23 Interesting And Fun Copenhagen Facts [Explained]

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One of the most well-known Copenhagen facts is that it is the capital city of Denmark. This place is highly developed with many famous attractions for tourists. It is also one of the safest cities in the world.

The best thing about Copenhagen is it is relatively vast, so you can explore various areas to gain different perspectives. These are some interesting facts about Copenhagen that give you a glimpse of the Danish capital.

Historical Facts About Copenhagen

Here are the top historical things and events that Copenhagen is known for.

The City Has A Self-Governed Town

One of the interesting facts about Denmark is that there is an independent town called Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen. The town is run by its own community and has its own laws. This self-governed site also has a unique flag and currency.

The most famous part of this town is the Pusher Street. Visitors are not allowed to take photos here, so avoid bringing your cameras during a tour of Christiania.

It Has The World’s Longest Shopping Street

Stroget is an attractive street for shoppers in Copenhagen because it is 1.1 kilometers long. The best thing about this road is that cars are not allowed here. So you can move from one shop to another without worrying about car traffic and safety.

You will find various stores, cafes, and other popular attractions here. It is also one of the most-visited sites in Copenhagen.

The Third-Oldest Amusement Park Of This Planet Is In Copenhagen


Denmark is famous for its ancient structures, one of which is located in its capital city. The Tivoli Gardens was set up in the 19th century for adventure seekers. It has a rollercoaster that is more than 100 years old.

Another unique thing about this park is that it receives the highest number of amusement park visitors in Scandinavia. You can visit the attraction with your family and friends to enjoy a thrilling day in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Was The Capital City Of Three Countries In The Past

Many people are aware of Copenhagen’s status as Denmark’s capital, but did you know the city was also the capital of Sweden and Norway in 1416? The three countries were a part of the Kalmar Union. This alliance was maintained for 150 years before Sweden broke away.

Once the alliance ended, Copenhagen remained the capital of Denmark only because of its position in this country.

It Was A Fishing Village In The 10th Century

A fun fact about Copenhagen is that it was a Viking village in the old era due to its harbor. This is why the city was called Havn in the earlier times. 

The site was fortified in the 12th century due to its strategic importance. After the changes, the city was called Kobenhavn, which translates to Copenhagen.

Cultural Facts About Copenhagen

The Danish Royal Family Lives In This City


Copenhagen is home to the famous Amalienborg Castle. The place has been the main house of the Danish royal family since 1794. Christiansborg Palace was the original royal home, but the family shifted after it burned down in a fire.

The current palace is a complex of four similar buildings around an octagonal square. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Copenhagen.

This City Is Famous For New Nordic Cuisine


Danish food is famous in many countries because of its unique taste. One of the scrumptious things you can have in Copenhagen is Smorrebrod. The city is also famous for its sweet Danish pastries and buns.

Meanwhile, the overall national dish of Denmark is Stregt Flaesk. You will find it on the menu of many restaurants in the capital city.


Rosenborg Castle Is A Major Site Of Renaissance Architecture


One of the renowned facts about Denmark is that it is a major hub of Renaissance architecture. And one site that will allow you to see such art is Rosenborg Castle, with a unique Kings Garden. You will likely also be impressed by the other structures, such as hidden audio panels.

The summerhouse was mainly built for King Christian IV in the 17th century in Copenhagen. This is a great place to learn more about the King’s personality.

A Brewing Museum Is In Copenhagen

Carlsberg is one of the top beer brands in the world and the brewery museum is located in the southeast part of Copenhagen. It has an extensive collection of unopened beer bottles that showcases the brand’s history.

A tour of the brewery will offer you unique insights into the production process of the company. You can also engage in beer tasting here and enjoy a few pints.

Simple Facts About Copenhagen For Kids

The Little Mermaid Statue Is A Famous Attraction Here


The Little Mermaid Statue is one of the iconic landmarks of Denmark. It is based on the original tale by a Danish author, who gave a sad ending to the story. This is why you will notice an upset expression on the statue.

Many people believe the Disney version to be the original, but that is not the case.

People Can Swim In The Copenhagen Harbor


The city officials decided to clean the waterways of Copenhagen, leading to a relatively clean harbor. In fact, it is one of the few harbors in the world where you can actually swim without worrying about your safety. 

