25 Interesting And Fun Facts About Dublin, Ireland [Explained]

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Writers, tourists, and intellectuals have all been coming to Dublin to explore the beauty and culture of the city. There are endless sites to explore, the people are welcoming and friendly, and not forgetting some of those fantastic beer you can share them with. A great way to start exploring this gem is by understanding the different facts about Dublin that will give you a glimpse of the history and culture.

Historical Facts About Dublin

You can trace the origin of Dublin to more than a thousand years ago, making it an interesting historic destination for anyone to visit. Here are some facts about Dublin and its past stories that will wow you.

It Used To Have The Biggest Red-Light District

In all of the British Isles, Dublin was famous in the Victorian era for Montgomery Street, where such activity used to go on. It used to be called Foley Street, and many locals gossip that the Prince of Wales came here to lose his virginity. It’s still undetermined on how true this is, but this myth is associated with the red-light district.

Stephen’s Green Is Famous For Witch Burnings

Back in the 17th century, Stephen’s Green was used for public executions along with burning witches. However, you will not even see traces of this dramatic past when you visit it now. It is now a park full of trees, greenery, and memorials that you can visit.

People Used To Snatch Bodies

Yes, this was a thing because surgeons used to pay other people to steal bodies so that they could practice their medical skills. However, the government decided to create walls and watchtowers in the Glasnevin Cemetery to keep these snatchers away. Now, surgeons don’t need to resort to these measures because bodies are donated for science and research purposes.

Cultural Facts about Dublin

When it comes to culture, Dublin is known for its unique music, rich literature, and much more. Here are some facts about Dublin and its culture that you might not know before.

People Love Beer, Which Is Why It Is The Home Of Guinness


If there is one thing that the people of Dublin love more than anything, it is beer. Arthur Guinness also created the infamous brewery in the 18th century at the St. James Gate. Even now, the brand produces its beer in its home city, which is why you can also visit it and take a tour of the Storehouse. It is one of the most popular things to do in Dublin.

Don’t Forget To Try The Dublin Coddle


The Dublin Coddle is the most famous Irish food you need to try in the city. It is a thick stew made of potatoes, bacon, and sausages. Keep in mind that this dish is regional, which is why no one makes it like Dublin.

To uncover more iconic dishes in the city, take advantage of the fun Dublin foodie tours and dive deeper into the culinary sene.


A Lot Of The Population Is Young


Dublin has a rather energetic population, which is why it is a relatively popular city for young adults to settle down. You will find many work opportunities and people in the same age bracket as you. So, if you plan on moving to Ireland as a young adult, you can take Dublin into consideration. And as a travel destination, its almost a no brainer.

In 2010, UNESCO Recognized Dublin As A City Of Literature


According to UNESCO, Dublin is a City of Literature where the art form is celebrated and produced in all its glory. The best part is that the city has also won at least four Nobel Prize Laureates in the category of Literature. Many writers and poets have come here to seek inspiration and write some of their best pieces.

Interesting Facts About Dublin For Kids

There are many interesting facts about Dublin that kids will love to know to boost their knowledge. These Irish facts can help them learn more about the city and pique their interest.

It Is Home To The Oldest Library In The Country

Anyone that loves books can visit the Marsh’s Library, which has been in existence in Dublin since the 18th century. There are over 25,000 books here from the old times and more than 300 manuscripts. Each year, over 23,000 people come to visit the library.

The First Structure To Get Glass Windows In Dublin Was The Dublin Castle

We may take glass for granted today, but it used to be a luxury material and item in the past. The Hall of the Dublin Castle was also the first building in the entire country to include glass windows. That is because the king did not want to spare any expense when creating the castle.

Some Parts Of Viking Have Been Filmed Here


If you have seen the show “Vikings”, you will notice that a few of the scenes have been filmed in the city. Besides that, most of it has been filmed in Ireland, and rightly so. After all, Vikings did come and settle here a long time ago.

That said, there are many beautiful scenery and stunning landmarks in Ireland that makes it a popular filming location.

Useful Dublin Facts For Travelers

The Irish capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. There are plenty of things to do in Dublin and so much to explore. Here are some fun facts about Dublin that are good to know.

Brazen Head In The Oldest Pub In The City

There are many old pubs in the city, and one of them is the Brazen Head, which has been there since the 12th century. You can go there too, have a drink, and admire the beautiful setting. It is part of the cultural experience for anyone that visits Dublin for the first time.

The Phoenix Park Covers Over 700 Hectares

If you want to enjoy some nature and greenery, then you shouldn’t miss out on Phoenix Park. This large patch of green space spans more than 700 hectares. With some luck, you may also find a large herd of wild fallow deer when you visit this park. Phoenix Park is open daily, which makes it an easy addition to your itinerary.

