25 Interesting And Fun Facts About Berlin, Germany [Explained]

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Berlin is the most cosmopolitan city you will find in Germany with plenty to offer. This includes an incredible cultural scene, endless landmarks for you to explore, green spaces, street art on every corner, and much more.

As you make your way through the city, you will realize it is an intersection of modernity, architecture, and nature. Here are some fun facts about Berlin that are good to know if you are planning a visit.

Historical Facts About Berlin

Berlin has some dramatic and interesting stories from its past; the city is a gem of discovery for history geeks. Here are some historical facts about Berlin that give a glimpse of what you can explore. 

The Soviets Built The TV Tower During The Cold War


The iconic TV Tower is a distinct landmark in Berlin. It was built at the time of the Cold War and was finally inaugurated in 1969 on the 3rd of October. 

The purpose of building this tower was to showcase the power of East Germany at the time. In 1990, the same date was also marked as the reunification day of Germany, which is now a national holiday.

The Statue Over Brandenburg Gate Was Removed By Napoleon In The 1800s


You won’t miss the Brandenburg Gate while in Berlin. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Germany and a common meeting/starting point for many city tours. 

The impressive Quadriga Statue is the most notable feature of the Brandenburg Gate, but Napoleon actually removed this during the 19th century. He took this statue back to Paris with him, but this did not last long. 

A few years later, Napoleon abdicated the throne, and the statue went back to the Gate in its rightful place.

The Oldest Pub In Berlin Dates Back To The 17th Century

Germany is well-known for it beer culture. As you roam through the city, you will find endless interesting pubs. The oldest pub in Berlin is Zur letzten Instanz and it has been known to exist since 1621. You can enjoy some incredible beer and traditional German food while you take a break from your exploration. 

Cultural Facts About Berlin

One of the most distinguishing features of Berlin is the incredibly vibrant cultural scene. You will notice this in the attractions, food, people, and daily bustle. 

Over 20% Of The Population Is Foreigners


Berlin is a cultural hub and cosmopolitan city, which attracts people from different places for various reasons. The foreign residents have come here from more than 170 nations, and the average population age is close to 43 years.

Over A Million Currywurst Are Sold Each Week In Berlin


Currywurst includes fried sausage, spiced ketchup, and a side such as fries. The locals and foreigners love indulging in this delicacy, so much so that the weekly consumption is estimated to be more than a million. It is one of the top things Berlin is famous for, and you need to try it when you visit.

There Are Late-Night Stores On Each Corner


Berlin doesn’t sleep, and you will find late-night stores (Spati’s) wherever you go. These have been created for workers that work till late at night and don’t have time to shop during the daytime. These stores are relatively well stocked for daily needs, and can also satisfy your late-night food cravings.

Interesting Facts About Berlin For Kids

Kids should be familiar with different cities around the world to enhance their knowledge. Here are some interesting facts about Berlin to pique their curiosity.

The Berlin Zoo Has Close To 1400 Unique Animal Species


The Berlin Zoo is a great place for families and kids to visit because of all the unique animals you will find. It covers an area of around 80 acres, and there is also an aquarium for people to learn about marine life.

Some of the top species you will find in the Berlin Zoo include the Caribbean Flamingo, American White Pelican, African Penguins, and much more.

It Has A Lot Of Waterways


Whenever people think of European waterways, their mind goes to Amsterdam or Venice, but Berlin is not to be overlooked. There are close to 200 kilometers of waterways you can navigate and explore. 

It Has The Longest Open-Air Gallery Worldwide


The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, and soon after, more than a hundred artists throughout the world came here and painted over it. In 1990, it was opened as the longest open-air gallery.

This colorful monument in Berlin has been given memorial status, and you can visit to see the beautiful and meaningful artwork. It’s an intriguing mix of modern expression and past history.

Useful Berlin Facts For Travelers

You will find endless fun things to do in the German capital. Here are some fun facts about Berlin that can be helpful. 

The Berlin International Beer Festival Happens Each Year


If you are visiting in August, make sure to check out the Berlin International Beer FestivalThe Karl-Marx Avenue turns into a beer garden that includes more than 300 beer stalls where you can find a plethora of interesting brews. Many beer lovers even specially visit Berlin during this time to experience this exceptional festival.

It Is Home To Over Ten Castles


There are many stunning castles in Germany, and some of them sit in and around Berlin. These incredible structures have been there for a long time, and are certainly worth a visit. 