Many spots have also been allocated for this purpose in the town’s center. You can reach them within 30 minutes by car.

The City Has A Cycling Highway

One of the amazing Copenhagen facts is that the city has more bicycles than cars. Most people cycle around the city, which is why it even has a super highway for this purpose. This connects Copenhagen with the Albertslund suburb.

It is also no secret that 50% of the people in this city cycle to work instead of using a vehicle. The main purpose of encouraging cycling is to reduce carbon emissions in the city.

Many Danish Fairy Tales Were Written In Copenhagen

Hans Christian Anderson is a famous Danish author who has written various fairytales such as The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, and more. He wrote many of these stories in Nyhavn, an important waterfront district in Copenhagen.

Useful Copenhagen Facts For Travelers

Below are some facts about Copenhagen that can be helpful for planning a trip. 

Copenhagen’s Metro Has Been Voted The Best Many Times


The city has one of the most efficient subway systems in the world. It received a good reputation due to the fast and safe trains. More than 300,000 passengers use the metro to get around the city daily.

Another great thing about Copenhagen’s metro system is that it is very punctual. So you don’t have to worry about your trip getting delayed due to the transport system.

The City Aims To Be Carbon Neutral By 2025

You have learned many fun facts about Copenhagen trying to reduce its emissions. However, the city’s main aim is to become the greenest city in the next few years. It is no secret that officials are succeeding with their plans because Copenhagen is one of the cleanest cities you can visit. 

Sweden Is 40 Minutes Away From This City

Many people don’t know that you can use Copenhagen to enter another country within an hour. The Oresund Bridge connects this city to Malmo, which is a city in Sweden. You can get to the other country by train within 36 minutes.

Meanwhile, a road trip using the bridge will allow you to enter Sweden in 50 minutes. You can always enjoy a fun trip to another Nordic country if you get bored in Copenhagen.

Noma In Copenhagen Was Ranked The World’s Best Restaurant In 2021

Copenhagen is famous for its Danish food and pastries. Noma is one of the top-rated restaurants in the city, serving up excellent Nordic cuisine. The best thing is you can get a 20-course meal at this place.

The restaurant mainly uses local and seasonal ingredients to offer a unique taste to its dishes. Some of the items you can try here are foraged herbs, quail eggs, and sea urchins.

Copenhagen And Demark Use Krone


It is important to know that while Demark is a part of the EU, it does not use euros as its currency. The official currency of Denmark is the Danish krone. Be sure to keep some of the local money handy while traveling around. 

Common Facts About Copenhagen

The University Of Copenhagen Library Was Destroyed In A Fire

The Copenhagen Library was an important site with more than 35,000 books. A fire in 1728 destroyed this building along with many other ancient structures.

Another fire also occurred in 1793, leading to more destruction. This is why many buildings in the old city are no longer there. It is one of the more unfortunate facts about Copenhagen.

The Bubonic Plague Affected The City In 1711

Copenhagen has suffered many times due to plagues, but the one in 1711 was highly devastating. This is because it killed at least 1/3rd of the city’s residents. The city also suffered from another major plague in the 17th century.

An Annual Marathon Has Been Taking Place In The City Since 1980

One of the fun facts about Copenhagen is that it held its first marathon in the 20th century. The marathon has been taking place annually since then, around May. 

More than 10,000 people participate in this marathon. You will pass by many iconic landmarks and sites in Copenhagen during the race.

Other Interesting Facts About Copenhagen

The City Has Only One Official Language

Copenhagen follows Danish because it is the official language of the city and the country. However, many minor languages are also spoken in the region. For example, 86% of foreigners in Copenhagen speak English.  

It Has Unique Canal Networks


The city is known for its canals because of its original status as a fishing village. Nyhavn canals are the most famous in Copenhagen because of their serene atmosphere. You will also see many colorful buildings while exploring such canals.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Copenhagen

These are some of the interesting Copenhagen facts that showcase the city’s rich history, unique architecture, and commitment to environmental sustainability. From its lively cycling culture and efficient metro system to its world-renowned cuisine, the Danish capital offers a truly unforgettable experience for travelers. 

Whether you’re taking a dip in the harbor waters, strolling along the picturesque Nyhavn canals, or exploring the local history through the works of Hans Christian Andersen, you are sure to uncover more impressive facts about Copenhagen as you explore the city.



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