20 Interesting And Fun Facts About Bristol, UK [Explained]

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Sitting in the Southwest of England, Bristol is a treasure trove of history, culture, and unique quirks. This vibrant city is known for seamlessly blending history, culture, and contemporary. In addition, one of the interesting facts about Bristol is that nature is also well-mixed with the modernity and buzz of this city.  

A charming city that promises endless discoveries and unforgettable experiences, there are plenty of fun Bristol facts to explore and uncover.

Historical Facts About Bristol

Bristol’s history spans many centuries, as it was listed in an Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1051. During that time, it was a port city that traded with Ireland regularly. Here are some historical facts about the UK city to know.

Bristol Began Its Local Currency In 2012, Known As The Bristol Pound 

The Bristol pound was created to keep the money inside the city. Ever since then, it has kept the local trade successful, fulfilling the intention with which the currency was created. Locals in Bristol are known for doing things their way. 

Bristol Used To Have Its Own Time Zone 

If there is one thing that the unique time zone led to, it was messing up the train schedule. Before Britain adopted GMT as their standard time zone, Bristol was ten minutes behind London. Now, the time zone is the same as the rest of the country. 

Bungee Jumping Started In Bristol 


Clifton Suspension Bridge is where you go in Bristol if you want to do bungee jumping, as that is where this sport began. In 1979, a member of the Dangerous Sports Club at Oxford University decided to jump from this bridge. Since then, bungee jumping has become a thrilling activity worldwide. 

> Visit Clifton Suspension Bridge And City Sites

Cultural Facts About Bristol

Bristol is a melting pot of diversity, as you will find more than ninety languages spoken and people from over 180 countries. The city hosts many international people, and it is incredibly welcoming. 

Here are some more interesting facts about Bristol and its culture. 

It Is Believed That The Famous Pirate Blackbeard Was Born In Bristol

Another name for Blackbeard is Edward Teach, and Bristol was his home. The locals believe that he used the Redcliffe caves as his hideout and that his birth home is still at the harbor. 

If you are a pirate fan, these are some landmarks in Bristol that can’t be missed. Take on a Bristol highlights walking tour to learn about famous personalities like Blackbread and Bansky.

The University Of Bristol Was The First To Offer A Degree In Drama 


Among some of the lesser-known Bristol facts is that the University of Bristol is responsible for shaping the drama scene in Britain. It has trained people such as David Williams, Matt Lucas, Simon Pegg, and many others whom the UK is known for

The university opened in 1947, and the drama degree changed the theatre and culture scene for the better. 

Don’t Forget To Try The Colston Bun 


English food is unique, and the Colston bun is no exception. It is a specialty food name after Edward Colston that consists of a sweet bun made of sweet spices, candied peel, and currants. 

Be sure to visit the various food markets and try different variations of this delicious bun. 

Banksy Is A Bristolian

As you explore Bristol, you will find Banksy’s work throughout the city because he was from here. 

If you want to see more unique art and graffiti, be sure to visit Bristol during Upfest. It is one of the city’s largest arts and culture festivals, and includes exhibitions from leading artists all over the world.

Interesting Facts About Bristol For Kids

Bristol is family-friendly, making it the perfect destination to visit with your kids. However, before you go, learn some interesting Bristol facts to make your trip fun.  

Fry’s Invented The First Chocolate Easter Egg 


Fry’s is a Bristol chocolate company, and they also invented the first solid chocolate bar in 1847. 

The company doesn’t operate anymore, but you can still visit the old factory with your kids. And if that isn’t enough, you can always take a train to get to Cadbury World. 

Bristol Shares Its Name With Over 30 Bristol’s Around The World

Throughout the world, there are over thirty towns, cities, and other places named Bristol. People believe that all of them are named after Bristol in the UK. 

29 of these places are in the US, which is why it is one of the most popular names in the country. 

John Cabot Sailed From Bristol 

John Cabot was an explorer and merchant who sailed from the city in 1497. He reached Canada and eventually settled there. 

John was one of the first people to discover North America. All his supplies for the trip came from the Bristolian merchants. They also supported his new settlement for many years.

Fun Bristol Facts For Travellers 

As a traveler, there are many useful facts about England that will help enhance your trip to Bristol.

There Is A Natural Slide In Bristol 

Slidey Rock is what locals call this natural slide, and you will find it close to the Clifton Suspension Bridge. 

The slide is located on the cliff’s face, and almost every local has gone down it. If you are looking for some adventure fun, go on this natural slide and enjoy the thrill. 

Bristol Has Its Very Own Leaning Tower 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is old, and everyone knows about it. If you want to look at something unique, make your way to the Leaning Tower of Bristol, which is the Temple Church on Temple Street. 

It leans almost 2.7 degrees, only one degree less than the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa, making it one of the top Bristol facts. 

One Of The Greenest Cities In Europe 


Bristol is famous for beautifully integrating with nature. According to Compare The Market, Bristol has been ranked the greenest city in the UK.

The blend of nature with modern amenities makes this a good getaway option if you want to escape the bustle but still have the convenience of a major city. 

You Can Find More Than One Michelin Star Restaurant In Bristol

There are two Michelin Star restaurants in the city. One is Paco Tapas, and the other is Bulrush. Make your way to both to enjoy some delicious treats.

Common Facts About Bristol 

There are some general facts about Bristol everyone should know, even if they don’t plan on visiting the city. 

It Is A UNESCO City Of Film

Bristol is known for its film industry, as it brings in more than £100 million of revenue each year. The city bid for the UNESCO title in 2016 and was awarded with it. 

Here’s an interesting Bristol fact that you probably didn’t know; Even the IMDb movie database was created by Col Needham, a Bristolian. 

Bristol Zoo Is The 5th Oldest Zoo In The World


It has been open since 1836, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world. Since then, the zoo has worked tirelessly to save over 170 species from going extinct. They keep an ongoing effort to make sure animals from all over the world are protected.  

A Part Of New York City Was Built With Stone From Bristol 

The 1940s was a really bad time for Bristol, as it faced a lot of destruction from World War II. 

However, American ships used the rubble from the city to build the Bristol Basin in NYC. So a part of the city is forever entrenched with New York. 

Other Interesting Facts About Bristol

Lead Shot Was Invented In Bristol

Bristol was the producer of lead shots from the 1780s till the 1980s. They were commonly used in muskets.

Lead shots are made by dropping molten lead from the top of a tower to a water basin below. When the shots solidified, they became spherical balls. 

Cameron Balloons Is The Largest Manufacturer Of Hot Air Balloons 


A classic symbol of Bristol is the hot air balloons, and Cameron Balloons make the most of them in the world. 

There is even a festival in Bristol that celebrates hot air balloons. When visiting, be sure to take a trip in one and enjoy the scenic views from the skies. 

You Will Find A Book Bound With Human Skin In Bristol

We are not joking when we tell you that Bristol is home to a book bound with human skin. It contains notes for the trial of John Horwood. He was convicted of murder and then executed. 

Discovering More Fun Facts About Bristol

If you want to learn more fun facts about Bristol, we recommend that you make your way to the city and learn first-hand everything it has to offer. There are endless things to do and explore. Use these facts to create an itinerary and learn more about the city, its people, and its culture. 



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