Some of the most famous castles include Charlottenburg Palace, Bellevue Palace, Stadtschloss Berlin, and many others. Depending on how long you are in Berlin, you will be able to check out most of these castles.

There Is An Underground Network

The interesting scenes in Berlin are not just above the ground, as you will find some amazing things beneath the surface as well. These include brewery cellars, bunkers, tunnels, and much more. Some of these bunkers and cellars are also open to tourists for visiting.

Make sure you take time to explore what is beneath the city as well. It will provide you with a unique perspective on what Berlin has to offer.

The City Has A Beer Of Its Name


Beer is an important part of the local culture, and the Berlin White is a famous local beer you will find throughout the city. Many regional and local breweries are making this beer. 

Be sure to give this local favorite a try while you explore all the creative craft brews.

It Is Way Bigger Than Paris

If you think Paris is big, then you haven’t visited Berlin because it is nine times bigger than Paris. However, the population is much lower than in Paris, making it an incredibly spacious place. If you want to visit a huge cosmopolitan city, then it doesn’t get better than Berlin.

Museums Are Everywhere You Go


There are more than 170 museums in the entire city to explore. These attractions are great places to start discovering the history and culture of Germany, the region, and city. 

Some of the top ones you can visit include The Berlinische Galerie, DDR Museum, Humboldt Forum, Topography of Terror, and many others. Consider getting a city pass that covers most of the major sites.

Don’t Forget To Opt For Base Flying

A famous activity among adrenaline junkies is base flying above the Alexanderplatz. You will be able to enjoy the thrill of base flying while taking in some of the best views of the city. Sunset hour is the perfect time for this activity, as you will see the sky turn into beautiful colors when you fly.

Common Facts About Berlin

There are some general facts about Berlin that will help understand this city better. 

There Are Close To 2,000 Bridges In The City


If you ever want to take a romantic or relaxing walk in the city, these bridges can be great spots to spend some time at. They are the ideal places for couples to hang out and enjoy the views of the city. 

People Love Dogs


Berlin is known to be one of the most dog-friendly cities as there are more than 200,000 dogs here. Many hotels and places will allow you to bring your furry companions so they are not left behind. 

If you love dogs, this is one city where you can regularly find people walking their adorable pets in the numerous parks.

One Of The Biggest Department Stores In Europe

The Kaufhaus des Westens is in Berlin, and shopaholics can spend an entire day here without getting bored. It covers more than 60,000 square meters and has eight floors for you to explore. You will find almost everything you need here.

If you are looking to shop, you can dedicate a day to visiting this department store. Also, remember that window shopping is free and also a fun activity to see the displays. 

The Size Of The Transport Network Is Incredible


The transport system of the city includes buses, trams, trains, and much more. All of this combined spans more than 3000 kilometers. In addition, there are six ferry lines that you can make use of.

It’s a relatively well-connected network, and you can hop on the public transportation system of Berlin to get to different places. 

Other Interesting Facts About Berlin

Here are some other fascinating Berlin facts that we bet you didn’t know before.

30% Of The City Is Green


Berlin may be a modern cosmopolitan city, but it has nature all around it. These include woodland areas, parks, forests, castles, grounds, and much more. Even a good amount of the population follows a green lifestyle.

The balance of modern buildings and green spaces is incredible. So, if you want the best of both worlds, Berlin is the place to be.

Millions Of Euros Are Spent Annually Cleaning Graffiti

As you roam around the city, you will notice colorful graffiti on the streets, but it is actually not allowed. 

Instead, the government spends at least thirty-five million euros each year to clean this up. The cleanup happens every year, which is why every time you visit, you will find new art in the same places.

It Is Home To Three Opera Houses


The cultural scene of Berlin is like no other, and there are three exceptional opera houses located here. These include the Komische Oper, Berlin State Opera, and Deutsche Oper. They have a capacity of more than 4000, and if you are lucky, you will be able to catch a show in one of these opera houses.

It Is Difficult To Find Accommodation

Finding long-term housing is not easy because there are a lot of people coming to the city each year. Many foreigners take up residency in the city annually. So, if you plan to move here, make sure you have the housing situation sorted.

People Keep Changing Districts

Due to the difficulty of finding accommodation, people can be moving around quite a bit, hoping from different, temporary rental places. It is estimated that 20 people move across districts every hour. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Berlin

These are just some of the interesting facts about Berlin that give you a glimpse of the German capital. It has a lot to offer in terms of art, culture, and much more that will wow you. There is a reason why many travelers revisit the city for events and activities. 



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