20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Belfast [Explained]

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Passionate sports fans, beautiful and historical places, bustling markets, and cozy pubs. These are some of the exciting things and facts about Belfast on offer to anyone that wants to explore this beautiful city. 

While the country has a long history filled with trouble, important events, and more, there is so much to do and witness that you will never get bored on your trip.

If you plan on visiting Belfast soon, here are some fun facts about Belfast to better understand the city.

Historical Facts About Belfast 

You might think Belfast is safe and beautiful, but it has had its fair share of challenges. There are some key historical Belfast facts to help understand different sides of its varied past.

Cotton Was A Major Production For The City Once 


Linen factories were rampant during the Industrial Revolution, so the city was also known as Linenopolis. It produced cotton for export to many countries throughout the world. During this time, the population and size of the city also doubled because of the creation of employment. 

The Good Friday Agreement Ceased Violence In Belfast 

For over three decades, there was a conflict on Northern Island known as the Troubles. During this time, more than 40,000 bombs were detonated in the City. Finally, in 1998, The Good Friday Agreement marked peace and prosperity throughout the country. This is one of the key historic events and facts of Northern Ireland

Stairway To Heaven Was First Played Here 

Despite receiving numerous death threats during the Troubles, Led Zeppelin decided they would still perform Stairway to Heaven live in Belfast. The people also came out to listen to this beautiful song. Their bravery is commendable, despite everything that was going on in the city at the time. 

Cultural Facts About Belfast 

Nothing will light you up more than the Belfast culture, as the people love to mingle and come together. It is easy to get lost in the tradition and enjoy everything it has to offer. Here are some interesting facts about Belfast and its culture.

You Will Find Lots Of Burlesque Shows Here

Burlesque shows came around in Belfast when they were not so common in the United Kingdom. Even now, they form an important part of the nightlife here. We recommend that you catch a show or two to understand what it is all about and enjoy a really special night.

The Ulster Fry Is What You Must Try For Breakfast


Forget the breakfast of Champions when you can try the most famous Northern Ireland food for breakfast. Ulster Fry consists of eggs, potato bread, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, and quarters baked on a griddle. It makes for a hearty breakfast that will get you through the day. 

The Daily Conversations Of People Are Filled With Their Unique Slang And Phrases 

People in Belfast love to talk in their own vernacular. For example, ice cream is “poke,” going for a walk is “dander,” and come here is “c’mere.” It is useful to understand this unique slang so that you can communicate with the locals more effectively. 

Interesting Facts About Belfast For Kids

Kids are always eager to learn about new things, places, and people. You can always add to their knowledge with some city trivia they might like. These are some amazing facts about Belfast that can pique the interest of young ones. 

The Linen Hall Library Is Two Centuries Old

The Linen Hall Library has been part of Belfast since the 18th century, and it has book collections from around the world. Bookworms can spend their entire day here and still have so much to explore. If you love to read books, this important landmark should be one of your stops in Belfast. 

Belfast Was An Inspiration For Narnia 

CS Lewis was the author of the Chronicles of Narnia, and he was born in this city, which also served as an inspiration for Narnia. There are a lot of hills, castles, and forests that surround Belfast to serve as an inspiration. You can have a movie night at home and impart these interesting tidbits of information to your kids. 

The Majestic Titanic Was Built Here 

Construction for the Titanic began in Belfast in the early 1900s. Harland and Wolff was the company that was behind this majestic creation. White Star Line, a British shipping company, was also included in this project to create the cruise of a lifetime. 

It comes as no surprise that the Titanic Belfast Museum is one of the key attractions in the city. Grab a ticket and take a trip back to an eventful piece of history. 

Fun Belfast Facts For Travelers 

Traveling in Belfast is all about soaking in the natural beauty, delicious cuisine, culture, and everything else that this city has to offer. Locals are welcoming, and you can find witness beauty in unassuming places. Here are some fun facts about Belfast that can help make your trip better.

You Can Explore Over Forty Public Parks 

There are green spaces all around the city, which are well worth the time to explore and unwind. Some of the top public parks in the city include Botanic Gardens Belfast, Lady Dixon Park, Colin Glen, Ormeau Park, and many others. Visit a few of them to spend a relaxing day in nature. 

There Are Endless Pubs For You To Get A Taste Of The Nightlife


Old-school pubs provide the city with the charm and nightlife that many people are looking for. If you are into the night scene, you can visit some of these pubs. These include Whites Tavern, McHughs, The Dirty Onion, The Sunflower, and many others. 

Georges’ Market Is The Place To Be For Delicious Local Cuisine 

It is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for you to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. Local artisans set up to prepare some delicious dishes you will not find anywhere else. Carve out some time, and visit this local market that is also a nice look into local culture, products, and food.

You Can Book A Piece Of The Office Where Titanic Was Designed For Private Dining 

The Wolff Grill Restaurant has a Victorian office cubicle where you can dine privately for a unique experience. This is where the Titanic was dreamed and executed, which is why it is an important piece of the Titanic Hotel. Any fans of the movie can book this experience for a fantastic, memorable time. 

Common Facts About Belfast 

The capital is a prominent city in Northern Ireland, here are some general facts about Belfast to know about.

Beacon Of Hope Takes Inspiration From Thanksgiving Square In Dallas

As you pass by this square in the city, you will find a metal art sculpture that will captivate you. Andy Scott was the genius behind this art piece, which is almost 20 meters high. 

Also known as “Nuala with the hula”, this impressive masterpiece is one of the largest public sculptures in the city and is sure to catch your attention. Keep your camera handy to take some beautiful pictures. 

The Great Light At Maritime Mile Of Belfast Is The Largest Lens Ever Created

A unique sight you will see at the Maritime Mile is The Great Light. It is perhaps the largest lighthouse optic created and is more than a hundred years old. Many tourists come here to check out this attraction firsthand; it is an amazing engineering feat.

Belfast Giants Are The Best In Europe 

In 2000, the Belfast Giants became the first ice hockey professional team in Ireland. They have won the Challenge Cup, the Elite League, and much more. The locals love this sport, and they are highly passionate about their team. 

Urban Legends Have Reasons For The Albert Clock Leaning 

Albert Clock has started leaning by four feet because it is sinking into the ground. However, urban legends state that prostitutes started leaning on the tower while they waited for sailors to come back, which is why it is leaning now. The reason for this myth was that a brothel used to be next to the tower. 

Other Interesting Facts About Belfast

These are some other fascinating Belfast facts you might not have heard before.

The Cranes Of Harland & Wolff Are Nicknamed Samson And Goliath 

As you cross the harbor, you will notice the cranes that once belonged to H&W. These cranes were supposed to be removed, but they ended up becoming a landmark and attraction for visitors. They are affectionately known as Samson and Goliath by locals now.

Jewellery For Game Of Thrones Was Made Here 

Jewellery Steensons on Bedford Street created the jewels used in the famous TV show. For example, they created pins, cufflinks, necklaces, and more for the Lannisters, Starks, and Targaryens. 

Ireland’s Tallest Building Is Located Here 

Obel Tower stands at over 279ft, and it is the tallest building in the country. However, what you will notice is that it is still not a very high building as it only has 27 floors. The tower contains offices, luxury apartments, and more. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Belfast 

These are just some of the interesting Belfast facts, a trip to Northern Ireland’s capital can be filled with adventure, history, and culture. 

Whether you’re a passionate sports fan, a lover of beautiful and historical places, or just looking for a cozy pub to relax in, Belfast has plenty to offer. Take some time to explore the city and you are sure to uncover more incredible facts about Belfast.



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