25 Best Beaches In Skiathos, Greece To Visit

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One of the most dynamic Greek islands is undoubtedly Skiathos, found in the Aegean Sea in the North West. In addition to the windy waters, Skiathos Beaches are predominantly known for their lively nature, trendy music, and fresh seafood. From the North to the South of the island, there are many beaches in Skiathos, each vary in terms of crowds, setting, and size. As a result, you can likely find an ideal beach in Skiathos for your dream beach vacation.

Skiathos Beaches in Troulos

Troulos Beach

Troulos Beach is one of the best Skiathos beaches if you are searching for an active holiday. It is large, ideal for running about whilst playing volleyball or swimming along the coast. Also, it is windy, therefore you can surf and sail with gusts of wind aiding your moves.

The ability to enjoy water sports in addition to the various restaurants around make Troulos beach one of the best beaches in Skiathos if you are traveling with friends.  

Megalos Aselinos Beach

Megalos Aselinos Beach is 5km north of Troulos. As a result, it is one of the windiest of the Skiathos beaches and is ideal for water sports such as surfing and parasailing. The clear waters are also perfect for scuba diving or swimming.

When taking into account the warm weather during the summer months, these waves provide a cooling and satisfying effect. In addition, there are sun beds available to watch the strong waves and enjoy the serene atmosphere, as well as a friendly bar and tavern to chill at.

Mikros Aselinos Beach

As implied by the name, Mikros Aselinos Beach is a smaller beach next to Megalos Aselinos. It is sandy and peaceful, where you can rent sunbeds and visit the quiet beach bar for delicious food and revitalizing drinks. Because it is also one of the furthest Skiathos beaches in the north, beach sports are incredibly popular here.

Kechria Beach

Kechria Beach is a minimalist pebble beach perfect for families with young children. It is small and cozy, with shallow waters that are safe to dip your feet in, and has sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. The reason Kechria Beach is different from other popular beaches in Skiathos is that there is also lots of grass to sit on, just right for a picnic, and is undoubtedly one of the safest for kids.  

Ligaries Beach

Ligaries Beach is a tranquil beach in Skiathos that is undisturbed by the loudness of the center, where you can enjoy the golden sand and blue waters without distractions. Nonetheless, there are multiple taverns nearby such as Taverna Aligaries, where you can choose from dishes like fresh calamari and prawns to green salads or cakes. All of this can be enjoyed with a stunning, panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.  

Where To Stay In Troulos, Skiathos

La Luna Hotel is a mere 150m from Troulos Beach, 10km from the airport, and close to other beaches. Likewise, Hotel Korali is a similar distance away and has a children’s pool and family-friendly rooms. Almira Hotel is another option worth considering, that is suitable if you are traveling in a larger group and may need a kitchenette and spacious room.


Skiathos Beaches in Koukounaries

Koukounaries Beach


Koukounaries Beach is one of the largest beaches in Skiathos. It is another example of the lively nature of Skiathos beaches because there is plenty of space for sunbathing, taking part in water sports, and socializing at the beach bars.

In addition to the bars, there is also a supermarket available to buy any necessities or snacks, which is ideal if you are traveling with young children. It is also easily accessible by bus, car or foot.

Banana Beach


Banana Beach is one of the naturist beaches in Skiathos. It is accessed by bus or car, which you can park and then walk down a large hill. Once you get there, there are many activities to partake in such as water sports, drinking at the beach bar, and pure sand. Although it is large, it is not usually crowded making it ideal for a relaxing day with the chaos of other popular Skiathos beaches. 

Mandraki Beach


Mandraki Beach is in a great location, only a 20-minute walk from Koukounaries beach. It is one of the most serene beaches in Skiathos because, despite its accessibility, it is quiet and peaceful with not many visitors. If you are looking for a beach in Skiathos to relax on this is a great option. You can rent a sunbed and enjoy the clean surroundings and calm waves. Furthermore, there is a café serving a modest selection of food and drinks which can be enjoyed on the beach.

Elia Beach


Elia Beach is a great beach to visit if you are traveling with family, as it is interesting and safe to stay in. The waves are usually calm and you can swim in the sea with ease, yet there are occasionally gusts of wind on breezier days that are refreshing in the summer heat.

Snorkeling is a popular activity here, especially for older children that get bored easily. Like many other Skiathos beaches, it is made up of mainly sand, ideal for building sandcastles with your kid.