The City Has More Than A 100 Rivers


As you roam around Dublin, you will find that there are more than a hundred rivers spread throughout the city. You can take romantic walks along the side of these rivers, enjoy the waters, or just soak the views in. They add a great touch to the city, giving it a special charm.

Common Facts About Dublin

There are some general Dublin facts that make the city what it is today.

It Was An Important Hub For The Vikings

Vikings came to Dublin and settled in the city, making it one of the most important hubs for these people. During this time, the Vikings expanded their trade and decided to settle here. They people have found the city at least twice during their travels.

Many Famous People Are From Here

Dublin is home to many famous people, which include James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan, and many others. There are even monuments in Dublin dedicated to some of these personalities.

Besides that, many people may not be from Dublin, but they have visited the city for inspiration. This is why the literary culture is such an important part of the city.

The O’Connell Bridge Hasn’t Been Altered Since The 19th Century


One of the most iconic landmarks in the city is the O’Connell Bridge, it measures just around forty-nine meters. The most interesting aspect of the bridge is that it has stayed the same since the 19th century. It’s a symbol of history and one that has witnessed the evolution of the city around it.

There Are More Than 700 Pubs In The City


Ireland is known for their drinking culture, and anyone that enjoys a good beer will love Dublin. There are hundreds of pubs, and you will find one on each corner. Each of them offer their own charm and cozy atmosphere. Make sure you visit some of the best ones to enjoy a pint with your friends or loved ones.

Facts About Dublin Castle You Didn’t Know Before

The Dublin Castle is one of the most famous landmarks and attractions in Dublin that you need to visit. Here are some important facts about Dublin Castle to know before you go.

The Gardens Have Been Preserved For A Long Time Now

As soon as you enter Dublin Castle, you will notice the beautiful gardens that have been designed for statues, plaques, and more. It is an important aspect of the complex. Spend some time to take a leisurely stroll here and take in the beauty of these gardens.

It Is The Place Of Heineken Green Energy Festival Annually

The Heineken Green Energy Festival used to be held here annually until 2008. It was a music festival hosted at Dublin Castle, and around 50,000 people came each year. This doesn’t happen anymore, but it remains an important part of the castle’s history.

It Had Many Functions

The castle has served many purposes since it was created. Although the obvious function was a manmade defense for the city, it also served as a treasure, prison, court of law, and much more. Today, it is only used for special occasions that include Presidential inaugurations or other events important to the state.

Most Of The Original Castle Was Destroyed In Fires In The 17th Century

Big parts of the original castle was destroyed because of the fires, with the exception of the Record Tower. Subsequently, the castle was rebuilt, and some new components were also added to it. So, what you see today is not the actual original castle that was built centuries ago.

Nonetheless, this is still one of the most impressive amongst the beautiful castles in Dublin.

Other Interesting Facts About Dublin

Finally, here are some other fascinating facts about Dublin that will boost your knowledge about this beautiful city.

It Is A Hub Of Technology

In the last two decades, Dublin has become the center of technology in Ireland. That is because many major tech companies have their European headquarters based in Dublin. These include corporate giants such as Etsy, Facebook, Google, and many others.

The Roaring MGM Lion Was Born In The Dublin Zoo


If you have seen the lion that roars in every MGM clip, you probably didn’t know it was born in the Dublin Zoo in 1919. His name was Slats, and soon he became the face of MGM without even trying. Ever since then, he also starred in various films that the company created in the 20th century.

The most recent lion is the eighth one in this chain, and his name is Leo. He was also born in the zoo, and Ralph Helfer trained the animal.

St. Valentine Rests Here

When you visit the Whitefriar Street Church, you will find a casket, which is the resting place of St. Valentine. He was a saint in the third century who was executed in Rome and buried there. Then, a few centuries after his death, an Irish priest exhumed the skeleton, and now they remain in the shrine here that you can visit.

Alois Hitler Jr. Used To Live And Work In Dublin

Many people don’t know this fact about Dublin, but Hitler’s brother used to be a waiter at the Shelbourne Hotel. During this time, he met a girl, and both of them eloped to London. Nothing is known of the couple and family after this incident.

Discovering More Fun Facts About Dublin

These are just some of the fun and interesting facts about Dublin that will hopefully enhance your adventure here. Nonetheless, know that they barely scratch the surface of this historic Irish capital. Dublin has a lot to offer curious visitors, from impressive buildings and architecture to deep culture and diverse food scene; it is certainly one for the bucket list.



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