20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Brighton, UK [Explained]

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Boasting a vibrant scene of music and culture, Brighton is a lively city in the county of East Sussex. Known for its captivating blend of modern culture and exotic architecture, this seaside resort offers a unique charm that sets it apart. There are many fun facts about Brighton that you can learn to understand this place better or even plan a trip there!

Historical Facts About Brighton

The coastal town has seen many ups and downs in its history. Let’s look at some fun facts about Brighton’s history. 

It Officially Became A City In 2000


Brighton is famous for its well-developed restaurants and piers, but many people don’t know that this place didn’t used to be a city at all. It was a small town with a low population. In 1997, Brighton and another neighboring town joined to form a unitary authority.

Three years later, Queen Elizabeth II granted the town city status during millennium celebrations. However, many locals still consider the two towns separate.

World’s Oldest Aquarium Is In Brighton

One of the fun facts about Brighton is that many old buildings are present in the city. Founded in 1872, the Sea Life Brighton is a popular spot and the world’s oldest aquarium. It took three years to create the building and open it to the public.

You can learn about various marine creatures such as turtles, rays, terrapins, and much more at this aquarium. The place has been continuously operating since its inception.

Hitler Loved The Brighton Pavilion Building


The United Kingdom suffered a lot of losses during World War II. Despite that, the country experienced some lucky moments too. 

For instance, Hitler spared the Brighton Pavilion when he was bombing different places throughout the UK. It was surprising because the German forces destroyed a lot of important buildings during their attacks. 

He specifically ordered that this building should not be bombed or destroyed in any way. It is reported that Hitler wanted the Pavilion to be his holiday home once the UK came under his complete control.

Winston Churchill Went To School Here

Winston Churchill is a famous personality in English history for being the wartime prime minister of the United Kingdom. One of the proud facts of Brighton is that Churchill studied in this city during the 1880s. 

Back then, this place was a small town instead of a city. Churchill’s second school was situated here and he completed his primary school education in Brighton.

Cultural Facts About Brighton

Understanding the culture of a city will always help you to better adapt and appreciate it.

A Large LGBTQ+ Community Resides In Brighton


One of the top facts about the UK is that it is supportive of LGBTQ+ communities. The largest community within the UK can be found in Brighton because of its friendly local culture. 

This is why the city is also called the gay capital of the UK. More than 10% of the population identifies as gay or bisexual. 

The Annual Brighton Festival Is An Important Event

One of the most exciting Brighton facts for art enthusiasts is the annual Brighton Festival. This event features music, drama, dance performances, and art exhibits, including street art pieces.

There are also other family-friendly activities taking place throughout the venue. This festival mainly takes place in May.

The City Is Considered One Of The Most Haunted Places In The UK

This is one of the spookiest Brighton facts. Paranormal sightings in this city are more common than any other place in the UK. Researchers have cited that at least 146 paranormal events have happened in this city.

Out of these 146, 116 of them are haunting manifestations. Preston Manor is one of the most popular UK landmarks with paranormal history. This mansion is located in Brighton.

Brighton Has The Highest Ratio Of Restaurants Per Person In The UK


A lively food scene is a key feature of Brighton City. Many people in this city also work within the F&B industry. When it comes to signature food, the city is famous for Brighton blue cheese and Brighton rock.

The latter is a cake that many people in the UK have with tea or as dessert after dinner.

Simple Facts About Brighton For Kids

Let’s look at some facts about Brighton for kids. 

Many Rare Butterfly Species Are Found In Brighton


With more than 38 species of butterflies in Brighton, this place is a butterfly haven for both tourists and locals. The Adonis blue butterfly is one of the rarest species found here, and you can also see the popular brown hairstreak butterflies. 

Roy Grace Is Based In Brighton

Roy Grace is the titular character of a crime drama series in the UK. The main character Roy Grace is based in Brighton and the show itself is also shot in Brighton. 

PewDiePie Has a Home In Brighton

PewDiePie is a famous YouTube personality. At one moment in time, he had the greatest number of subscribers on YouTube. What many people don’t know is that PewDiePie has a home in Brighton.

Useful Brighton Facts For Travelers

Here are some interesting facts about Brighton that can be helpful when planning a trip.

The City Is The Hippest Place In The UK


People in Brighton are often known to be up-to-date on trends. This is why you may get hippy vibes from the locals. 

The Duke Of York’s Picture House Is A Famous Cinema In Brighton

The oldest operational cinema you will encounter in the UK is the Duke of York’s Picture House. It is one of the best places to visit if you want to see blockbuster movies. The cinema is also famous for showing independent films. 

Brighton Dome Attracts Many Visitors

There are many things to do in Brighton, and visiting the Brighton Dome tops the list for art lovers. The Concert Hall is one of the top attractions at this site. The Corn Exchanges and theater studio are also located at this venue.

If you are more into stunning scenery (and who isn’t?), the i360 tower is where you can get panoramic views of the city.

The Brighton Palace Pier Is One Of The Finest Piers In The UK


Palace Pier is a fun and exquisite landmark in Brighton. Since its opening in 1899, this pier has served as home to fairground rides, restaurants, and bars. It’s one of the top facts about Brighton and well worth the visit!

Common Facts About Brighton

The city’s unique blend of old and new, traditional and trendy, makes it a magnet for tourists and locals alike. 

The Tomb Of George Everest Is Here

George Everest was a British geographer and surveyor. The world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, is named after him. What many people may not know is that you can visit his tomb in Brighton, where he was laid to rest after his death in 1866.

Margaret Thatcher Experienced A Traumatic Attack In This City

Another important Brighton fact is that the city suffered from a bombing event in 1984. The IRA targeted Margaret Thatcher, who was the prime minister at that time. This attempt was unsuccessful, but it led to the deaths of five other people.

It Is A Popular Seaside Resort


Brighton is an amazing seaside resort area that attracts visitors from all over the world. You can enjoy being near the water and immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere. The seaside accommodations are so popular in fact that Brighton is often called London by sea.

Other Interesting Facts About Brighton

Brighton is a city that has it all – from a bustling food scene to a rich, diverse history. Whether you’re a trendsetter, a paranormal enthusiast, a foodie, or an art lover, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that piques your interest. 

ABBA’s Career Thrived After Winning Eurovision Contest In This City

Many people know that the Eurovision Contest was held here in 1974. ABBA won the competition by performing their famous song Waterloo at Brighton Dome. This launched the music career of the group.

The Youngest Oxford University Graduate Was Born Here


Oxford University is one of the many prestigious institutions the UK is known for. Ruth Lawrence, a Brighton native, was a British-Israeli mathematician who graduated from Oxford University at age 13. She completed her bachelor’s degree in two years instead of the usual three. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Brighton

Far more than just a seaside resort, Brighton is a city that invites you to explore, enjoy, and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture. There are many other things you can learn about this city’s culture and history once you visit. 

From stunning art venues to fascinating history and beautiful butterflies, you are sure to discover more amazing Brighton facts as you explore.



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