido Thassos Imperial Hotel, also close to Glifoneri Beach.

Beaches In Thassos On The East Coast

Marmara Beach 

Marmara Beach, otherwise known as Saliara or Marble Beach, is found on the northeast coast of Thassos. Named because of its infamous pebble structure, it is one of the most popular beaches in Thassos. 

The waters are emerald and exotic-looking, contrasting with the tiny white pebbles, creating a tropical atmosphere. It is an organized beach with sunbeds and parasols, and a beach bar for refreshing snacks and drinks.

Overall, this small beach is romantic and especially great due to the taverns, restaurants, and wine bars nearby.

Aliki Beach 


Aliki Beach is one of the liveliest beaches in Thassos, surrounded by beach bars playing loud music and usually quite crowded. Nevertheless, it is worth vising, especially if you are traveling with friends or enjoy active holidays.

The beach is sandy and surrounded by rocks which are great for diving from, as well as many sunbeds to rent. Nearby is the Archangel Monastery as well as the Aliki Archaeological Site, a fun family day out if you are interested in the culture of Thassos.

Golden Beach 


Golden Beach is long and sandy, great for families. The north side of the beach is sandy and calm, with fewer crowds and noise. On the other hand, further down the beach are rocks that are suitable for diving from, and lively taverns to sit and enjoy a meal at.

Depending on your preference, this Thassos Beach is idyllic for everyone! Furthermore, the waters are shallow and calm, great for swimming.

Where To Stay Near Thassos Beaches On The East

Gorgona Rooms are an affordable accommodation nearby to Aliki Beach, with a garden, terrace, and private bathroom.

150m from Golden Beach is The Enavlion Hotel which offers a variety of different-sized suites and apartments. There is also a continental breakfast, ideal if you are staying with children!

Beaches In Thassos On The South Coast

Tripiti Beach


Tripiti Beach is a large, family-friendly beach. This wide stretch of beach on the south coast of Thassos is usually hit by large winds, making it great for windsurfing and paragliding. That said, there are various opportunities for watersports here. It is especially appealing if you have older children who crave adventure.

On the other hand, the beach is organized and there are endless sunbeds for rent if you would rather enjoy the warm sun on a lounger with a cocktail and a nice book.

Nearby the beach, you will find a picturesque lake that is ideal for a long walk, as well as the Kappa Art Gallery for those interested in the culture.

Psili Ammos Beach


Psili Ammos Beach is another of the most family-friendly beaches in Thassos. Like the majority of Thassos beaches on the south coast, it is large and can accommodate the many visitors yearning to stay for the warm seasons.

The waters are especially clear and great for scuba diving amongst the small fish and corals, which make for a memorable summer trip! Bring your own snorkel gear for to get a peak at ocean life.

In addition, there are multiple restaurants on the beach offering a variety of cuisine, from seafood to barbeque.

Rosogkremos Beach 

Rosogkremos Beach is a small, sandy, and organized beach with modern features. There are a few beach bars as well as many taverns, and trendy music is played throughout the beach.

Due to its proximity to hotels, it is accessible and built to be surrounded by amenities such as toilets and showers. If you are adventurous, there are boat trips to explore the rocky landscapes nearby, as well as opportunities for scuba diving with the fish.

Limenari Beach

Limerari Beach, close to Tripiti Beach, is located on the southwest coast of Thassos. It is large and mostly sandy, with a scattering of pebbles.

Limenari beach is a great option out of the Thassos beaches for families, due to its spacious and organized nature.

The waters are clear and shallow, perfect for easy swimming, and great for scuba diving and fish-spotting, as it is on the south coast. Nearby is a beach bar and many romantic restaurants for couples.  

Where To Stay Near Thassos Beaches On The South

Near Tripiti Beach and Limenari Beach is the Blue Dream Palace Resort, a luxurious accommodation with modern furnishing and a contemporary style.

A similar accommodation is the Royal Paradise Resort, located 50m from Rosogkremos Beach and offering double rooms to VIP suites. 

For a more budget option, Psili Ammos Seaside Luxury Rooms is an affordable and cozy hotel, close to Psili Ammos Beach.

Beaches In Thassos On The West Coast

Skala Sotiros Beach

Skala Sotiros Beach, residing in a small fishing village, is a small and traditional beach. It is less busy than other Thassos beaches and the area is inhabited by locals, giving it a rustic feel that may be missing from popular touristic resorts.

Although small, it has truly stunning views, even before you enter the beach. The fine white sand and emerald-looking waters are unspoiled, helping the beach to appear clean and organized. Nearby the beach, you have access to taverns, restaurants, and a supermarket.

Skala Prinos Beach

Skala Prinos Beach is a large beach in the port village of Prinos. It is popular due to its easy accessibility, especially by ferry, from other Thassos beaches and regions. Moreover, it is close to hotels and restaurants.

The beach itself is large, sandy, and organized. Skala Prinos Beach is recommended if you have small children, as the waters are warm and shallow. Remember to bring your sandcastle building kit to take advantage of the sandy shores.

For older kids, scuba diving is a popular activity, as the sea is filled with exotic-looking fishes.

Skala Rachoni Beach 

Skala Rachoni Beach is found on the northwest coast of Thassos. It is an organized and fairly spacious beach. There is also space for laying out beach towels and mats which can be handy if visiting as a family.

The waters are protected by vegetation such as long trees enclosing the beach, creating a tranquil atmosphere. This is one of the most relaxing beaches in Thassos, as it is calm and large. Ideal for a peaceful holiday.

Where To Stay Near Thassos Beaches On The West

The Orama Thassos Hotel near Skala Sotiros Beach offers guests a private beach area, a nightclub, and sea activities such as snorkeling clubs.

On the other hand, Hotel Prinos next to Skala Prinos Beach and Prinos Port is a great hotel if you are interested in utilizing the ferry to Keramoti or Kavala.

Lastly, Hotel Zafira is located 50m from Skala Rachoni Hotel, surrounded by vegetation and offering both small and large studios.

Getting The Ferry to Thassos

If you are on an island close to Thassos, it is worth considering a day trip or booking a hotel to stay for a couple of nights. The ferry to Thassos is quick and inexpensive, offering the perfect opportunity to create new memories here. There are two main ports in Thassos: Limenas and Skala Prinos.

Ferry To Limenas

The ferry to Limenas (Thassos Town) from Keramoti takes approximately 30 minutes and is as affordable as €5 for adults and €3 for children. Not only does Limenas boast beautiful large beaches, but there are other cultural experiences such as visiting ancient ruins and museums. Limenas is also famous for its olive oil presses and museums, which are worth visiting. 

Ferry To Skala Prinos

The ferry to Skala Prinos from Kavala also runs every day and takes around 75 minutes. In contrast to Limenas, Skala Prinos is on the west coast and is close to more traditional beaches beloved by the locals. Here you can take long strolls through the fishing villages, eat at the friendly local taverns, and indulge in the peaceful atmosphere. Ferry prices are €6.50 for adults and €4 for children.

Discovering The Best Beaches In Thassos

With crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and a host of activities on offer, Thassos is the perfect destination for a summer holiday. These are just some of the popular Thassos beaches to choose from, and there is more to discover. From stunning nature and landscape to ancient ruins and island culture, Thassos has much to offer and uncover.



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