Agistros Beach

Agistros Beach is long and spacious, perfect for large groups, and close to the other Skiathos beaches nearby. There are multiple places to dine nearby such as the Agustera Bar where you can order traditional Mediterranean dishes, or otherwise sip on a cold coffee and enjoy the picturesque view. There are many sunbeds and umbrellas, and the sea is shallow, therefore you can take your family and little children too.

Where To Stay In Koukounaries

Skiathos Palace Hotel is found 150m from Koukounaries Beach and is a luxurious hotel with a tennis court and swimming pool. 

Mandraki Village Boutique is also close to Mandraki Beach, although generally, all hotels are within walking distance of the Koukounaries beaches.

Lastly, Villa Christina Skiathos is a larger aparthotel offering studios as well as larger suites. 

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Skiathos Beaches in Skiathos Town

Megali Ammos Beach


Megali Ammos Beach is one of the closest Skiathos beaches to the center if you are interested in exploring Skiathos town. Activities nearby include the Blue House Art Gallery and Agios Nikolaos Church. The beach itself is popular not only because of its accessibility but also because it has a dynamic atmosphere.

There are many leisure activity options here for everyone. For example, if you enjoy adventure, you could take part in water sports like canoeing. Alternatively, there are many sun beds to rent if you prefer to just lounge in the sun instead.

Vasilias Beach

Vasilias Beach is more secluded than the other Skiathos beaches, best accessed by water taxi if you are not staying nearby. However, it is truly the hidden gem of beaches in Skiathos.

The beach is small with calm blue waters and golden sand which everyone can enjoy. Equipment rentals, such as sunbeds, are very affordable too. If you are traveling with children, the sea is shallow enough to swim in. And if you are on a couple’s vacation there are multiple romantic restaurants nearby.

Bourtzi Beach


Bourtzi Beach harbors one of the best views of all the beaches in Skiathos. Not only can you lay on the beach and watch the turquoise sea, but the beach also overlooks the port, Skiathos town, and various rock formations.

It is a pebble beach, making it different in comparison to other Skiathos beaches, where children can skip stones and play on the shore. If you wish to wander around, Bourtzi Beach is less than a kilometer away from Agios Nikolaos Church and many other historic sites.

Lalaria Beach

Although Lalaria Beach is close to Skiathos Town, it is one of the only beaches in Skiathos which can only be accessed by boat. This is simpler than it sounds, as boat tours are advertised frequently, which makes for a unique experience. The beach itself is a small pebble beach boasting clear waters that are a dream to swim in. It is scenic and charming, ideal if you are on vacation in Skiathos as a couple.

Xanemos Beach

Xanemos Beach is a 5-minute drive from Skiathos Town. It is one of the closest Skiathos beaches to the airport and has many services nearby such as beach bars, taverns, towers, and religious sites. The beach is sandy with a sprinkling of pebbles which young children can play with; however, the water is usually deep and more suited for adults. Even though the beach is smaller than other beaches in Skiathos, it is less crowded and has a welcoming feel.

Where To Stay In Skiathos Town

La Piscine Art Hotel is 5 minutes away from the center of Skiathos, a romantic adults-only hotel close to the restaurants and bars of the lively town.

A cheaper and more family-friendly option is Babis Hotel, only 1km from Megali Ammos Beach. Another affordable option is Hotel Rene, located in an olive grove with views of the Aegean Sea.

Skiathos Beaches in Achladias

Achladies Beach

Achladies Beach is one of the best yet most overlooked beaches in Skiathos. It is large and organized, offering many sunbeds and parasols amongst the golden sandy strip of beach.

Achladies beach is clean and quiet, ideal for a relaxing day whereby you can read a book or have a long sleep without the loud dynamic of other Skiathos beaches. On the other hand, if you enjoy staying active on vacation, there are water sports available to keep you busy and energetic. It is the ideal combination of tranquil and exciting.

Where To Stay In Achladies, Skiathos

Maniatis Garden is located beachfront on Achladies Beach, only 3km away from Skiathos Town. There is an on-site restaurant and bar as well as a kitchenette inside the rooms. Hotel Suzanna is also a good option, just 400m away from the beach.

Skiathos Beaches in Kolios

Vromolimnos Beach

Vromolimnos Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Skiathos because of the wide range of activities there for everyone to enjoy. For example, there are taverns nearby to experience local cuisine, as well as other nearby beaches to visit in Kolios.

Additionally, there is a water sports kiosk for beach sports and a bar playing music and serving snacks and drinks. Vromolimnos Beach is a sociable and bustling place, ideal for meeting new people.

