10 Beautiful Parga Beaches To Visit

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Parga is located in Epirus, on the north-western side of Greece, with a view of the Ionian Sea. In addition to being long and sandy, Parga beaches are known for their exotic-looking landscape. This includes deep blue seas, tall trees, and lots of vegetation. 

Parga beaches are popular because of their natural environment, but their atmosphere is also unbeaten. Every day there are beach activities such as surfing and diving, and every night the beach bars organize entertainment.

The Most Popular Parga Beach

Lichnos Beach

Lichnos Beach is quiet and relaxing, perfect for a calming vacation. This Parga beach is best known for being next to Aphrodite’s Cave.

By renting a boat, you can explore the stunning caves and tropical fish residing in the waters. When the waves are calm, you can even swim and see the sight up close!

The beach is pebbly and surrounded by olive trees, and the waters and clear and perfect for snorkeling. The Coral Restaurant is on the beach and opens until late at night, ideal for a romantic meal overlooking the sea.  

Kiperi Exclusive is a modern hotel located 1km from Lichnos Beach. There are rooms available for up to eight guests, perfect whether you are traveling solo or in a large group. Budget rooms are also offered, as well as deluxe.


Parga Beaches East of Parga

Alonaki Fanariou Beach

Alonaki Fanariou Beach is the most social Parga beach, loved by young adults and couples. It is complete with a beach bar playing trendy music all day, where you can grab a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the picturesque rocky landscape.

This beach is unique in that there is a floating rock visible by the shore, contributing to the charming scenery. It is in a cove, protected by the winds, therefore swimming is relaxing and safe. There are several romantic taverns along the beach, from traditional cuisine to international dishes.

Vrachos Beach

Vrachos Beach, otherwise known as Loutsa Beach, is a Parga beach situated between Parga and Pereza. It is an ideal family-friendly option because it is large and organized, whereby the sunbeds are free of charge.

There are also several amenities here such as toilets, a shower, souvenir stands, and many dining spots such as the White Sands Restaurant. The area is quiet and protected by the wind, great for easy swimming.

Ai Giannakis Beach


Ai Giannakis Beach, also known as Agios Ioannis Beach, is a beautiful well-preserved beach. It is calm with gentle waves because it is in a small cove bordered by hills and hence protected by the wind.

There aren’t many activities to do here, as it is small and quiet, except sunbathe and eat at the delicious local tavern. It is worth noting that the beach is unorganized, so remember to bring your beach towels or mats.

Krioneri Beach

Krioneri Beach is one of the most accessible Parga beaches. It is reached easily by foot and is most central to the town center. The beach is large, sandy, and organized.

If you are also looking for a lively beach to visit with family or friends, this is the ideal choice as there are several amenities nearby. This includes taverns, small convenience stores, and plenty of accommodation choices.

However, if you prefer quieter beaches in the same location, Piso Krioneri Beach is a better option.

Piso Krioneri Beach 

Piso Krioneri Beach is essentially a continuation of Krioneri Beach, behind the main beach. It is considered to be less crowded than the other Parga beaches as the waters are deeper and the landscape is rockier, therefore it is not suitable for families with small children.

Nevertheless, the unspoiled nature of this beach makes it one of the most beautiful Parga beaches to visit. This pebble beach is surrounded by cliffs which make it ideal for snorkeling, as the sea is filled with marine life. Grab a snorkel mask to take advantage of its location.

After a long day of beach activities, there are several restaurants nearby to choose from, due to the proximity to the town center.

Accommodations Near Parga Beaches In The East

Hotel Rezi is a great choice near Alonaki Fanariou Beach, as there are a variety of rooms available for different budgets. There are suites, studios, and apartments depending on how many guests you are traveling with.

Similarly, Vrachos Beach Hotel is beachfront on Vrachos Beach. It is a contemporary hotel with two large swimming pools, a sun terrace, and a bar.

If you are interested in accommodation near Ai Giannakis Beach, Utopia is found 50m away. There are spacious rooms available overlooking the sea, and a snack bar that is open throughout the day.

Otherwise, if you would prefer accommodation closer to Krioneri Beach, the Krioneri Beach Hotel is beachfront and in the center of the town center.

Another great option to consider is the Achilleas Hotel which is 100m from Piso Krioneri Beach and has a variety of rooms, from single to family. If you are interested in sightseeing there are also many landmarks nearby, such as the Parga Castle.


Parga Beaches West of Parga

Sarakiniko Beach 


Sarakiniko Beach is one of the furthest Parga beaches from the town center. Despite its seclusion, the beach has a lively atmosphere as it attracts visitors with its natural charm.

It is sandy with a scattering of pebbles, overlooking the hills and surrounded by groves. Additionally, the beach is smaller in comparison to other Parga beaches, giving it a cozy atmosphere.

Here, the winds are stronger, which you can take advantage of by partaking in various water sports. Snorkeling is also recommended, as the waters are clear and there are rocks to dive from.

Agios Sostis Beach


Agios Sostis Beach is unique in the fact that unlike the majority of Parga beaches, it is unorganized. This may be beneficial as it is more spacious and affordable.

If you prefer tranquil, natural spots this is a great option to consider, as it is a long and sandy stretch of beach that remains unspoiled. The waters are warm and clear, which is great for swimming.

This is a family-friendly beach that young children adore, as the waters are shallow and calm. They can also bring their sandcastle building kit to have fun on the shore.

Valtos Beach

Valtos Beach is one of the most popular Parga beaches. This is most likely because it appeals to everyone, no matter your interests. The beach itself is long, sandy, and organized therefore there is abundant space for you to find or set up your sunbeds.

It is accessible by walking, car, ferry, or boat due to its proximity to hotels and other beaches. Nearby is a historical landmark known as the Venetian Castle, which was built in the 15th century to defend the city against intruders.

On the beach is a water sports center, which offers a variety of activities from basic inflatable chairs to advanced jet-skiing. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants surrounding the beach.

Town Beach

Town Beach is located directly west of the town center, only a short walk away. Because of this, there are many amenities nearby as the area is always dynamic and busy. Accordingly, the atmosphere is lively and appeals to visitors of different generations and interests.

In addition, the beach is organized and sandy, surrounded by tall trees and forming a truly picturesque view which can be seen from miles away. The waters are also shallow with mild waves, so swimming is encouraged.

Accommodations Near Parga Beaches In The West

Anemolina Suites are beachfront on Sarakiniko Beach. The hotel is complete with a swimming pool, and a bar that also offers a delicious continental breakfast.

Closer to Agios Sostis Beach is the Salvador Spa Hotel, a beautiful accommodation overlooking the sea. This hotel is perfect for couples, as the rooms are luxurious, and the spa center has a hot tub.

Golden Bay Suites is situated 0.5km from Valtos Beach, and also Town Beach. There are large rooms available for family, and even a honeymoon suite for couples.



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