Kolios Beach

Kolios Beach is next to Vromolimnos Beach and Agia Paraskevi Beach. Like many other beaches in Skiathos, it is in an accessible location near other attractions and sites. The beach itself is relatively large and is safe for swimming in as it begins at shallow depths.

Furthermore, it is deep enough for snorkeling and observing the marine life in Skiathos. Kolios Beach is a sandy beach and has many available sunbeds, both in the center of the beach which is busier and on the two ends which are sheltered and cozier.

Platanias Beach


Platanias Beach is long and sandy, a typical characteristic of Skiathos beaches. It is popular because it is within walking distance of the other nearby beaches. The beach is also clean even though it is lively and frequently visited.

Platanias Beach is on the smaller side, but still offers water sports and has many taverns serving fresh seafood dishes. Families love this beach because of the golden sand and warm waters.

Where To Stay In Kolios, Skiathos

Skiathos Diamond hotel is found 100m from Kolios Beach, offering picturesque views overlooking the Skiathos mountains from the balcony.

Another great option is Hotel Marina which is less than 1km from Vromolimnos, offering pool or garden views and a variety of different-sized rooms.


Skiathos Beaches in Tsougrias

Tsougrias Beach

Beaches in Skiathos are often loud and friendly, and Tsougrias Beach is no exception. It is found on an island of Skiathos called Tsougrias. The beach bar is open all day blasting music and serving drinks, where you can sit and enjoy a cocktail or relax and observe the atmosphere unveiling around you. There are not many sites nearby as the beach is the main attraction, so be sure to bring a comforting book or beach ball with you.

Skiathos Beaches in Kalamaki

Kalamaki Beach


Kalamaki Beach is one of the more remote Skiathos beaches as it is usually only accessed via private boat tours or water taxis from Kanapitsa Beach. As a result, it is tranquil and never crowded, ideal for a relaxing day out alone or with your partner.

The most significant feature of Kalamaki Beach is no doubt the calm waters which are clear and warm. Many visitors rave about the simplicity of the beach and admire its natural beauty, especially if you enjoy unspoiled beaches.

Tzaneria Beach

Tzaneria Beach is a cape on the east side of Kalamaki, making it one of the closest beaches in Skiathos to the center. Because of its proximity to the center, it can be very busy in the summer months. Therefore, Tzaneria Beach is usually preferred by visitors who enjoy a beach with character, clamor, and bustle. There are many activities to take part in here such as diving and beach sports, but there is sufficient shade for sun lounging if this is what you prefer.

Kanapitsa Beach

Kanapitsa Beach is one of the smaller and more affordable of the Skiathos beaches. It can be accessed on foot from the nearby beaches; there is parking if you drove by car. You can also get there by bus, or by boat.

The sun beds are cheap to rent and there are many options for meals, the most popular being Jonny’s restaurant which serves traditional Greek cuisine. Activities such as snorkeling and water sports are available making it a beach that is also suitable for children.  

Sklirthi Beach

Sklirthi Beach is similar to traditional Skiathos beaches in that it has been kept natural and protected from damage due to tourism. If you are searching for a well-preserved beach with local cuisine and beautiful views, Sklirthi beach is the best choice. Nearby is Taverna Sklirthi which serves fresh seafood dishes as well as Greek favorites and is the perfect place to end your day with a hearty meal.

Diamandi Beach

Diamandi Beach is an uncrowded beach found near Kanapitsa and Vromolimnos Beach. Unlike the majority of its counterpart beaches in Skiathos, it is quieter despite its accessible location. The signature golden sand and clear blue seas are part of the whole Skiathos beach offering; but the experience is heightened due to the nearby taverns which serve exquisite dishes to be enjoyed with an even more charming view.  

 Where To Stay In Kalamaki, Skiathos

Hotel Telis is found 2km from Kanapitsa Beach and is ideal for families, as rooms are furnished with a kitchenette that can come in handy for small children during the night.

If you are looking to visit Tzaneria Beach, Tzaneria Apartment Studios are beachfront and however have fewer rooms available and it would be suggested to book in advance.

Otherwise, the Skiathos Holidays Complex is 1km away from the Kalamaki beaches and offers a unique diving school service.

Enjoying The Best Beaches In Skiathos

Skiathos beaches are some of the most beautiful and varied in Greece. With over 60 beaches to choose from, each with its own unique character, there is sure to be a spot for you. Whether you’re looking for a remote and tranquil beach or one that is closer to the action, Skiathos has much to offer when you are looking for a great beach vacation!



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